Chapter 6

Chapter 6

"A whole day with a girl!"- thought Erik, full of complacency, while sitting at his favourite,Café( well the only one he ever visited actually). "This is unique, have I ever had such a long date? Well, Let me think. Ok, I did talk through a whole night with a girl once, but naturally we just ended up as "friends". Girls didn't really notice me at home, I was only usefull to them as an agony aunt, but this girl seems different !

she even likes mangas! Hopefully not only shojo and romance, but that woundn't be bad either!"- thought Erik - "I feel lucky, even Bayern has won their opening match! Yeah! This will be a good season!" He had to finish his train of thoughts now, because he realized that it was still too hot to sit outside in that heat. So, he, took his drink, and went inside where the weather was much better.

The moment he sat down his thoughts returned to his date "Was it a good thing that I brought her here? I hope I didn't glance too often at the waitress! Well, she looked like she was having fun, so I don't think there was a problem." For a while he couldn't stop wondering about the girl.

After some time when he noticed the world again, he started to looking around himself, mostly at the people who where at the café. It didn' t take a lot of time to notice a guy, who was busy drawing something at a table not far from him.

There were a lot of papers in front of him. Erik wondered about what he could be drawing; at home he wouldn't waist much time on an artist, but now he was interested, becouse he was in Japan! So, he took a peek at the drawings and they turned out to be manga!

Wow! Erik really wanted to take a closer look so he moved his chair to a better position, but he was still a bit too far, and even he thought that this way that he was being way too nosey.

Whatewer! Erik was determined, that he was going to watch a mangaka at work! After he noticed that the guy, wass intentionally showing him his drawings by spreading then out on the table one- by one.

"Wow! Is he showing them to me?"- thought Erik gathering up courage to ask the guy to watch his drawings.

-Would you like to look at them?- asked the mangaka

- Y- Yes, I- If I can.- answered Erik

- Y- Yes, come on, are you interested in mangas?- replied Uchiba, slowly losing his confidence.

- Can I sit there, at your table? Don' t I disturb you in your work?- asked Erik

- Come on! I' ll show you my new project if you would like it.- came Uchiba's answer.

- Oh. You are really kind, thank you.- said Erik, thankfully

Uchiba showed him the sketches of his new manga, and they just started to have a good talk, when the cute waitress appeared. Erik was surprised, the waitress looked like more than a bit nervous. Than he became frightened when he saw her face closing to the guy's, but the guy still remained calm. She whispered something to the guy's ear in Japanese, and he was just listening and nodding and saying Hai!

When she finished her speech at last, and went away, Uchiba explained the situation to Erik.

- I' m terribly sorry, but my girlfriend reminded me, in her usualy kind way, that I have to work on my new manga, because I need to submit it in two days…..

- My deepest apology!- replied Erik, -I' m sorry I took your time!

- No, please, can you come on Friday? Or at the weekend?- asked Uchiba- Than I' ll show you a lot of my drawings.

- I really don' t want to disturb you.- said Erik.

- No, No please come! I don't have any more deadlines after this!

So, they arranged a meeting for Friday evening, and Erik walked back towards the hostel.

"Is that cute girl his girlfriend!?"- thought Erik shocked - "How could he get her? I have to ask him! What a lucky guy! He can draw mangas, and has a hottie girlfriend. Ah! I want to switch with him, well, or at lest learn from him!"

Erik could hardly wait for the next two days. He was going to meet a real mangaka! He almost rushed to the café, when his afternoon lesson on Friday finished.

The place was quite crowded when he arrived, but he didn't have to search for too long, the tall guy with the glasses sat at the same table where he met him last time. Erik saw the same view again, the boy leaning over the table and completely concentrating on drawing.

He approached slowly, and silently said hello to him, not to surprise him too much in his concentration.

- Hello, sorry to disturb you.. – said Erik

- Hello,- replied Uchiba looking up from his work. I' m so happy you came. I thought maybe we scared you away.- he added with a smile.

