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Oyasumi Nasai - Chapter 1

Mikage Sagiri shuffled through dozens of papers, trying to quickly organize them.

Her heart beated furiously - the director, Rex Godwin, had requested to speak with her. God knows about what, but Mikage had a strong feeling it wasn't good...

Suddenly, a door opened an the small, effeminate man, Jeager stepped out to greet her.

"The director will now see you, Sagiri-san. Hihihihihihihihih!" he said, his tone of voice sounding rather amused.

Mikage sighed, annoyed by his awful laugh.

Actually, it wasn't much of a laugh...More of a cackle...A maniacal cackle.

"Hai." said Mikage, standing up with her still-not-so-organized-stack-of-papers. As soon as the young woman took a step, the papers disorganized themselves further, and fell to the ground. Mikage swiftly kneeled down, gathering them up a second time.

Jeager rolled his eyes.

"Baka." he said simply before leaving.

Mikage shot a cold glance at him and then headed into the office of the director, shutting the door behind her.

"Ah, so glad you decided to come." said Rex sarcastically, giving Mikage a harsh stare.

"Sumimasen," said Mikage, quickly bowing. ", what do you wish to talk to me about?"

" should I put this delicately...I've noticed your emotions have been getting the way of your work." said Rex.

"Nani ka?" said Mikage, looking rather confused.

"You do realize that I have noticed it...You have special feelings for Jack, don't you?"

Mikage's face immediately turned red.

"Ah! That's...not true. It would be improper..." said Mikage, obviously nervous.

"Then tell me why your face is flushed."

Mikage opened her mouth, but said nothing.

"I see. Well, I'm not amused that you've let your silly feelings get in the way of your job. I've also noticed you've been quite lenient with our King, even when he leaves to be in situations he shouldn't be in - especially with that man from Satellite. And you always just let him, slip away."

"I-I know."

"And this isn't the first time I've spoken to you about this, ne ka?"


"So I've made a decision. As rash as it may be, it is necessary for the well fare of Jack's reputation. I've decided to let you go."

Mikage eyes widened, and was left speechless.

"I hope you understand, Sagiri. I expect you to be gone early tomorrow morning."

"Hn? Tommorow morning!?"

"Hai. You see, there are many qualified persons for your job. In fact, I already have one in order."

Once again, Mikage said nothing.

Rex furrowed his eyebrows, giving her another harsh stare.

"That is all."

"H-hai." said Mikage, her voice trembling slightly, as she rushed out of the room.

It was nightfall, and Mikage had already packed all of her things from the room she was given. She sat on the sofa, staring dully at the bright lights outside the glass window, clearly upset.

Mikage had not seen Jack all day - which was her own doing. She knew that if she met up with him, it would only cause Mikage's heart to throb. So she avoided him at all costs.

Mikage could not remember when she had first fallen for Jack. She had met him two years previous - maybe that was when. Right from the start.

Though he had a cold appearance, she knew that he was really so much more than that. In the time she had spent with him, she could see tht he was hurt by something. Something from his past. Something she didn't know about.

And she knew that had struggled to put it behind him - but the hurt was still there for him. Oh God, how she wanted to help him. But she really didn't know how...Jeager was right...she knew very little about Jack.

Mikage felt a single tear slip down her cheek. In reality though, It didn't matter anymore.

"Why are you crying?" said deep voice from above her.

Mikage's head snapped up to see the King himself, Jack Atlas.

"I-I'm not crying." said Mikage, quickly brushing her eyes away of tears, and forcing a smile.

Jack looked unconvinced.

"What's wrong?" demanded Jack.

"N-nothing really. I'm just tired..." lied Mikage, hoping he'd accept her answer.

Jack made eye-contact with her, raising his eyebrows quizzically as he did. And suddenly Mikage realized something.

This was her last time with Jack.

Sure, she could always turn on the television and see him., this was actually her last time with him.

Mikage's heart began racing. What should she do? Should she excuse herself and try to forget about him? Or just admit her feelings to him here and now? Mikage couldn't decide.

So she compromised.

Mikage stood up quickly, and forced a yawn.

"Ah...Speaking of being tired, I think I'll head off to sleep..." said Mikage, drawing up acting skills from her early days of drama at school.

With that said, Mikage quickly leaned up and kissed Jack lightly on the cheek - which she had found to be the most subtle way of saying "I love you"

"Oyasumi nasai...Atlas-sama" Mikage whispered, her voice shaking slightly. And with that said, she turned around and quickly left.

Mikage dared not glance back to see the expression on his face - for she feared it, not matter what it would be.

If it was one of rejection - She would be broken-hearted.

If it was one of affection - She would still be broken-hearted.

Because she knew that she could still not be with him.


Hai - Yes.

Baka - Idiot (Fool)

Sumimasen - Forgive me. (I'm sorry)

Nani ka - What?

Ne ka - Am I right? (Isn't it?)

Oyasumi Nasai - Goodnight

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