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A/N: This idea came to me while I was washing dishes; I love Alice and Jasper.

Turnaround, Every now and then I get a
little bit restless and I dream of something wild

Alice sat on the bench in the fitting room, sweat beading down her face. She was thankful she was alone, shopping in Seattle. If her heart was still beating, it would have stopped. Thankfully she hasn't eaten anything in awhile, and that vampires couldn't vomit. Because what she just saw was the most horrfying thing she has ever seen. Her body shook slightly as she rocked back and forth on the bench. One trait Alice was happy that vampires had was that they couldn't cry; she hated crying when she was living she'd wager.

This vision had to be a mistake, something was terribly wrong. She'd make it change, she'd do everything to fix this; so that wouldn't come true. It couldn't come true.

She walked back into the Cullen home, carrying a lone bag from her shopping excursion; she'd know that would give her away in a second; but she'd also already knew that everyone else was preoccupied and wouldn't notice. She walked into her and Jasper's room and sat on the bed, running her cool hand along silk comforter. She stood up and started moving things around in the closet, organizing and then re-organzing the closet; just for something to keep her hands and mind busy. She had told herself that, that vision was a piece of her imagination and she would just blow it off. She knew Jasper and her belonged together forever.

She paused, and let out an unnecccissary breathe. What if, they didn't belong together. She shook her head. Sometimes what she saw was a bit to wild to become true. Alice walked back over to the bed, she and Jasper shared for their moments of passion and she laid upon it. She bit her lip and wrapped her arms around her petite frame; she'd make this work. She wasn't about to lose the one thing she cared about.