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Summary: It's been three years since the entire Host Club got together. But now, a new event brings the club back together again and everyone learns what everyone else has been up to. TamaHaru MoriHunn HikaKao and KyouyaRenge.

Warnings: Contains some Language and Shounen-Ai/Yaoi. Which means this story contains MALEXMALE Don't like it? Then go away. o-o

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Filling in and Catching up

Chapter One: The Invitation


Dear Mother in Heaven, it's been about three years since the entire Host Club got together for their last event at Ouran. Even after Hunny-senpai and Mori-senpai graduated, they joined us for special events, and after Tamaki-senpai and Kyouya-senpai graduated, it was just Hikaru, Kaoru, and I. The activities ceased, but all of us still hung out when we could. The Ouran Festival; the one before the twins and myself graduated, was our last official event before the last of us graduated.

As for what everyone's been doing with their lives since then? Well, I can't really say. Hikaru and Kaoru are in Rome right now for whatever reasoning and right now, Tamaki is in France, visiting his mother but as for the other three host club members I know nothing about. I'm now in a very prestigious college, taking classes to become the lawyer I've always wanted to be, and as for dad, well, he's the same as usual.

I'm pretty sure you knew this was going to happen all along, but Tamaki-senpai and I are in a very serious relationship (or as serious as you can get with that guy) and I have to say, this is probably the happiest I've been for awhile. It would be perfect if I could see everyo-

Haruhi was interrupted in her thoughts when suddenly her cell phone went off with the ringer 'Sakura Kiss'. She sighed, picking it up and looking at it as if she didn't know who that was. How many times did Tamaki have to call in a day anyway? And why didn't he just come visit her if he wanted to see her so badly.

"Moshi Moshi." Haruhi answered, finishing up the last question on her homework before closing her book.

"HAAAA-RU-HIIII!" Came the obnoxiously loud voice of the older boy on the phone.

Haruhi hung up and waited, staring at her phone. When it rang again, she picked it up.

"I'm sorry, please don't yell." Came Tamaki's pleading voice on the phone.

Haruhi sighed, kind of rubbing her temples. "Tamaki, this is the third time you've called within the hour."

"I know! But your voice, it's a song that I can never get out of my head and I need to hear it over and over again"

"Yamatte Kudasai." Haruhi said in a bit of a teasing tone, holding her phone with her shoulder as she began putting away her homework.

"Anyway, have you gotten your invitation yet?!" The teen asked, sounding as if he were rolling with joy on the other line.

"Invitation…? Invitation to what?" She asked with a blink before a knock sounded on the door. "Hold on Tama, someone's at the door." She replied, pulling the cell phone away from her ear in time to avoid the squeal that Tamaki gave at the nickname. She then went to the door and peeped through the peep hole, blinking softly. This looked official. She opened the door then and kind of blinked.

"Konnichiwa, Haruhi Fujioka I presume?"

"Hai, that would be me."

"I'm here to give you this." The butler looking man then offered her a neatly folded invitation. "And I'm also here to gather your R.S.V.P"

Haruhi blinked and opened the invitation before her eyes widened in surprise. "N-N-NANI?!"


Honey sighed softly as he placed the pastries in the oven, then rubbing some sweat off of his forehead. "Now I just have to let them cook and then they'll be ready to eat!" He said excitedly before turning to the taller male in the room. "Do you think your family will like them Takashi?"

Mori, who was sitting on a stool on the far side of the kitchen, decorating some other pastries kind of looked up and gave him a soft, encouraging smile. "Hai."

Honey smiled back before there was an annoying buzz and Honey looked to the door. "Oh, I guess that must be our new ingredients. Can you get them Takashi?"

The younger male nodded softly as he stood and moved to the door and opening it, blinking when there was only a butler standing there, a folded piece of white paper on a tray

"An invitation for Mori-sempai and Honey-sempai."

The taller male gave a slight nod, taking it with an 'Arigatou' before reading it over.


The holder of the name looked up with a blink before walking over to Mori and the butler, taking the invitation and reading it, then having a huge smile on his face. "That's great!"


"C-Come on, just a little more Kaoru."

"Like this…?"

"No, not like that."

"Hikaru, I-I told you this is impossible for me!"

"That's not true! You can do this too!"

"…Then I'll try…one more time…"

"N-No! Not there!"

"But I have to do this here, or else it feels like it's going to overflow!"

The butler that had been going to knock on the door was twitching now, kind of looking at the invitation in his hand before looking to the door.

"Is something wrong?" The twins maids (who were also twins) asked as they came up on either side of them.

"E-Eh, the sound busy…"

"Oh, don't worry about that." They both said before one opened the door and the other pushed the butler in.

"I told you we can't fix the leak in this roof by ourselves." Kaoru said with a huff, kind of looking at his twin.

"Fuck, how'd this happen anyway?!" Hikaru said before he looked at Kaoru. "You stay here and hold this up while I get some professional help." He added, hopping down off the table.

"H-Hikaru! You can't leave me just yet! I can't hold this much longer!" Kaoru said, looking at his twin desperately, though blinked when he saw a butler watching them with an intense blush on his cheeks. Apparently, Hikaru had caught sight of him too.

"A butler of Kyouya-senpai's has come to visit you!" The twin maids said before they walked away.

"Kyouya-senpai huh?" Hikaru said, pulling out his cell phone.

"U-Uh yes! I have this to deliver to the Hiitachin twins!" The butler then gave the invitation to the older twin, then looking away.

Kaoru hopped down off the table, leaning on his brother as he then opened the invitation. Simultaneously, they blinked twice, before bursting into galls of laughter.


"So Kyouya-senpai is getting married huh?" Haruhi said as she stared at the invitation now sitting on her desk, having totally abandoned Tamaki on the phone.

Well mother, I guess I'm going to get to see everyone again. She thought with a smile.

A/N: Oh, and that part with Hikaru and Kaoru, yea, so stole it from Gakuen Heaven, which I also don't own. o-o (Nor have I any association with it other then a youtube video with their perverted openings.)