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Oyasumi Nasai - Epilogue

3 months later...

"They disgust me." sneered Jeager, watching Jack and Mikage and share a kiss in the middle of the office hallway.

"They're in love." pointed out Ayumi irritably, who had come to visit her sister and boyfriend along with Kiba. Jeager cast his eyes over to Ayumi, glaring.

"No dogs allowed." muttered Jeager. Ayumi shot a glare back at Jeager.

"Screw you, I'm not listening to an elf that dislikes my sister, or our dog." said Ayumi as Kiba growled at him.

Jeager stood there a moment, fuming before he stormed off.

"That was moooooooost impressive Ayumi-chan," said Akutsu, dancing up to her ", nooooo one ever stands up to Jeager-san. That's what I like about yoooooooooou, you're never afraid to put up a fight for whooooooooo you love."

"Arigatou, Akutsu-kun. " said Ayumi, smiling and blushing slightly.

Jack cast his eyes to the pair, suspicious of their intimate honorifics.

"Why do they seem so-?" began Jack before he was cut off by Mikage.

"Close? They're dating."

"Nani!?" said Jack incredulously. Mikage laughed nervously.

"I know - I only recently found out myself. From what she told me, he asked her out after she visited me here the first time a few months ago. I guess she kept it secret from me since thought I'd be estranged by her going out with one of my colleagues. I really shouldn't be so surprised though - They're both so eccentric, they make a perfect match... Still, I'm not exactly thrilled at the possibility of being in-laws with Akutsu..." mused Mikage.

"Neither am I." said Jack without thinking.

Mikage looked at him strangely as Jack blushed slightly upon realizing his slip-up.

Akutsu and Ayumi exchanged quick glances before Ayumi nodded to him.

"Er - Sagiri-san, I'm wondering if yooooooooou can come help me with something..." said Akutsu hesitantly.

"...Sure." said Mikage, her eyes still glued to Jack as she walked off with Akutsu.

After they left, Ayumi turned to Jack with her and her hips.

"God Jack, you make it so obvious." said Ayumi, shaking her head.

"Gomen," said Jack quietly ", Do you have it?"

"Yup," said Ayumi, pulling a small, velvet box out of her back pocket ", You're proposing to her tonight, right?"

Jack nodded.

"Good - Where are you taking her?" she asked.

"The park." replied Jack simply.

"How original." said Ayumi sarcastically.

"Well, excuse me for not being as "romantic" as your insane boyfriend." muttered Jack in a tone of anger.

"Oh, you know about Akutsu-kun and me?" giggled Ayumi, blushing.

Jack rolled his eyes and murmmured something under his breath.

"Just so you know, if you hurt my sister in any way, I'll personally kick your ass." said Ayumi, adjusting herself to be serious.

"I wouldn't doubt you would." said Jack, knowing Ayumi's threat was sincere.

"I want her to be happy." continued Ayumi.

"I do too."

"She wants kids." added Ayumi.

"I know." said Jack flatly.

"You better give them to her - I want to be an auntie." aid Ayumi, flaunting herself slightly.

"I will." said Jack, smiling a bit at her childish antics.

Suddenly, Mikage and Akutsu entered back into the room, looking as if they just had an small arguement.

"-I swear, the coffee maker wasn't woooooooooooorking a few minutes ago!" said Akutsu, desperately.

"Mhm." said Mikage, rolling her eyes. Jack smiled upon seeing her and offered his arm to her.

"Want to go get some lunch?...And maybe go to the park afterwards?" he asked gently.

Mikage smiled sweetly and nodded.

"That sounds great." she said, still smiling.

As the couple went off, Jeager entered back into the room, looking irritated as ever.

"Aww, did you complain to director only to have him ignore you?" said Ayumi tauntingly.

"Hm." mumbled Jeager angrily, his eyes set on Kiba.

"You certainly are a miserable little man - perhaps you sould find yourself a nice woman." teased Ayumi.

"Not interested." said Jeager dismissively.

"Ah...He's sort of gooooooooooot an interest in the director." whispered Akutsu into Ayumi's ear.

"Oh! I see...Well Jeager-san, I'm sure you'll be very happy to know that you and the director will get the opportunity to spend so much time together when you'll have a wedding on your hands." said Ayumi slyly.

Jeager widened his eyes and looked at Ayumi in shock.

"Wedding?...You mean the King and-" began Jeager weakly before he was cut off.

'"Yup!" nodded Ayumi happily.

"Great." said Jeager sarcastically

Ayumi happy demeanor quickly turned sour as she set Kiba onto the ground and ordered:

"Sick him!"

Kiba growled and lept onto Jeager, knocking him down.


Ayumi smirked and flipped her hair.

"Good dog."


Arigatou - Thank you.

Nani? - What?

Gomen - Sorry.

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