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Summary: It's been three years since the entire Host Club got together. But now, a new event brings the club back together again and everyone learns what everyone else has been up to. TamaHaru MoriHunn HikaKao and KyouyaRenge.

Warnings: Contains some Language and Shounen-Ai/Yaoi. Which means this story contains MALEXMALE Don't like it? Then go away. o-o

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Filling in and Catching up

Chapter Six: Family


"I would've had that girl deported." Kyouya was the first to respond as he took a drink from his water.

"What happened to that girl anyway?" Asked Haruhi curiously, watching as Kaoru stretched slightly and stood to join them at the table.

"She went on a vacation." Kaoru answered with a smile that made a chill run down her spine. Kaoru might possibly be as scary as Kyouya himself.

Things were silent for a moment before Tamaki cleared his throat.

"If anyone's interested, mother is doing fine." The king said with a smile.

"She's going to come to the wedding isn't she?" Asked Haruhi, wanting very much to introduce herself to her boyfriend's mother.

"I'm not sure." Tamaki looked towards Kyouya then. "You know how sick she is."

Kyouya nodded his understanding before glancing at Haruhi. "You look a little pale. Are you alright?" He was already reaching for his cell phone.

"I'm fine." Haruhi said, blinking softly.

"Speaking of which, didn't you have something to say earlier Haruhi?" Asked Hikaru, leaning closer to the girl.

"Yeah, before you diverted your attention to us?" Kaoru added, leaning closer to the girl's other side.

"Well…um…actually…" The girl began, obviously uncomfortable.

"You demon twins leave Haruhi alone! If she doesn't want to talk about it then she shouldn't have to. Don't you know how to treat a woman?" Tamaki scolded the twins.

A slight yawn attracted everyone's attention and before they could turn their heads towards the source, Mori had Honey in his arms and was carrying him away.

"Waaaait!" Honey whined and began to squirm. "I want to stay with everyone else!"

"No, it's late." Mori objected, directing Honey's attention to the time.

"Oh wow, it IS late. Our limo has already been waiting for an hour." Kaoru said, standing then.

"Renge's beginning to wonder where I am." Was all Kyouya said as he stared at the screen of his phone.

"We should do this again sometime and next time you should bring Renge-chan!" Tamaki stated, resting his hands on Haruhi's shoulders then. "It's about time that those two become real girl friends!"

"You want Haruhi to have a girlfriend to?" Hikaru said with a snicker.

"Tono's perviness becomes more and more apparent every time we see him." Kaoru said, adding to his brother's snickering.

"SHUT UP! It's not like that!" Tamaki yelled, shaking the two twins.

Haruhi sighed happily before she ate more of her cake. She really did love her little family.


"I had fun." Haruhi said, allowing Tamaki to lead her out of the little patisserie.

"It was nice to be able to see everyone again." The male replied happily before he seemed to suddenly get an idea.

"Hey Haruhi,"


"What was it you were going to say earlier?"

Haruhi paused in her walking before she looked around. It was just them, no need to worry about being made fun of or anything.

"I think you should sit down for what I'm going to tell you." The smaller girl said before turning to look at her boyfriend.

At this, Tamaki became worried.

"What? What's wrong?" He took her hands then and stared into her eyes.

Haruhi stared back before she took a breath and closed her eyes.

"I'm five weeks."

Tamaki blinked. "Five weeks what?"

Haruhi lowered her head. He couldn't be THAT dense.

"She's five weeks pregnant." Came a voice from behind Tamaki.

Haruhi blinked and looked to Kyouya. "K-K-Kyouya?"

"You took the test at one of my family's hospitals." He offered in explanation.

"Plus she's been giving signs all day." Came Honey's voice then, watching the scene from the door way.

"Yea." Mori agreed, appearing behind the smaller boy.

"What kind of idiot wouldn't be able to tell?" The twins said in synch, coming up on either side of the girl of topic.

"Guys, leave him alone." Haruhi said, glaring at the twins before looking at Tamaki who looked genuinely confused. "Are you ok Tamaki?"

At the mention of his name, the blonde fainted.

"Well, he reacted better then I thought he would." Haruhi stated, watching as the twins struggled to get the taller boy up.

'Mom, it looks like our little family is getting bigger.'

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