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Original posting date: 11/28/99

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Category: MSR-Vignette

Post Ep story - immediately at the end of Millenium, right after Mulder and Scully kiss for the first time on the show.

Rating: Oh, very G

Spoilers: Millenium

The World Didn't End


"...See? The world didn't end."

No, the world didn't end. But my heart sure stopped. In fact, I'm not 100-percent certain it's started again. Maybe I've died, and this is all a dream. Scully will step out of the shower tomorrow morning to find this past year has been a dream. That's it. Gotta be. A dream. God, I hope not. I follow Scully out the door and into the hallway, wincing slightly as my shoulder catches the door swinging closed.

"Oof," I mutter. Nope, this isn't a dream.

Scully turns, grimacing slightly as the movement pulls the not-quite-healed scratches on her neck. "Mulder?"

I shrug my uninjured shoulder slightly and give her a grin. She smiles back and we continue. No words, no awkward pauses, we just continue.

As we settle into her car, she reaches over me to pull the seatbelt down to the latch while I struggle with the door. With a distinctive snap! it catches. Scully stays where she is, on hand still on the seatbelt clasp, the other balanced lightly on my knee, her face in three-quarter profile to me.

She sighs, then looks up and catches my eye. My heart stops.

A smile creeps its way across her face. My heart remembers how to beat again.

I tilt my head and lean toward her, just a tiny bit. Her smile widens slightly, and I watch as her gaze moves from my eyes to my lips, linger there and then slowly make the journey upward again.

As before, in the hallway, I find myself unable to resist. For just an instant I'm back there, listening and watching with her as Dick Clark counts down the seconds to the New Year. Her face turned toward the screen, her eyes on the screen but her mind obviously a million miles away. And I couldn't help myself. Just as I can't now.

And, as before, she steals my breath. And stops my heart. And starts my life.

My world has not ended, but begun anew.