Okay this story has been changed a little bit and I'm happy with how it's turning out and for being so patient this here is a preview of the chapter 3, which I should have up by the end of the week or beginning of next.

I could practically feel the evil aura off him and all I did was moan. My guess was a vampire with the way he's nipping at my neck. I tried to look for Dean and Sam but the hand controlling my head pulled harder at my hair and a red haze over took me and I got wet. "What's your name pet?" His deep purring voice asked.

"I'm Angel and your name?" I practically whimpered out my response. I quickly looked around and finally saw Sam looking at me so I bit my lip and licked at my teeth, hopefully he got the reference.

"My Name is Daemon, angel pet. Want to be mine?" He asks huskily. I grind into him trying to keep him off my neck and distracted. I finally saw my boys making their way to me. "Let's finish this outside and trust me I'll make you fly tonight." He dragged me to the door, as my boys followed silently. I smirked to myself.

"Let's play cat and mouse Master." I whispered to him, before running off in the dark and I pulled a knife from my boot. "C'mon boys we got a game to play." I yelled out and giggled to myself before the vampire pinned me. "Awe too bad this game is ending, now look me in the eyes pet." I pulled my knife and quickly cut off his head. Dean and Same came running up and looked at the mess and just smirked at me. "I don't always need to be damsel in distress."

"So we can see that." Dean and Sam said together. I just grinned at them, silly boys.

"Do we want to go back in or head back to our motel?" I asked, a bit hyped up, I wanted to dance more.