Carlisle and Esme were on the couch in the living room. When I looked up they parted and Carlisle patted the spot between them. I curled up with my head on Esme's lap and my legs over Carlisle's. I was now freezing, frustrated, and furious along with a few other F-words. I watched Jasper come out of his bedroom to cover me with a blanket. I smiled at him as he sat down in front of the couch and grabbed my hand to send comfort through me. With Esme running her hands through my hair, Carlisle massaging my feet and Jasper's constant flow of sleepiness, I drifted off into a deep well needed sleep.

The next time I woke up it was around noon and Edward's lap was my pillow. The only way I knew this without opening my eyes was the fact that during the night I had rolled over so that I was facing the back of the couch. My face was buried in someone's crotch, a very hard crotch. That smelled of Edward's cologne. I scurried away from him almost hitting my head in the process.

Edward grabbed my hand and pulled me into his side. "I'm sorry, Bella. I was strung up on frustration and seeing you kiss someone else was unbearable to me. I couldn't stand it. I'm sorry I took it out on you and tried to make you do something you didn't want to. It won't happen again." He kissed my forehead.

"I was angry at you. After trying and trying to get you to make a move on me without avail and then the only time you give in is after Jake made fun of my sexual frustration. I felt like you were doing it because you felt bad for me," I explained.

"I know. And I honestly didn't even think you'd take it like that. I'm sorry. I really am."

"It's okay," I responded and snuggled into his side as we watched TV.



The next few days were relatively normal; we went to another waterpark because it was overcast the entire day. Nothing crazy happened like the incident with Jacob, thankfully. But because of that, I had to have someone else with me at all times, talk about a buzz kill. I was able to spend time with each person individually which I enjoyed because of the 12 years I had to go without bonding with them. Esme and I always found a garden to sit by to talk, it was relaxing and I was glad she was able to open up more about her life.

We had just gotten home from seeing a concert when Maria grabbed my hand and pulled me towards Alice. "I think we need to get a new swim suit for my mommy!" She smiled as she hopped up and down.

"I think that's a great idea! And we can have a girls day at the same time," Rosalie replied. "Esme, you're coming too," she said over her shoulder.

I groaned, knowing there wasn't any way to get out of this. Esme came over and ruffled my hair. "Oh stop, you love hanging out with us," I couldn't deny them that.

Alice started getting her shoes back on, lacing them up her ankles proved to be a daunting task even for a little pixie like herself. All the while ranting about how excited she was. "I know the perfect place we can go! We'll shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, your swim suit of course, and so many other things! I can see it now! You'll look fabulous!" She turned abruptly and frowned at me. "Bella, come on! Hurry! The stores won't be open forever! Grab your shoes and let's go!" she huffed and ran towards the garage. I looked at everyone else and they laughed.

Edward came over with my shoes, gave me a kiss as he handed them over, and swatted my ass to get me to move. I glared and followed a giggling Maria out the door.

The drive to the mall wasn't as long as I thought it would be. We followed a bubbly Alice to a name brand store and she pranced towards the swim suits in a childlike fashion. I sometimes wondered who the child was here, Maria, or Alice, the latter always seemed like the better choice.

No sooner had we made it to the racks, Alice had already picked out five swim suits and had them piled in my arms. I followed her around as she threw suit after suit at me. Finally, when I could barely see over the top layer, she ushered me into the dressing room.

"I want to see each one on you no matter how bad they look," I heard Alice yell outside of my door. I looked down at the pile of swim suits on the bench and sighed in exasperation. There had to be at least 27.

The first was a white tube top that barely covered my valuables. I opened the door, shook my head and closed it. The next five looked awful. I either had side boob, muffin topped out of the cups, or it didn't have the support I needed. I was about to give up when Maria opened the door and started looking through the bikinis.

"Try this one, Mommy," she said while holding up a leopard print halter bikini. She slipped out the door and I struggled with getting the contraption on. I looked in the mirror and was surprised at how good it looked on me. The top covered everything and gave me a bit of healthy cleavage while the bottoms fit just right on my hips, covered everything and didn't make my stomach look gross despite how big it was getting.

I opened up the door and Esme smiled, Alice smirked, Rosalie gasped, and Maria stood smiling proudly that she had picked out the right swim suit. It was just the right hint of sexy too! Without me even needing to say I was done, the others grabbed the rest of the swim suits and deposited them in the bin so I could change.

Once the swimsuit was paid for, we made our way to a lingerie store. Maria took one look in the store and her eyes bugged out. I glanced over to Esme and she nodded her head and they walked out hand in hand to browse other stores.

"Do we really need to do this, Alice," I pleaded. She looked at me in exasperation.

