First, let me apologize for taking so long to get this posted, I've had it written for some time but haven't had the chance to sit down and type it up. This was a difficult chapter for me. I wanted to get the subtle changes her body went through correct and how she feeds. I personally wasn't happy with the way the breaking dawn played out, but that's why I'm writing this!

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You know the drill people, the characters are not mine, just the twisted story.

"I can't stand this Alice! We need to leave, get away from all of this." Edward's words followed as the darkness claimed me, taking me to a place where no will could follow. I was the one who left this time and I made sure no one could find me.

A sharp pain pierced my body, forcing my mind to focus on the waves of warmth spreading through me, each one becoming more uncomfortable than the last. Just as the heat reached the tips of my fingers and toes another wave would begin, becoming greater than the one before it and increasing in speed until a solid wall of fire engulfed me.

For days the fire burned alone, devouring me alive until my muscles and joints felt like they were being slowly drilled apart. The pain caused my body to lock from the pressure, pulling my appendages in unnatural positions; at times it was able to overpower the burn of the fire consuming me. All the while the memory of Edwards' voice tortured me, calling my name, singing my lullaby, offering soothing words that I couldn't seem to take comfort in.

The fires of Hell consumed me until there was nothing left. No pain no flames, even Edward's voice was silenced and I was left a husk, feeling more aware than ever before yet still empty and numb inside. A loud bang sent my eyes flying open and I winced at the abrasive light, confused as to what was happening. Blinking rapidly I realized that I could see every detail in the ceiling above and that the pounding sound as from a spider moving toward a fly caught in its web. Closing my eyes once more I let my senses drift around me until I realized I was in Edwards' room, on his bed. A cold dread washed through me, this was my hell, being trapped in the Cullen house, forever waiting for Edward to come back to me. I suddenly missed the warmth of the flames, the comforting embrace that they offered. A rush of black rage surged through me and my body jerked in response as my hands clenched tightly, I could hear the bones groaning.

A soft hand pressed against my neck and I leaped from the bed twisting the hand away from me and slamming a body against the wall. It hit so hard, the contents of the bookcase flew from their resting place. A grunt that was both surprised and laced with pain made my eyes snap open and head jerk up. The black of his eyes were laced with red and were staring into my own. "Oh god." I said dropping my hands that were gripped around Edward's neck and falling away from him.

Emmett caught me and sat me on the edge of the bed before backing away to stand with Rose. I grabbed his hand with both of mine and he paused, turning to look at me. "Your hands aren't cold." I said softly. Looking up he met my gaze, his lips strained and tight, I closed my eyes and forced myself to loosen my grip on him. Before I could end our skin contact Emmett gingerly took my hands in his and sat down on the bed with me.

"Bella," Rose began, "What do you remember?"

"Do you know what's happened?" Emmett finished for her.

I squeezed my eyes tight, forcing my self to remember what happened before the fires and pain. "Jacob found me. In the woods. It was raining." Rose growled low and I looked over at her. Emmett began rubbing small circles on my hand to soothe me. "I didn't want to be left alone again." My voice broke on the last word. "He gave me the chance to…I know things have been bad and I'm sorry, but I couldn't survive you leaving me." My eyes darted everywhere but the space that Edward stood.

"He killed you Bella." Rose spat at me and I jerked in response to the venom in her voice, my anger surging once more.

"I killed me Rose. I made the choice. It was my decision this time." I said tightening my grip on Emmett's hand, he shifted on the bed.

"Jacob gave you the damned knife!" Rose yelled, her body darting forward and her hair throwing gold ribbons of color in the room as the low light shone off it. Her eyes glowed amber and I noticed how the color was woven into the black pupil.

"I was the one who held it, who made the cuts." I yelled back dropping Emmett's hands as I sprung from the bed. "It's what I needed!" I moved to her shouting. "It was my choice!" Emmett grabbed me around the waist before I reached his wife. I twisted out of his hold and sprung, pinning him to the floor on his back.

"Enough Rose!" Edward yelled bringing me back once more from my unfamiliar black rage. I looked to him and saw he was barely containing his anger, his jaw locked in a tight plane I could hear his teeth grinding against themselves.

"Bells?" Emmett called softly from beneath me, his body relaxed under my white knuckled grip on his throat and arm.

