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10 years after Edward left Bella, they both receive a 10-year reunion letter. Bella is married to an abusive husband, has an adopted daughter, and is 4 months pregnant. What will happen when Edward finds out she's abused? Can he help her? Will she let him? After all, he did break her heart. A little OOC, (Out Of Character)

Broken hearts


"Mommy!" My six-year-old daughter Maria yelled. Jacob and I adopted her 2 years after we got married. I felt that our child shouldn't have to go through the stages of a werewolf.

Jacob had been the one to tell me what Edward was. When Edward left me, Jacob, was the one I went to. He helped me calm down, and I was forever grateful for that. I soon realized I loved Jacob and he loved me. Two years after Edward left, Jacob and I got married.

When Jacob told me he was a werewolf, I wasn't surprised. I could definitely tell there was a change in his personality. He had terrible mood swings of a teenager pmsing and a terrible temper.

Jake was in one of his bad moods again today and he was taking it out on me. He liked to tell me what to do, what to wear, he made me wear sweatshirts even when it was hot out. He thought that guys wouldn't look at me if I dressed ugly. He had told me on more than one account that I was his and his only. I wasn't aloud to go out with my friends unless he was right beside me.

When he did let me go out by myself, I always had a curfew. If I didn't come home on time I was beaten. I was always afraid to come home, whether it was from my work as a manager at the local Water Park or from taking Maria to school because he would always find something to yell at me about. He would yell at me when his friends would talk about him beating me up. He would claim it was my fault every one was yelling at him.

His werewolf friends had tried to help me out, but every time Jacob found out, he would think that I had called them up and told them to help me. Jacob would send them out and beat me again.

I'm currently 4 months pregnant and I don't need this from him. Jacob wanted to start a real family. He wanted a kid he could really call his own. I felt, once again, that the child shouldn't have to become a werewolf, so I got a sperm donor from the hospital. He agreed that the child should at least be half mine, but he was extremely jealous all the time. He'd always say, 'If you don't love me, go find that donor you used.'

"Please, go to your room," I pleaded with Maria. She ran up the stairs crying. I always hated how Maria would bear witness to the abuse I was taking in. I'm forever grateful that he hasn't turned on Maria. Lately, he hasn't been as bad on my beatings because of the baby. He used to kick me in the stomach now he kicks my back, it still hurts, but I know that it won't affect the baby as much.

Once again we were fighting over little pointless things. None of Jacobs's friends are able to hold their werewolf form when they get angry, but somehow Jacob can. When he punches me, he doesn't punch with full force for him, because he knows how hard his hands are now. He could kill me with one swing to my arm even.

Jacob slapped me and I shut my eyes hoping everything would just disappear. He used more force behind it, and I knew I'd have a bigger bruise then last time.

"Did I tell you, you could go out today?" Jacob yelled.

I was crumpled on the floor on arm covering my head, the other my baby with Jacob leaning over me yelling. I was trying to crawl over to something I could cover myself with, but I couldn't.

"I had to get a dress for my ten year reunion in two days."

"You have to ask me first. You're spending my money." Jacob yelled.

"I am not! I have my own job too you know," I yelled, "I'm a manager at the Water Park. I didn't use any of your money."

"Don't use that tone with me." He said, gripping my arm. I knew I'd have bad bruises where he would touch me. I don't know how I will be able to cover them up with makeup before the reunion. Hopefully no one will want a hug; otherwise I'll have makeup all over them.

He pushed me down and kicked my back. He walked to his room and slammed the door. I don't know how long I lay there crying, but I got up and headed into Maria's room.

Maria had shoulder length brown wavy hair. Her eyes were a stunning shade of blue. I loved her to death and I would get us away from Jacob if it were the last thing I do.


I skipped down the stone pathway at our current house. I opened the mailbox and searched through it. I saw an envelope with 'Forks High' printed across it. I opened it up and read it.

Now, I was jumping up and down squealing like a little girl. I couldn't wait to go to my first ten-year reunion. Ok, well now I have to go tell everyone else. I started skipping up to the house smiling when I got a vision of Bella, how weird.


Bella looked exactly the same as she did ten years ago, maybe a few hair differences; her boobs are about a cup bigger, (finally, I was worried she would never develop.) she had better curves. Edward would surely go crazy, and the fact that her belly looked a little bigger. Is she pregnant? Oh my god! She can't be. And what's that on her ring finger. She's married! I never saw any of this. I would've seen it in a vision.

There was a circle around Bella and Edward and they were dancing together with a crown and tiara on their heads. (I shut my mind off from Edward so that he couldn't see this.) Everyone joined in and awhile later the song changed. It was the song I had seen Bella cry to many times after we left her.

I could tell she was on the verge of a mental breakdown and Edward didn't even see I coming. She collapsed onto the floor crying. Edward sat down beside her and tried to get her to tell him what was wrong which only made her cry more.

vision end

I had to make sure Edward wouldn't see Bella like that. I walked into the empty room smiling. I was so excited.

"All people who attended Forks, Washington High we are having a meeting!" I announced to the empty room.

In a matter of seconds all 4 others were in the same room as me. Edward looked bored and currently didn't look like he was even listening to anyone, Jasper was curious, Rosalie was annoyed and filing her nails and Emmett was preoccupied with kissing Rosalie's neck.

"Ok, so all of you are probably wondering why I called this meeting," everyone nodded his or her heads, "There is a Forks ten year reunion in two days. They gave us an informational letter. They said even though we didn't graduate, we were a big part of the school and we are invited. So, we are going. No 'buts' or 'ifs'."

Emmett got all excited and jumped up and down. He lifted Rosalie up in the air and spun her around.

"EMMETT! Put me down you big oaf!" she yelled pushing against his chest.

"What about how we don't look any different then we did ten years ago?" Edward asked.

"There's a lot of people who look the same," I explained. No getting out of this one Edward, you need to get out and do things other than play sad music on your computer. I thought. Edward glared at me knowing what I was thinking.

"So, everyone start packing. We are staying at our old place for a while. Edward, tell the people at your amusement park that they will have to manage on their own. You own the place, so try to get the best people to take your job over for awhile." He nodded and got up to get everything ready. I had a lot to do. So I got up and started packing.

I pulled Jasper over to tell him my vision. His eyes went wide when I explained that Bella might be pregnant and she's married.

"Edward isn't going to be happy." Jasper shook his head sadly.

"But just seeing her will make him happy, and knowing that she's happy will make him happy. Edward couldn't get any unhappy as it is. Do you notice how he mopes around all the time? He plays sad songs on his piano now, I'm about to throw it out because it makes me sad." I said.

"Yea, we've discussed this many times." He laughed. But his face turned serious. "Do you know what I feel? I can feel everything he does. The beginning was the worse. If he was smiling around us and his appearance made it look like he was having fun, he wasn't. He was putting on an act. But he can't fool me, and he knows that. He often gives me sympathetic glances when he feels really down. But it's enough of his sadness I get, I don't need his sympathy." Jasper explained.

I gave him a hug and we stood there with our emotions swirling around each other.

"Hopefully he will get better once we're in Forks." I whispered. And Jasper nodded in agreement.

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