Deidara stared out the window of the car

Deidara stared out the window of the car. He was in a strait jacket, and was going to be taken to an asylum.

He stood up from his seat in the back of the truck and walked to the glass window that separated him from the drivers.

"Excuse me sirs, why am I being taken to an asylum. I don't see what I did that was wrong to get me there," asked the blond boy.

"Deidara you blew up an elementary school because a first grader wouldn't play with you," the man in the passenger seat stated, "You also blew up the houses surrounding the school."

"Well it was his fault he shouldn't have been acting like a brat."

"Don't worry Deidara you'll enjoy your stay at the asylum."

"Great," the boy thought as he sat down on the car floor.

hours later

They finally arrived at the asylum. It was big and white almost like a jail but everyone there was wearing white instead of orange. There was a big wall that went around the perimeter of the building. On the top of the wall were guards armed with guns in their hands.

They entered through the front gate, and Deidara looked back and watched as his door to freedom closed.

The car came to a stop and both men came out to the back to the truck. One held a gun and the other looked as if he were prepared to grab the blond if he tried to escape.

"Ok Deidara we've arrived. We're going to bring you in don't try to escape or you will be shot." The driver explained.

"I don't need it to be explained to me. I understand what's going to happen if I run. I'm not a retard," the blond growled.

Both men opened the doors and walked Deidara into the building. They walked down a hall to an office that had Dr. Tsunade on the door. Inside the office was a blond woman with two ponytails and a huge bust.

"Holy crap Doc you have a huge bust!" the blond exclaimed.

The blond woman stood up from her seat, walked over to the blond, and punched him in the face leaving a huge bruise on his cheek.

Deidara fell to the floor and stared up at the very terrifying woman in front of him.

"Hey Doc, aren't doctors supposed to heal their patients not almost kill them," the blond asked as he struggled to stand up with the strait jacket on.

"Yeah, it's just that you were being very rude, so I had to knock some sense into you," the terrifying woman explained as she walked to a file cabinet, and opened it searching for a file finding the one she wanted.

She opened it and scanned through it, "So Deidara Iwa you're here because you blew up a school."

"Yup, and I apologize for blowing up the little people and I promise not to do it again. Can I go now." The blond asked politely.

"Deidara just because you apologized doesn't mean you can leave. You have to at least stay for a few years."

"A few years!" the blond exclaimed, "I can't stay that long. I have a life too."

"Don't worry Deidara you'll be very happy here," the terrifying woman promised the blond bomber.

"Now I really feel bad about blowing up the school," the blond thought.