"You need to feed Bella." Alice voice said from beside me on the floor, her small hands covering my own. My stomach clenched in discovery of my thirst and hunger at her suggestion.

Reality suddenly set in and I looked closely at my tiny friend noticing the weave in the soft fabric of the linen dress she wore, the individual hairs on Emmett's body beneath me, the pounding sound of the spider eating his meal, the stillness of the vampires around me. "No." I paused, sitting up on Emmett's stomach still looking at Alice. "I'm not dead. This isn't a dream." Alice glanced so slightly at Edward I wouldn't have noticed if I was still human. "No!" I yelled now turning to Edward in fury. "You turned me! Why would you…how can you do this to me!" Shock ran across his face as I shouted at him.

Edward pushed away from the wall as anger returned along with confusion. "This is what you wanted, isn't it! To become a monster like me!" I looked into Edwards face and recoiled at the black depth of his eyes. "You were nearly dead when I found you. There wasn't any time left, there wasn't enough blood to replace what you lost. You didn't give me any other options!" Edward said while clenching and unclenching his hands. Even furious I felt how beautiful he was, how much I loved him and I hated myself for it. I shut my eyes in reaction to stop my tears from falling before realizing that they never would again.

"I had already lost everything when you took away my options; deciding you were leaving me again." I felt Edward freeze, his body going still as a statue. Taking an unnecessary breath to steady myself I continued. "I heard what you said to Alice. You want to leave, need to leave; to get away from this mess." I opened my palms to indicate myself.

Edward took a step towards me. "That's why you ran? That's why you did this?" I continued to stare at him blankly until he shot Alice a glance and turned away from me to pace the room. For the first time I watched as the Cullen's left the room, moving fast enough to stir a breeze and yet my eyes were able to follow them. "Bella…" Edward muttered softly, his head hanging low on his shoulders.

With the front door softly shutting behind the exiting family the silence stretched out between us. Edward kept his head down and I kept my eyes on his back. Closing my eyes I sighed before saying, "I was making sure you wouldn't leave me behind again. And now…" I broke off wrapping my arms around my noticeably slender, tighter body. "Now when you leave I have to go to the Volturi. I…You're forcing me to go to them, to…they ruined everything for us." I shook my head and sat down bringing my knees up to my chest, wanting to fade away.

"Bella" Edward said again, barely a whisper, his sweet breath caressed my arms as he knelt in front of me. I felt his hands press into the bed on either side of me so as not to touch me. My stomach clenched at his closeness and the thirst that was overtaking my senses. "I swore to you I would never leave you again. I promised you Bella."

Looking into his eyes while peeking through the comfort of my arms I was taken back by the passion now burning in them, my need to feed momentarily forgotten. "I heard what you said; I heard you and Alice talking."

"What did you hear? What made you run from me?" Edward asked gently, his hand moving to touch my hair but falling short as he noticed my wince away from him.

"You said you couldn't stand me anymore, that you needed to leave and get away from all this mess." I paused before adding. "Don't lie to me, I know what I heard."

"I won't lie to you." He paused and my breath came in short gasps in confirmation of what I heard. "But you don't understand. I never said I couldn't stand you, it's the vacancy in your eyes." I went still as he finally reached and brushed a lock of my hair, his eyes softening as his touch lingered in the strands. "Did you know everyday I would sit with you, reading to you, begging you to come back to me? Begging you to marry me, stay with me; love me." He dropped his hand to the bed and fisted the covers. "Bella I had no idea how to get you back, you were trapped in your own head." He took a deep breath. "What you heard was me telling Alice that I wanted to take you away someplace where you wouldn't be constantly reminded of what I let happen."

"You didn't let anything happen." I said lifting my head; I could feel my anger simmering. "Edward they were hurting you." My grip tightening at the memory of his screams. "Jane was…"

Edward shook his head. "I should have heard them sooner. I should have fought harder for you. I couldn't keep you safe in my own home."

"They would have killed you. Nothing would have stopped them from taking or killing me. You did protect me, by being there."