"Of course we do! Our mission is to get you laid before we leave Florida!" I smacked my hand on my head. "This is unnecessary. Besides, if I go to sleep in this stuff, I'll be uncomfortable!"

Rosalie started looking through the racks. "Bella, the point is that this stuff won't be on you for very long," she laughed.

"Have you forgotten how Edward has been avoiding sleeping next to me? This isn't going to work. He'll bolt when he sees me wearing crap like this."

"Hun, those cotton underwear and bra sets aren't attractive. Wearing cute lacy items are hot! I can't believe you're still wearing unattractive undergarments after all these years! You need to expand your horizons and make your body happy cause I doubt they're screaming, "fuck me!" in a pair of white cotton panties," Alice stated as she picked up a see through garment. The entire thing was back. It was lacy on the cups, and had a slit up the middle that would show my stomach. Alice grabbed a black thong and said, "Here, I expect to see this on you. We're all women, so I don't want any ifs, ands, or buts about it," I groaned as we went isle through isle. Just like at the swim shop, my arms were full by the time I went to the dressing room.

The first one I tried on was called the Seducing Innocence Babydoll, it was a baby blue off the shoulder lace top with a white bow between both breasts. The rest wasn't as see through and it came with a matching thong. Alice and Rose stepped inside the big room to look. They approved and told me I was buying it. I ended up not buying the black babydoll mainly because it didn't look as good on me as others did.

I tried on a lace panel baby doll. The lace was black and see through with a big red stripe on either side of the baby doll. The thong with it was red and it was one of my favorites so I decided to buy it.

The more I tried on, the sexier I felt, I almost felt like a sex vixen yet I was still a virgin. The next I tried on was called Lace Love Dress. The entire thing was made out of black lace, it went just below my ass and had short cute sleeves and I chose to buy it because it looked comfortable enough to sleep in. We picked out a black robe and a red robe, both solid satin, to go over my babydolls before bed.

I got so many bra and panty sets I couldn't keep track, but two and a half hours later, we were heading back home with all my new garments. We had stopped by a clothing store to grab a maxi dress to wear on the beach and stuffed all my undergarments in there so none of the boys would see we went to a lingerie store. Esme had shopped a lot while we were preoccupied and with her amount of bags, it looked like we had made it a day of shopping from at least 10 different stores.

We arrived at the condo and all of us girls headed to our rooms to put away our clothing. Once we were done, we found the guys upstairs playing Xbox and proceeded to sit by our significant other. Edward was sitting on the only chair to the left and I walked over and sat on his lap. Maria sat between Carlisle and Jasper on the couch.

"Did you have a nice time shopping," Edward asked as he continued to watch the TV screen.

"Yes," I replied as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself in for a kiss. He was a bit taken aback but soon I found his arms wrapped around my back and he leaned over me so I could rest my back on the armrest. His hand found its way to my head and he cradled me closer so I wouldn't hurt my neck. Sometime during all of this, everyone had ushered out of the room and gone downstairs to gives us at least some privacy, we didn't notice.

Edward used his other hand to cup my chin when he deepened the kiss. I gripped his shirt in my hand while my other continued to pull his face into mine by his hair. He licked my lip and I opened my mouth as his tongue delved in to explore. I moaned and arched up into him as he moved his hand from my chin down across the side of my body. Tingles of pleasure pooled in my stomach and pulsed in my panties.

He slid his hand down across the side of my breast and over the middle of my stomach, resting his hand below my bump, just centimeters away from where I needed him desperately. I broke away for air and his lips slipped down to my neck where he gave me little kisses while his hand raised back up in the safe zone and rubbed my arm, calming me down.

Once I had caught my breath, we moved over to the couch and I lay down beside him and watched as he played the xbox. I knew it was going to stop. What bothered me more was the fact that I tried to take it further each time in hopes that he'd cave. He never did.

About an hour later, Maria came up to tell us that dinner was ready. Once we were all seated around the table, Maria and I began to eat while everyone discussed vampire needs.

"Obviously, we haven't gone out to hunt since we've gotten here and it's been over a week. Today I think Edward, Emmett, Jasper and I should head out to the woods. We should be back a little after midnight since it's only 6. That should give us plenty of time. You girls can go tomorrow night," Carlisle stated, "It will give you girls more time to bond anyway," he smiled.

Everyone agreed so after Maria and I were done eating, the guys headed out. Twenty minutes had past and I was sitting next to Maria watching a rerun of Ellen when Alice runs out of her room screaming, "Make over time!"

The thought of having yet another makeover made me grown in annoyance. "Do we really have to?" I asked.

"Of course! We need to get you all pretty! Esme bought all the supplies for me today so we will be doing you up!" She turned towards Esme, "Could you watch over Maria again? We have some fine tuning to do with Bella and I'm not so sure Maria should be there for it," she giggled. Maria scrunched up her nose and agreed.

