Chapter 1

The beginning of a new adventure.

(This is just an introduction, the "real" story comes in the later chapters, sorry for my bad English :-)

Such a nice day! It was a good idea to go on a walk in the city today. Fascinating. The Far East! A new culture, interesting people, lots of sights. All these are waiting for me! Yeah. In the next eight months I will discover all these.

My name is Erik Hochbreg, I came to the Doushigaya University as an exchange student. Right now I' m sitting in a cafe next to a cup of coffee. I came in after a few hours walk to have a little rest and think.. what about? Well.. it all started two days ago. When I boarded the plane to Moscow. It was the days first new experience. The flight was ok, not too long, luckily. The airport was quite crowded. Indians everywhere sitting on their hand made carpets. I spent two and half long hours at the airport, than at last I heard the call, to check in at board 47. That flight was a lot longer, but it was really nice. The weather was clear for a while, so I could see Middle Asia: the great plains, and the high, rocky, red mountains. I' have never seen such distances, such bare mountains, and desert. The sunset was breathtaking. Once I must go there. I was really angry for the seat, because I couldn't take any good pictures. However now I' m going to another place. More to the east.

A while later, the plane landed, I arrived at the airport. It was already early in the morning, but there were few people around. So, when I got my luggage, I had a few hours to spare and went to the train station, it was easier than I expected, because there was a man, who helped me out, and showed me the way there. He sat next to me on the plane, and he was going to the train station too. He was quite talkative, I think he needed to talk to somebody and I was a good audience, so we got along quite well. His English was good. Maybe he was a teacher, or a researcher, at some university? He spoke at the time about rice: this type, that type; good, and bad ones. What he liked the best was his special ennobled rice species. It has bigger rice grains than a special Chinese species, by 0,3 !! Maybe a bit more research and they can achieve 0,4- 0,5 !! "Wow that' s really something!!" I said several times.

When we arrived at the station I saw it: a bullet train. I always wanted to try it out. The man helped me to buy tickets. After an hour I was allowed to board the train. Finding my seat was not so easy, but I managed somehow. Than the train left for Kyoto. My target destination. It was around noon when I arrived. There were already some other exchange students there, and the university sent a girl to collect us all. She was nice, asked a few things about my flight. We had to wait for a while until all of us arrived. I was so tired by that time I took a nap while waiting. Than they took us to the dorm where we are going to stay for the next eight months. I got a single room, and in a different dorm than the others. So I' ll be alone. Well,- I thuoght -it has it' s own advantages and disadvantages too. When I put down my suitcase in the room, I was still quite tired so I went to sleep early.

We got the next two days off to get know our surroundings. So I decided to go on a long walk to discover Kyoto for myself.

At the same time, in another part of the café.

"- Is it going well? Are you ready with 11 pages by now?" – said the waitress to a regular customer, she knew very well.

" – I'm trying hard, but it' s still not that good."- came the reply

" – What !?, Only 6 pages ? Do, you even know when the deadline is? Uchiba! You really have to hurry! Form now on I' ll check your advancement in every ten minutes!, and I want to see something!- cried Misuzu,

"- Yes, Madam! I will do it as you say!" – answered the boy, with some comedy tone "- You get angry and shout too easily, please, not so loud" – said Uchiba calmly, while his girlfriend was walking back to the bar. "- Just as always" –added the boy silently.

" – I heard it! "- came the reply from the girl.

Meanwhile, in the same city, at a certain traditional restaurant.

"- Welcome! Thanks for travelling the distance to this shop in Kyoto.- said the manager elegantly to her new arriving guests, than left to greet other guests. A while later when she went to the kitchen with some orders, one of her employees asked her.

"- Please, rest for a little Kitaooji – san. You look tired, you started in the morning and now it' s late in the evening, I will great the guests instead of you."- said a helpful woman.

" – No!, I'm the manager, I have to greet them!- said Satsuki strictly, "- I should be happy that the restaurant is this popluar, so we have this many guests. If I don' t greet them, some of the guests may feel dishonoured, I can' t allow that. " and with this, Kitaooji went back to the guests.

"- She changed a lot ! " - said a cook, who heard the conversation.

"- That is true, when she came here, she didn't really know anything. It was hard to teach her the ways of this business, but look at her now! She works so hard, and the place is going well. – replied the helpful older woman,

-So that was my " little adventure" until now.- Thought Eric I'm sitting here, resting, thinking, watching people go by on the street. Maybe I should be going now? Oh, I was daydreaming, back to reality: let' s have a look at the map.- He said to himself while gazing at he said object on the table.- I' m here now,and it isn't such a long way to Gojjuu No Tou. Yeah, it's time to go!-He thought. -I've already heard, it' s quite crowded in there, but it is differt to experience it personally. The only good thing is that, even if I' m not very tall, I' m still able too see above the crowd here. It's really fun. I should go to a movie theatre.- He wandered while smiling at this for a moment. "No, I wont be rude. Maybe noone would ask me to sit somewhere else no matter how much I would block the wiew." He spent that day with sightseeing, and only returned to the dorm, in the evening. He had only one problem, all day, but he couldn' t help it. "I should learn to read. Or find someone, who can translate for me, or something! I really want to know what I' m looking at!!" At first he thought everybody will speak English, like that man on the plane. Well, as he had to discover that was not really true. "I will try to make friends, maybe at the civil engineering department, maybe somewhere else." With this thought he started daydreaming again.

Chapter two will come soon!