I'm With You Obito

Disclaimer: Me no own. Again this is based on a AMV that I saw.

Kakashi heard once, to send a letter to a person who has passed on, was to write the letter and then burn it. He was really sad today, for today, was the day that the greatest Uchiha that he knew died to protect him and Rin.

He wrote it, and went out by the K.I.A. stone with a lighter. Deciding to give it a once over, it would be good. He didn't want Obito to laugh at his poor grammar skills.

Obito, we started on bad terms, but we soon became two peas in a pod in the face of danger.

You died that day Obito, but not before you left your heart within this left eye.

I was so stupid back then, I'll never let my comrades die again. And with this Sharigan I've become a new person.

I will protect the ones I love, from the bottom of my heart.

Arigato, Obito.


Kakashi liked it and burned it, letting the ashes fall infront of the K.I.A. stone.

'Don't mess up too much Obito. I don't want to clean up after you, once I get up there,' he thought.