- Oh, no. I wasn't scared. It would take more to chase me away- replied Erik with a smile- I' m a huge fan of mangas, and it is fantastik to be able to meet a real mangaka!

- No, No. Me as a mangaka ? I'm just learning, I' m not a professional.- said Uchiba- I just do this for fun, because I like it, and my girlfriend supports me too.

- Still, it is cool that you can draw soo well. – came the reply.

- Oh, yes, I've got to show you. I submitted a story for an amateur manga championship. This is it, would you like to read it?

- Yes, yes thank you very much- replied Erik while siting down, looking at the manga. Than he realized that there was a tiny problem with the manga: it was written in Japanese.

- Oh, but you probably can't understand it, sorry I forgot- apologized Uchiba, when he saw Erik's obvious disappointment- but I can translate it for you.

- No, No you don' t have to- replied Erik, but he couldn't escape it. Uchiba ternslated the story for him, but it was worth it. The manga was a good short story, with fantasy elements and a lot of humour.

After they had finished with the story, the two boys talked about mangas, and later about everything else. They understood each other quite well, so they could talk really easily, about different topics. Later Uchiba started drawing a picture about, Erik as a knight in armor.

The only thing that could stop the chattering guys, was Misuzu, who arrived there saying that her shift was over, and the place was closing.

- Do, you know that it is already past midnight?- asked the girl.

- She is Misuzu, my girlfriend- said Uchiba to Erik - and he is Erik, an exchange student form Austria.

- Nice to meet you,- said Misuzu- however I think we have already met a few times before - added the girl, with a smile.

- Yes, that's true, I've been here already for a few times.- replied Erik, blushing slightly.

"Did she notice that I was staring at her ? I really hope she didn't" thought Erik quickly, trying to act as natural as he could.

- Yeah, this place has good coffee- said Uchiba quickly.

- I know that is the real reason he is always here- said Misuzu to Erik, with a nice grin on her face- It has nothing to do with me working here. –the girl addad facing her boyfriend this time.

- No, No! That' s not true- replied Uchiba on the defensive, facing Erik- those are the two best things here,- he said to his girlfriend, trying to comfort her, just to be sure. You can never know what a girl really thinks about.

At this point Erik started to feel like an outsider. First he had a good talk with a real Japanese mangaka, and now he was seeing a couple who looked happy and suitable for each other. The guy was so lucky for being successful in his work, and for having such a hottie girlfriend.

They were in front of him, and looked like they were quarrelling, but it was obvious that it was not serious. "Why can' t I get a girl??"- thought Erik miserably.

He started to sink into a good self pity, but Uchiba didn' t allow it.

- I' m really sorry, that we couldn' t finish our talk, and your picture is not ready yet. Maybe… It' s Saturday tomorrow, or well.. today- corrected Uchiba himself,- Do you have time today afternoon?

- Today you work in the afternoon, don' t you?- asked the boy, from his girlfriend.

- Yes, you are right, at that time you can finish your chat. – replied the girl.

"They, don' t even let me, to feel sorry for myself, and tomorrow I can watch them lovey- dovey again." Thought Erik quckly "Well, the mangaka worth this. Let's give it a try" made Erik the decision.

- Y.. Yes …. I would be really glad, if we could continue ….

- Oh, yes, I remember now, you were here with a girl, is she your girlfriend? – asked Misuzu while they started to go out of the bar.

"Even this! Nooo.- thought Erik- how could she think this?"

- Well, she is not my girlfriend. We are just both exchange students from Europe- replied the boy. – But, she likes mangas too.- added Erik

- I' m sorry, but you looked so nice together. She is a real western beauty.- said the girl

"Well, I guess you don' t have to make me remember that fact- thought the European boy- I know it well enough."

Than he got an idea: "She likes manga too, I guess, so maybe.."

- I know, she likes mangas too. Can I invite her too, tomorrow?- asked Erik

- Yes, please do!- came the quick reply from Uchiba.

He got an immediate reply too, a not too kind look from his girlfriend.

Uchiba realized that he made it more harder to explain to Misuzu what he had in his mind.