HUGE IMPORTANT DISCALIMER: I don't own Phoenix Wright, or Maya. Or the games. That distinct pleasure goes to Capcom. Okay, on with the show.

Is it wrong that I still look for you?

I pass by courthouses whenever I visit the city.

I read the papers that day, you know. I understand you're not going to be there.

But I can't stop myself.

On the street, every glimpse of blue turns my head in hope. Every dark haired man warrants a second glance. One day, I thought I saw you buying a cup of coffee, a smile on your face as you held out your palm for change. Then I blinked…and you were gone.

I know you felt ashamed after that trial.

But I know you didn't do it.

I miss you. I miss your office, I miss the couch, I miss Charley. I miss your pathetically starved wallet. I miss that burger place we used to go to.

You have to understand that you were like the family I never had.

And I want you to know I believe in you.

I don't know how to find you--I want to hire a legion of detectives to hunt you down…but, do you want to find me?

I remember everything you did for me-you even risked your life. I…I wish I could do that, too. I wish I could fall off a hundred thousand bridges, I wish I could take on a million assassins; I wish I could break down every door in existence.

I wish I could just buy you a burger, of all things.

I never said thank you, and I'm sorry. I was just a kid. I'm still just a kid. But I am dying to see you. I want to hang out with you again. I want to stop dreaming about new cases, because it's too painful for me to wake up and find myself alone and without a definite purpose. Who am I helping, holed up here by myself in this huge manor? These questions plague my daily life, and I want to rid myself of them.

Do you think about me, ever?

Do you pause when you see a girl in purple?

When you catch a poster for a Steel Samurai movie?

Hey…when you hold my Magatama between your fingers…do you picture my face?

I know I'm just your mentor's kid sister. But I want to think we're partners.


Do you remember all those old cases we took on? The first time you met me--I was so scared no one would defend me! Meeting Mr. Powers…eating Samurai Dogs…annoying Lotta, saving Mr. Edgeworth, you representing me even when I thought I was guilty. You putting your badge on the line to prolong that trial, just to save me. You putting your life on the line to run across a burning bride, just to save me.

I want to be happy you cared, but…

The past tense brings tears to my eyes.

I want you to stop haunting me.

Either I'm with you again, or…

I'm not here at all.

I know you're a different person.

So am I.

Things have changed.

I know.

Nick, it's been seven years.

And I want to come home.