Blabber Mouth Sister

Blabber Mouth Sister

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Setsuna Sakurazaki has loved Konoka Konoe for as long as she can remember.

Setsuna was watching a beautiful sunset under the world tree while she was thinking of Konoka.

"I wonder when I should tell Kono – Chan how I feel." thought Setsuna.

From out of the blue a voice was heard.

"Setsuna – Nee Chan, when are you going to tell Konoka – san how you feel?" asked Natasia.

Surprised Setsuna jumped up and turned around to see her sister, well half sister standing behind her.

"Where did you come from?" asked Setsuna.

"Well I came from mom's stomach due to the process of…..mmpph."

But before she could finish her sentence she was stopped by Setsuna's hand.

"That wasn't what I was asking about." responded Setsuna.

"I mean how long were you standing there?" asked Setsuna.

"About ten minutes, I'm going to ask again when are you going to tell Konoka – san how you feel?" asked Natasia.

"I don't know what if she doesn't love me back?" asked Setsuna.

"Buck up, you've fought many gruesome and dangerous people with confidence I may add and yet you don't feel confident about love?" asked Natasia.

"Well it's just feels so improper for a girl to love another girl." contradicted Setsuna.

"I stay in the same room as Konoka – san, she sleep talks." said Natasia.

"And what about her sleep talking?" asked Setsuna.

"When she sleep talks she only talks about you, Secchan this, Secchan that, I finally got ear plugs to drown her sleep talking out." said Natasia.

Meanwhile Konoka was walking by and noticed Natasia lecturing Setsuna.

"Ah Secchan, Natasia – san what are you two talking about?" asked Konoka as she got closer to the two hanyos.

"Oh we were just talking about when Setsuna – Nee Chan was finally going to confess her love to you, oh God what did I just say?" said Natasia.

"Wait Secchan loves me?" asked Konoka.

Setsuna who was both flustered and furious looked at Konoka and than Natasia.

"Natasia get away from here before you become a broken hanyo." demanded Setsuna.

"You don't have to tell me twice see ya." said Natasia as she quickly dashed away from her infuriated sister.

"Kono – Chan, I'm sorry I didn't tell you." said Setsuna.

"I just didn't have the confidence to tell you." said Setsuna.

"But I'll tell you now, Kono – Chan I love you I have for as long as can remember." said Setsuna.

"Oh Secchan I have to think about this…………… Ok thinking time over, I love you too, Secchan." said Konoka.

Both Konoka and Setsuna were crying tears of joy when Setsuna pulled Konoka in to a deep passionate kiss.

Meanwhile hiding from within the branches of the world tree Natasia, Asuna, Chamo and Negi were watching.

"Finally, it took them long enough." said Asuna.

"Is it ok to watch them, shouldn't we give them some privacy?" asked Negi.

"No way girl to girl love is very rare." replied Chamo.

"Hey haven't I told you about me and Iincho?" asked Asuna.

"Yeah but, I already knew about you two." said Chamo.

"I'm going to be an aunt." thought Natasia.

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