"I let them take you away from me. They murdered you; I watched the spark die in your eyes and couldn't do anything to stop them. You were gone when you woke up. You left me then and I was helpless to bring you back. I know I said if you wanted to leave I would let you, but I couldn't let you leave like that. I needed you to know that I still love you; I still want to marry you. I can't imagine a future without you." Edward dropped his arms away from the bed to lay limp at his sides. "If you don't want me, I will understand, but you won't ever have to think about the Volturi again. I'll make sure that you are cared for, you will have everything. I just…I love you." Neither one of us said anything for awhile. Edward kept his eyes to the floor letting me search his face, his jaw working to contain his emotions.

As he went to move away from me I softly called his name, waiting for him to look at me. He did and I reached out, tracing his jaw up to his ear. "I need you to…kiss me." I asked. When he still hadn't moved I tried to make my voice more firm. "Kiss me Edward. Please." My plea was cut off as his lips found mine, gently brushing my mouth. He didn't pull away but lingered, placing butterfly winged kisses all over my face, his hands still resting at his side.

Grabbing onto his hair I brought my lips to his, easing his mouth open with my tongue before slipping it inside to deepen the kiss. Shortly after it started we broke apart and I rested my forehead on his cheek. "I love you Edward. I never stopped. I just got lost for awhile."

Edward laughed, letting out a breath I didn't know he was holding before claiming my mouth once more. Still afraid to touch me, he put all his passion into his kisses alone, making my head spin as it always did. I actually wished I could cry the feeling was so sweet and precious.

Grabbing hold of his shirt I pulled him towards me, faintly registering a ripping sound as I forced his body to wrap itself around me own. He brought his hands to my back and deepened the kiss further. I felt my mind turn into itself with only a single thought surfacing, to feed. Breaking the kiss I shifted to tear apart the body that was holding me just as someone came bursting through the door.

"Edward!" Alice shouted as strong hands pried me away from my kill. I went snarling, trying to flip and break the hands that held me. I kicked out and sent someone soaring through the bed and across the room.

"Alice!" Jasper shouted from my right at the same time Emmett yelled my name from my left.

"Isabella that's enough!" Carlisle roared, suddenly in front of me and demanding my attention. My gaze flew past him to the wall beyond where Alice and Edward lay in a heap against the wall.

My mind came back to me and jerking my head towards Emmett I saw that he flinched away from me. "What happened? Who hurt them?" Edward's brothers' grips on my body loosened slightly at my question.

"Your need to feed overwhelmed all other emotions and desires and you reacted accordingly." Carlisle stated matter-of-factly.

"Damn Bells, you really pack a punch." Emmett said as Jasper let me go to help Alice up from the floor.

I took in the shredded shirt on the bed and the staggering Edward using the wall for support and began shaking. "I did this?" I asked not moving away from Emmett nor my eyes from Edwards perfectly sculpted chest.

Carlisle glanced over his shoulder before returning his gaze to me. "Yes. You are a newly turned vampire Bella. The need to feed and claim your mate will be very strong for some time." I realized I was snarling and that Emmett had retightened his hold on me as my need for Edward began to overtake me. This emotion felt stronger than the constant ache of hunger.

Emmett started chuckling. "Dude Eddie, I think you're blushing! Carlisle, can we still blush? I'm pretty sure we can't, but that's pretty damn close!" Edward shot him a dirty look before moving to retrieve another shirt.

"Only you would find something funny in this situation Emmett." Rose said as she came to stand in front of me, blocking my view of my mate. I growled at her and lunged in warning." Knock it off Bella." She snapped. "We're going out to hunt then you can have Edward all to yourself." I bared my teeth at her and she cocked an eyebrow. She leaned closer to me and Emmett's grip tightened. "No one is going to touch him Bella."

"Promise?" I said forcing my muscles to relax.

"I swear." Rose said holding her hand out and shooting Emmett a glance. After a second he let go of me and I took Rose's hand looking to make sure Edward was following and was untouched.

Rose let me through an open window jumping out first after Alice came to stand with me. I hesitated. "Did I hurt you?" I asked my best friend without looking at her.

"No you didn't." she said. "You did scare the tard out of me though. I didn't see that coming." I looked down at Rose who was waiting and took an unneeded deep breath. The fall was nearly 30 feet and vertigo gripped me for a second before Alice laid her hand on my neck. "Just close your eyes and step off. A fall at this height can't physically harm you anymore. Even if you tripped." Alice smiled before giving me a little push onto the ledge.

