Chapter 4: A New Start

The Rovers made it back to headquarters and were in the briefing room awaiting Master. He soon appeared on the balcony, "Well done Rovers Parvo and Groomer are in jail, and the Gold on the train made it to it's destination safely, your good dogs rovers good, good dogs."

Hunter faced the other, "To The Power Of The Pack!!" the others responded in unison, "AAAAAAHHHHHRRRRROOOOO!!"

After the debriefing everyone went to do their own thing. Axel decided to go to his room to think about things. When he made his way to his room he just walked to the window and opened it. The sound of the wind and water current relaxed him. He just stared outside lost in thought. He soon heard a knock on his door. He turned, "Come in."

The door opened and entered Colleen, "hey Axel can I talk to you?"

Axel said, "Sure." He walked and sat down on the end of his bed.

Colleen pulled a chair from his desk and sat down, "I was wondering what you thought of your first mission."

Axel said, "it was a bit hard, but thanks to your lessons I was able to pull through, thanks again."

Colleen smiled, "it was no problem Axel I'm glad I was able to help. So how did you feel being on the field?"

Axel smiled, "it was great, I felt a rush of some sort, like a sense of accomplishment and good. I liked it. I was doing something good and I felt great about it. Do you feel the same way?"

"At time but I'm adjusted to it."

Axel asked, "How dangerous do these missions get?"

"Depends on what it is, but at time they can be really dangerous."

They both stayed in silence till Axel spoke, "I saw him save you."

Colleen was confused, "What?"

"Hunter, I saw him save you. Just seeing how beat up that Cano mutant explained how much he wanted to protect you."

Colleen couldn't help but agree, "I know just by looking into his eyes after that made me feel that he has the same feelings for me like I do him."

"You sure?" Axel asked.

"Yes I know he does…Axel I'm going to tell him tonight."

Axel was surprised at this, "What?"

"Now that I know how he feels I want to tell him now."

"Are you sure?" Axel asked.

"Yes I am."

Axel smiled, "good for you Colleen."

Colleen smiled, "Thanks Axel."

"You know all this talk of love made me relies something," Axel said.

"What?" Colleen asked.

"I've been away from Ariel too long…I'm going to use everything in my power to find her."

Colleen smiled, "Good for you, I hope you can find her."

"Me too; all I know is that she may be somewhere in Texas but even with that I'll find her," Axel said.

Colleen stood up, "Good luck with that." She put the chair back at the desk and noticed a notebook on the desk. She couldn't help but ask, "Axel what's this?"

Axel walked over and picked it up and smiled, "this is a little journal I write all my visions in. when ever I have a vision I write it all down in it."

Colleen was surprised, "wow that's neat."

Axel opened a drawl and put it inside and closed it. "Thanks, anything else you want to talk about?"

Colleen shook her head, "no that's all." Colleen walked to the door and exited the room. She walked down the hallway and soon bumped into Hunter. "Oh hi Hunter."

"Hey Colleen…uh Colleen," Hunter said.

"What is it," Colleen said.

Hunter looked Nervous, "Uh…can I talk to you outside on the beach in a few minutes?"

Colleen was confused at this, "Sure."

"Thanks," Hunter said as they both parted ways.

A few minutes later Colleen walked out on the beach and soon found Hunter looking up at the stars. She smiled and walked to him.

Hunter turned his head and saw Colleen walking to him, "hey Colleen."

"What do you want to talk about Huntie?" Colleen asked.

"Colleen…ever since the day we met something inside of me changed, a feeling that I couldn't describe. Over the time we've been together that feeling has grown but I still couldn't find out what it was. But ever since today when I saved you from that Cano Mutant I discovered what it was," Hunter explained.

Colleen was surprised, "what was it Huntie?"

Hunter came close to Colleen and held her hands and stared into her blue eyes, "love." Colleen was surprised at hearing this but she smiled happily, "Colleen I loved you ever since we met, and that love for you has grown over these couple of years. Colleen what I trying to say is that I love you."

Colleen was really happy, "Huntie I love you too. I've loved you for such a long time, but I was afraid to tell you because didn't think you felt the same way."

Hunter pulled her close, "I felt the same way too Colleen but I'm glad we both admitted are feelings to each other."

"Me too Huntie," Colleen said

They both broke apart and they both stared into each others eyes happy to have admitted their love for each other. Hunter spoke up, "Colleen if you'd want to I would like to sing a duet with that symbolizes are new love for each other. It's called "The Day I Fall In Love" By James Ingram."

Colleen smiled, "yes Huntie I would love that."

Hunter smiled as he went to his portable stereo and cued the song.

Just an ordinary day,
Started out the same old way.
Then I looked into your eyes and knew
Today would be,
A first for me
The day I fall in love

On the day I fall in love,
The sky will be a perfect blue.
And I'll give my heart forever more
To someone who,
Is just like you.
The day I fall in love

People all say,
Love is wondeful.
That the bells will ring,
Birds will sing
And skies will open.
I wonder where's that great big symphony.
Roll over Beethoven,
Won't you play with me?

And I'll never to be true
To anyone
(Hunter):Unless its you
(Colleen): Unless its you
The day I fall in love.

People all say love is wonderful
That bells will ring,
Birds will sing,
And skies will open.
I wonder wheres that great big symphony
(Hunter): I'll be your Beethoven
(Colleen): Roll over, Beethoven
(Hunter): Come and play with me

Just an ordinary day,
Started out the same old way.
Then I looked into your eyes and knew
Today would be
(Colleen): A first for me
(Hunter):A first for me
The day I fall in love.

(Hunter): I know you'll be there
(Colleen): Oh oh..
(Both): The day I fall in love

As the song ended they were both holding each other close. Hunter spoke, "You sing like a angel Colleen."

Colleen smiled, "You too Huntie." They both moved their head close till their lips met for a very passionate kiss.

Meanwhile off in the distance Axel, Shag, Exile, And Blitz were watching the happy scene. Axel spoke up, "those two look really happy together."

Exile smiled, "dah I agree comrade, those two look like they are perfect together."

Shag said, "Rah Rings Ra Rear Ro Ry Ryes (Yah brings tears to my eyes)."

Exile looked over at Blitz, he was expecting to see him sad, but he was smiling. "Blitz are you alright?"

Blitz said, "Ja seeing them together like this makes me relies that they're made for each other. I relies that now. Now…I'm happy for them."

Exile was surprised at the way Blitz was taking this. He was happy that he finally relies this.

Axel spoke up, "come on guys lets leave them alone." They all agreed and went back inside. Axel was glad that Colleen was able to tell Hunter her feelings and that they were together. 'good for you Colleen' He thought.

Hunter and Colleen broke apart when they needed air and just stared into each other's eyes. Then they kissed each other again. They were glad this happened, and they knew this was a perfect start to a wonderful relationship.


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