one month later

"Oh god Paul that feels so good," Sori moaned at the pleasure of Paul thrusting into him.

"I'm gonna cum!" Sori screamed cumming on his and Paul's stomach.

Paul pulled out of Sori and moved down to face Sori's stomach. He licked the cum off like a kitten drinking milk and faced Sori's face kissing him making the redhead blush at tasting himself. "Mm Sori, you taste good," he said licking his lips.

"I love you Paul," Sori said, leaning up to kiss Paul.

"I love you too Sori," Paul said, kissing the redhead back.

Paul laid on his side, Sori tucking his head in his lover's chest. "Goodnight Paul."

The brunette wrapped his arms around Sori's waist pulling him closer and resting his chin on Sori's head. "It's morning but sweet dreams Sori." Before falling asleep.

later that day

Sori awoke the next morning to find Paul gone, but looked into the kitchen to see him reading the newspaper. He looked around the room searching for his boxers.

Since they'd left the asylum both had gotten a job. Sasori now worked at a grocery store, and Paul worked at a vitamin store that had paid pretty well, but they still lived in the same crappy apartment because they were saving up for a decent apartment that they could pay the bills for.

Pulling the blanket off he found his boxers, putting them back on. Suddenly he felt arms wrapping around his waist making him yelp in surprise until he realized it was Paul.

"Sori you've changed a lot since you broke Sasori and Deidara up." Paul said, rubbing the redhead's sides.

"Do you not love me anymore?" Sori asked, pouting giving him sad puppy eyes.

Paul rubbed Sori's cheek in a loving manner, "Of course I still love you."

Suddenly felt like he was going to hurl so he ran to the bathroom tossing his cookies in the toilet. Paul rushed to Sori's side worried about the redhead. "Are you ok?!" he asked.

"Yeah I'm fine." Sori replied.

"You should go back to bed if you feel sick," Paul said, picking Sori up bridal style, and carried him back to the futon laying him down and rubbing his cheek.

"Paul could you get me a bucket? I feel like I'm going to hurl again," Sori said rubbing his stomach.

Paul pulled out a bucket from the bathroom and gave it to Sori who hurled right into the bucket once he got it. "Feel better soon," the brunette said, kissing the top of his head.

A/N ok so obviously it's open for a sequel, but i still have to start oter fics before I start the sequel