Back To Bed

What do you do when you wake up next to someone unexpected? Well, do what Shinji does.

The night before they, they being Hikari, Satoshi, Takeshi and Shinji, were in the forest behind the pokecenter. Satoshi and Shinji obviously in a battle. Did I mention it was most likely nearing midnight? Yeah, Hikari and Takeshi were really bored. Hikari fell asleep next to a tree and Takeshi sat near her watching the battle in hopes of it ending soon. At least he could enjoy the scenery.

The moon was full that night. No clouds whatsoever and there was a slight breeze. You could hear the wind blowing through the leaves, if you were able to hear it over the sounds of the battle. They were in a field surrounded by trees. Just through some of the trees you could see the pokecenter. Takeshi was surprised Hikari was able to sleep through the rucus Satoshi and Shinji were making.

The battle was nearly over, but it was interrupted by Team Rocket. Team Rocket launched out that hand-thing to grab Pikachu, but they hit Shinji's head first, knocking him out. After a couple minutes, the unavoidable happend, Team Rocket blasted off, once again. Takeshi and Satoshi decided it would be best to call it a night. Satoshi was all for leaving Shinji there, but Takeshi would hear none of it. So Takeshi carried Shinji while Satoshi carried the still sleeping Hikari. They didn't even bother waking her up, if she slept through that she'll sleep through anything.

The walk to the center was quick enough. Satoshi, after Kroagunk(Sp?) pulled Takeshi off Nurse Joy, asked her where Shinji's room was. Apparently he had been there for a few days so he luckily had a room on the first floor. Nurse Joy let them into the room and walked off saying she had some things to do. Takeshi layed Shinji on the double bed and checked to make sure he was okay and had no serious injuries. He would wake up soon enough.

Satoshi started complaning right there. Their bedroom was on the third floor, and he had no desire to carry Hikari up two flights of stairs. Takeshi had the brilliant idea to just let Hikari sleep in Shinji's bed. Satoshi agreed, he would rather her share his bed than carry her up a lot of stairs. He layed her on the bed next to Shinji. They would have some explainning to do in the morning, but it didn't matter. They left them like this and went up to there own room.

It was an hour after that when Hikari slowly opened her eyes. It took her a moment to register the fact that Shinji's face was right in front of hers. When it did register, she squeaked grabbing the blanket to her mouth, wide-eyed and blushing. She stayed like that as Shinji's eyes opened slowly and looked at her. What does Shinji do when waking up next to someone unexpected?

He turns away and goes back to bed.

AN: This drabble accompanies a picture I found on Deviantart. It seems that Takeshi is an IkariShipper too...I hope you all liked this!

Here's the link to the picture. (From DevArt)

http : / / srhthehedgehog . deviantart . com / art / Go - Back - to - Sleep - 61352406

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