Waking Up

Waking Up

"I will make a real difference," Robin said, scrabbling at the floor.

Picking up the gun, he cocked back the hammer and held it to his head, staring down Batman, who for once in both their lives, looked frightened. "Starting with…us."

Before he could think, he pulled the trigger.

When Tim woke up, he was strapped to a metal table in Granny Goodness' lab. On other tables scattered around the room were the other members of Young Justice, including a weeping Kon, a screaming, seizing Bart, and a panic-frozen Anita.

Tim remembered a nightmarish future that had never happened.

So far.

The so-not-good Granny wasn't in residence, so Robin went straight to work on getting his lockpicks out of his sleeve cuffs, and then unlocking his manacles.

He had to get the others free, get them out of there, meet up with Slobo at The Max, and get them all off this planet. Then he could worry about having a mental breakdown.

He'd have his friends to help him through it.

For the first time in too long – so it seemed to him – Tim smiled.