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Daisuke stared into the challet. "uuuhh... Okayyyy..." "what ..?" Satoshi asked, who now, too, was staring into the challet. It wasn't a very big one, but there was only one bed in it, luckily it wasn't a single person bed. Daisuke stared at Satoshi, and both heads flushed. They walked in, and started unpacking.

Heyy Daaiiiissukkeeee.

Daisuke sighted

What.. Dark?

U are going to have fun, aren't u?

Again Daisuke's head turned red.

Shut up Dark.

gimme a reason

Daisuke sighted once again. This is going to be a long week.

Suddenly Daisuke smacked to the ground, and Satoshi immediately turned around to see what was happening, but by doing that, he also tripped, right on top of Daisuke ( me: I know, OOC O.o).

The door opened. "Daaiissukkeee...oh...Am I interrupting something?" Both boys immediately sat up. "WHA... no... we just fell." "with ur lips almost brushing against each other..." They turned red and looked away. "btw... sensei (teacher, master) called, we should go and help making the dinner."


Satoshi opened his eyes when he noticed something heavy on his chest. He looked down, and immediately his heart started pounding faster.

+ hey satoshi +

+what ? +

+ having a HARD time? +

+ haha haha ... Krad.. haha... not funny+

+ well actually...+


Daisuke slowly opened his eyes, and noticed he was laying on Satoshi's chest, not that he had a problem with that. He stared into those icey-bleu eyes. And smiled softly.

ieuuww Daisuke ... u smiled at Creepy boy.

dark shut up, shouldn't u be sleeping?

uuhhhmmmm...wel actually, i couldn't, because u were laying on creepy boys chest


okay.. I KNOW u love him, u don't need to prove that to me, now will u pleaseee get off his chest.


Dark growled, which made Daisuke smile even more.


Satoshi looked into those Bright red eyes, and noticed Daisuke was smiling at him. 'why isn't he getting of my chest, with eyes widened in shock and horror, .. and disgust.'

+because he liiikkkkeeesss u+

+Krad... second time, SHUT UP, he likes Riku, remember, he is straight+

+ straight as a banana?+ Krad asked with a singsong voice.

Satoshi mentally sighted.

+Krad... I'm saying it for the last time... SHUT UP+

He smiled softly at Daisuke. "comfortable?" he asked silently. Daisuke nodded.

Suddenly Daisuke sat up straight. "gomen... i need to go to the bathroom." He smiled, and crawled over Satoshi.

When he came back, Daisuke, as clumsy as he is, he tripped over his own feet, and fell with his face, right in Satoshi's crotch. (me: ohh my x evil smirk)

Satoshi immediately sat op, and his eyes were wide of surprise. "Daisuke? Are u alright? Are u feeling sick?" Daisuke just shook his head, but he didn't pull up, he actually LIKED lying like that.

And after a few minutes, he just fell asleep. Satoshi slowly pulled Daisuke up, and laid him on his pillow. He sighted and lookup at the ceeling. Tomorow he would tell him, or the day after, but he surely will this week. "aishiteru ( i love u ) Daisuke." He whispered silently. He turned to his side, and looked at Daisuke, who was smiling. "Daisuki ( to like someone/ i like)" the red-head whispered.


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