I sent one last look to Edward behind me before closing my eyes and stepping out the window. Half way down my instincts kicked in so that when I landed it was one fluid and graceful motion, landing on one knee my hands on the ground for added support out of habit.

I looked up at Rose as Emmett shouted from the house. "Did she trip? I want to see if she landed on her ass!" Rose ignored her husband and nodded her head toward the waiting woods just as Alice and Edward landed lightly on either side of me. Grinning I dug my foot into the ground, springing foreword as Rose fell into step next to me.

I felt like I was flying; running through the trees and over rocks. Using one fluid motion I jumped over a small river, the birds scattering as I landed softly on the other side. Never had I felt more alive. The thought made me freeze as the reality of what had happened came crashing down on me in paralyzing waves.

Alice and Rose came cautiously over to me, flanking me on both sides as I fell to my knees. I looked up at them, choking on tears that would never fall. "I killed myself. Oh god!" They looked to each other before refocusing on me.

Alice stroked my hair away from my face. "Yes, you tried to. This was the only way we could keep you with us. Edward wouldn't have done it if there was another choice. He's never been comfortable in doing something other than what you want."

"Does anyone know?" They were both quiet. "Do my parents think I'm dead Alice? Do they know what I did?"

Rose was the one who answered, "Jacob went to Charlie's house after he left you. He said that you were hurt and he blamed Edward for it. He's called a few times demanding to speak with you but Carlisle and Esme kept insisting that you had simply gotten sick and weren't well enough to talk."

"I looked to Alice, waiting for her to speak. "He came to see you and even stayed with you for some time. We had promised him not to tell you, so he's not expecting you to visit. I think he's been handling updating your mother since she hasn't called yet. Esme's calling him now to let him know you're awake and coming out of the sleep that had claimed you."

"You don't have to speak to any of them until you want to." Rose said and I nodded my head in understanding of her unspoken warning. No one knew when I would even be able to function around humans. The thought of attacking someone I loved made my stomach turn until a breeze brought a warm, sweet smell to me.

My body tensed and my senses focused to where a deer and her fawn were feeding. "Focus on staying silent and you can get close enough to attack." Alice said while they both moved away from me and with me simultaneously.

Centering myself I took off towards the scent pushing my body as fast and as silently as it would go, my bare feet soaring over the earth, not making a sound. Once I reached the meadow I froze, my instincts at war telling me to make the kill and warn the family of deer at the same time.

A twig snapped to my left alerting that the others were not far behind. Automatically I stepped into the clearing; my hands raised as the doe lunged then froze in reaction. Once her fawn was safely tucked away she turned back to me, cautiously approaching. "It's alright." I said as the deer brushed its nose against my open palm. "Will you help me?" The doe looked behind her at her fawn then back to me before walking beside me and turning its head, offering its strong, graceful neck.

Slowly I moved until I was resting my head against her. Brushing her with my hand in reassurance I bit into the tender flesh the doe moving slightly then calming to a still, leaning her weight against my body as I drank. The sweet, warm blood gushed down into my stomach and I moaned at the relief and pleasure it brought.

After a short while the doe moved nervously sensing the Cullen's and I broke my hold of her, having my fill and not wanting to hurt her lest she decide to run from the vampire now circling the meadow. "Thank you." I said smiling. She turned her head one last time, pushing against my cheek before turning and darting into the woods after her fawn.

The Cullen's were standing quietly behind and around me and I turned just as Emmett stepped into the open meadow. "Wow, Alice wasn't joking when she said you'd be different. You're like…the vegan of vampires." Rose sent an annoyed glare at Emmett before taking his arm, her hand moving to stroke his chest. He held her hand over his heart and smirked at her. "Bells is awesome." Rose patted him and rested her head against him.

"How do you feel?" Edward asked stepping out behind a tall tree. "Are you still hungry?"

I raked my eyes over his body, lingering at his mouth, the base of his throat, the planes of his chest under his shirt, the slight bulge in his pants. Bringing my gaze back to his face he met my stare and held it, unwilling to look away from me.

Emmett mocked cleared his throat loudly which earned him a sharp elbow in the ribs from Rosalie. Alice spoke up from behind Jasper, "We still need to hunt, we'll meet you at home later Bella."

"What about you?" I asked Edward. "Have you fed?"

He looked away, suddenly uncomfortable. "Recently yes."

