A/N: I thought of this while watching "The Chappelle Show."

This has absolutely nothing to do with that show.

I have all ten chapters worked out. Now it's just a matter of typing them. It'll be a shorter story.

Rule Number One: Never Look the Part

"Great show, Frenchie. How much did you rack in?" Angelica Sin asked, her real name being Melissa. Angelica Sin was just her working name.

Frenchie almost didn't answer. What was her designated name this week? Frenchie? The French Tickler? Sunset Sarah? She couldn't even remember the last time someone had called her by her real name, Maryse.

"Frenchie, you with me here?" Melissa asked, nudging Maryse in the arm.

"Oh, um…yeah," Maryse said, snapping back into reality. Now that they were safely in the dressing room, she pulled out a few wads of cash from her barely there top. "Um, I've got about three hundred in here, not to manage what they shoved in the bottoms and even my shoes," she said, counting her money.

"You said that you're just a traveler, right?"

"I guess you could say that. I just go wherever the wind blows. I haven't met any owners that have turned me down just for a one night show. I've never been under contract before," Maryse lied. In fact, this was the first night she danced on a pole.

"Is it good money? I swear, if I looked as good as you, I'd make a killing."

"I don't do it often, so I suppose you could say I make enough to survive," Maryse said, lying once more. It was just coincidence that the very strip club she was sitting in was where she had to be for her other job. Melissa was just lucky that Maryse was there to save her life.

But she didn't know that yet.

A dancer known as Shelly Strapps hurried into the room. "Frenchie, they're out there calling for an encore. You gonna do it? You'll probably triple what you've already made."

Maryse pursed her lips and thought about it.

It wasn't a very hard decision to make.