"It would be a delight," Esme smiled. And Rosalie pulled me up from the couch and dragged me towards my room. I glanced behind me and mouthed, "help me" to Maria, all she did was giggle as the door was shut between us.

I was ushered into the bathroom and the girls started to fill up the Jacuzzi. "Alright, I want you to take a bath, we will wash your hair when you're done relaxing, and then we are going to get on with the primping and pampering!" Alice squealed.

"You're going to look so hot!" Rosalie smiled. "Now in you go!" She pushed me towards the tub and I stripped while they walked over to my bed and picked up one of the magazines they had in a bag of torturous beauty products I could only presume. I relaxed in the tub and turned on the jets to keep the warmth from evaporating. Hot air hit my back and I almost died in contentment. I sighed and snuggled into the warm water.

Awhile later, Alice came over and slipped a towel onto the floor and turned on the shower, she was in her swimming suit and told me to hop in the shower, and I pulled the drain in the tub and sloshed my way over to the shower. Once in, Alice stood up on a stool and proceeded to wash my hair.

"You know, if I didn't love you so much, I would not be doing this at all!" I pouted.

"Don't I know it, you are the most stubborn girl I know, but I love you too! Thanks!" She laughed.

Once my hair was washed with her special shampoo, she wrapped my hair in my towel and Rosalie set up towels on the floor for me and Alice gently pushed me down so I could lay down on them.

Rose set a bowl of crème down on the floor beside me along with a tongue depressor, and a box filled with strips of fabric. My eyes went wide and I started to struggle to get up. "You have GOT to be kidding me! No way, no way! No way am I going to sit here while you guys wax the bejeezus out of me. This is ridiculous! I draw the line at getting lingerie," I argued as both Alice and Rose pushed me down. Alice took a dip of crème and spread it on my leg and I froze with wide eyes.

"Oops! I guess it's too late now! There's only one way to get it off."

"I hate you," I breathed as I laid back and gripped Rosalie's hand as hard as I could. Alice laughed as she applied the fabric to my skin. I started breathing faster in anticipation of the pain I knew was coming. "One, Two,.." *rip* "Holy mother of Jesus!" I screamed.

"We actually need to do your bikini first so that it can have more time to heal," Rose explained.

"Good point," Alice said, and moved up towards my crotch. "I know this is going to hurt really bad, but I've done this a lot of times and you need to trust me. Absolutely no moving while I'm working here or it could end badly," she said. I squeezed my eyes shut as she moved my legs apart and applied the warm crème. When she ripped it off, it hurt so bad that all I could do was open my mouth in a silent scream. She immediately put a lotion on to ease the pain and proceeded to take care of all the hair there, on my legs, and my arm pits.

Once she was done, I could barely move, my crotch felt weird bare and was so sore that one step caused me to get tingles of pain and pleasure throughout my body. It was the weirdest sensation I had ever had.

They sat me down in front of the vanity mirror and put my hair in big curlers from the bag lying on the ground. I began to loathe that bag for whatever came out of it was some form of torture. Once my hair was in curlers, they started blow drying them with my blow dryer and Alice's blow dryer. Soon, my hair was dry but I had to keep the curlers in until they cooled down. They didn't apply makeup because it was nighttime, but my curls were supposed to last through tomorrow so I wouldn't have to wake up with gross hair in the morning.

By the time we were done with everything, Maria had long since gone to bed and it was about 11:30 at night. I walked out to get a snack in a long white robe I had brought along with me. Esme smiled and patted the couch next to me after I grabbed an apple out of the fridge.

"You look beautiful no matter what. I hope you know that. Alice just loves to make people look over the top. She's done it to me several times over the last century," She spoke quietly as she unraveled the curlers. "She's just happy she has someone to makeover now. After we left, she didn't feel up to shopping or making over Rose and I, the past few weeks have been the only times she's done a makeover since. It makes her happy; I know you don't like to get all done up, but Alice loves having someone else's hair and makeup to do other than her own. It gets boring applying the same foundation and contour to her face because there isn't much variety on one type of skin tone." She ruffled up my hair and sat back.

Alice came out of her room and motioned for me to go into my room again. I walked in and on my bed was the blue seducing innocence babydoll along with the blue thong.

"I expect you to be wearing this tonight, Edward will be home in about a half hour so if we clean this up real fast and you put this on, you should be asleep moments before he arrives," Alice smiled and ushered me into my bedroom further while she cleaned up the bathroom in her speedy style. She took all the stuff she used today and left to throw them away in the dumpster outside so Edward couldn't smell it. When she came back in, I was already under the covers. She came around to the side of the bed and kissed my forehead before tucking me in and leaving. I fell asleep shortly after wondering what Edward would do.

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