It took me a minute to realize he was referring to me. "Oh." I said quietly. Emmett grinned before taking off in the opposite direction of the deer with Rose. Jasper smiled and turned to follow. "See you at home Bella." Alice said leaving with the others.

Edward and I stood quietly for a minute before I glanced behind him into the woods. "How fast do you think I can run now?" I asked and he smirked.

"With or without tripping over your own feet?" He answered and I rolled my eyes at him. "I would think pretty fast."

"Wanna find out?" I said smiling before flying past him. I ran. Letting my instincts free and abandoning my inhibitions I soared though the woods with Edward never too far behind.

We raced, running in quiet contentment by simply being in each others presence, for having one more day together. Soon though my vision became even clearer, my whole body attuning to what Edwards was doing. All I could focus on was his powerful legs pushing him foreword, his shoulders shifting with the muscles bunching under his shirt, the way his mouth tilted in a sexy smirk and how his eyes glowed as they watched me move through the forest.

Coming to a stop I pivoted catching Edward by surprise and pinned him against a tree. "I win." I said digging my fingers into his chest. "I'm not even out of breath."

Edward managed a throaty laugh before we brought our mouths together in a deep claiming kiss. I pushed myself against him, our lips crashing together. His hands moved hesitantly but restlessly over my body, tracing my dips and curves.

Before I realized what was happening I found myself pulling at the button of his pants with one hand as the other one dragged his shirt up so that I could trace the lines of his stomach. Edward moaned into my mouth until I pushed my body into his, rubbing against the erection straining in his pants.

Breaking away from me Edward stopped, "Bella." He warned bringing his hands to my shoulders to hold me away from him.

I looked up into his eyes. "What's wrong? I know you want me." I said moving my hand to stroke his length through his pants. He threw his head back and hissed through his teeth.

"I do want you Bella, I always do. But not like this, not here. This isn't you; you need to calm down first."

"Calm down? I feel amazing." I pushed against him, holding him tightly to the tree and unbuttoning his pants at the same time.

"You're high Bella, it's the blood. You don't want this right now." Edward protested but I ignored him.

"I do want this though, and so do you." My hand dipped into his pants, gripping his shaft and stroking him from head to base and back again. "If you didn't you would have stopped me."

"I can't Bella, please!" I looked into his eyes at his pleading tone. "You are stronger than I am, you will be for some time. Besides, I wouldn't push you away from me, even if I could." Edward's hands moved to caress my face. "When I make love to you again, I don't want to rush it. And I don't want it to be in the middle of nowhere in Canada."

Blinking a few times I took a deep breath and released him, dropping my hands and moving away. Turning my back to him I pushed the hair from my face and stared into the thick woods surrounding us.

I heard Edward come up behind me before he placed both hands on the back of my neck, lifting my hair away and tangling his fingers in it. "I love you." He kissed my head and he turned around so he could hold me.

"I love you too. Everything is so different; my feelings, my surroundings, my thoughts. I know that I've dealt with the vampire stuff for awhile now, but it's a lot to take in when it's not just metaphorically. It's like I truly understand the world around me."

"What did you do to the deer Bella? It looked as if it offered itself to you. It trusted you."

"I asked her for help and took only what was offered. She became nervous when she felt you all encircling the meadow. Her baby was hiding in the trees." I said resting my head on his chest and breathing in his unique scent.

"Did you take enough? Should we find another so you can feed again?" He asked.

I paused to think about it, taking stock in what my body was truly feeling. "No, I'm fine. I don't feel hungry and don't have any horrible pains." I paused continuing to evaluate myself. "I'm not trying to rip your clothes off anymore either."

Edward chuckled. "I need to be honest with you Bella. I didn't really mind that part. It was…different." I snorted at his response.

"Is that normal?" I asked.

"If a newly turned vampire was strongly connected with someone then yes it is. Although that was a severe response." I sighed and he tightened his arms around me. Into my hair he said "If it makes you feel any better your reaction was nothing compared to Emmett's." I looked into his face and caught his grimace.

"That bad?" I asked and he nodded.

"Carlisle kicked them out of the house until they could go a day without trying to rip each other's clothes off." I shook my head and stepped away from him, going to sit under a tree.

"This isn't how I imagined everything." I said running my fingers over my flawless skin. I felt Edward tense but he didn't move toward me.

"I didn't think you were coming back to me." He said watching me from across the small clearing. "I've never felt so helpless in all my existence. I should have heard them coming, should have been more careful with you."

I shook my head. "Edward, none of this was your fault. None of this was anyone's fault, at least in your family. No one could have known what was going to happen." I said even though my thoughts drifted to Alice.

"Alice knew. She was calling me when I dropped my phone in the water and she was too far away to warn me mentally. I was stupid letting my guard down thinking I could keep you safe."

"Stop it. Don't say that. We've been through this already."

"It's only the truth Bella. I can't. Keep you safe. I've never been able to keep you safe."

"No. Every time I got hurt in some way was when I willingly walked into the situation. James? I went to him. The Volturi?" I paused sticking my chin up stubbornly. "I went to them as well, to protect you. I can protect myself now."

Edward's jaw began working as his anger and frustration bubbled to the surface. "I couldn't. I couldn't stop them. From hurting you I couldn't do anything. They're thoughts were…I always said that we were monsters but I had no idea how vile a creature could become. Jane was…" Edward broke off and turned from me as my body reacted to the mention of his tormentor. Before I knew it I was in front of him grabbing his jaw and forcing him to look at me, remembering to not grip him tightly at the last minute.

"Jane was what Edward?" He tensed and my eyes narrowed, my vision going gray at the edges. "What did she do to you?"

"She enjoyed, torturing me. She was turned on by my pain. She was getting off on it." My hands spasmed and Edwards body flinches and he grunted. "Bella."

My hands dropped to my side and I walked away from him, my thoughts turning black as visions of ripping apart the Volturi slut raced through my head. "I'm going to kill her." I said flatly.

"What do you think I've wanted to do?" Edward said unnervingly calm. "I heard every thought in his head as he…raped you. By the time the others came I couldn't tell if you were still alive. The look in your eyes Bella, I could see you leaving me and I couldn't stop it."

"Why wouldn't you touch me? After? In the car you didn't say anything. No one would tell me what happened to you." I turned to look at him. "Why didn't you hold me after? Did you think I wouldn't want you to? That I didn't need you?"

"I couldn't Bella. As much as I needed to hold you, to keep you from falling apart I couldn't." He looked at his hands clenched in tight fists before returning his gaze to mine. "We are monsters Bella, to the core. There was so much blood. All I could think of doing was feeding, from you. It took all of my control to get into that car with you. To not jump over that seat and give in. I should have been holding you Bella and all I could think of was killing you and drinking your blood."

I rushed over to him, placing my hands on his jaw, my thumbs on his lips. "You are a vampire Edward. You've never given in to that desire and I've always trusted you. I needed you before I even knew you."

"Bella I promised you I would never leave you. I could never live through that again. How could you ever think…?"

I cut him off and dropped my hands to his chest. "That was before all of this happened. I have nothing to give you now."

"I love you. I was never interested in what you could give me or do for me. I've only ever wanted you. All of you. Every part of you. Whatever part you choose to give me I will be more than grateful for." Edward said clutching my hands to his chest.

"Everything became so messed up, so ruined." I said shaking my head.

"No. Nothing was ruined. Our plans have just been altered." His voice was solid and sure, I looked at him skeptically. "Please marry me Bella. Nothing will ever be able to change my desire for making you my wife."

"I love you." I said smiling as Edward dropped his knees.

"Isabella; every part of me is yours, you have all that I am. I want…need… nothing else in this whole world other than you. Please…will you be my wife? Will you stay with me for eternity?"

I looked down at him, my Greek god, the love and desperation pouring out of his face and smiled softly. "Yes." Was all I managed before he stood, wrapping me in his arms holding me tight to his body. "I love you." I whispered and he pulled away to kiss me deeply before placing his mother's ring back on my finger.

"And I love you." He smiled, kissing my forehead. Digging his fingers into my hair he held his lips to me. I closed my eyes giving myself over to my senses and feelings for him. His mouth was soft and lush against my skin and his fingers in my hair sent sparks throughout my body.

Kissing my way along his jaw I tucked my head under his chin as he engulfed me in his embrace, sheltering me from the world around us and the dangers in it. "We're going to be alright." I sighed and his arms tightened in response.

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