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Turnaround, Every now and then I get a
little bit angry and I know I've got to get out and cry

Alice sat at the head of the dining room table with seven faces staring at her. She already knew why she was here; but she would let them have their fun or what have you. She blinked and laid her hands on the table, waiting for someone to speak.

"Don't you know why were all here Alice?" Bella's voice squeaked out from her voice box.

Alice looked over Bella, she could see the worry lines creasing over her forehead. Alice nodded and leaned back in her chair.

Silence fell over the eight again, and Alice wasn't going to start the conversation.

"Alice hunny." Esme started hand reaching toward Alice's. "Whe are just trying to help you."

"Yeah like we need another melodramatic depressed vampire in this house." Rose said flashing a smile toward Edward.

"Esme-Mom, I'm fine their is nothing that I need help with."

"Denial" Emmett spoke up.

"What are you going on about?"

"The first step in the five stages of grieving . Is denial. So Alice must be grieving something. Is it something that happened or something that is yet to come?" Emmett replied a triumphant look on his face.

"Emmett may have a point." Carlisle spoke for the first time since sitting down.

"And all of you guys said I was the dumb strong one." Emmett said staring straight at Jasper.

"Aren't we here for Alice?" Edward spoke up, rolling up his sleeves, then placing an arm around Bella's waist; pulling her into his chest.

"Alice, I'm worried about you. You haven't tried to dress me up in months." Bella said trying to make the mood lighthearted.

"Honestly, I'm fine. Maybe my personality is changing and I'm trying to be cold like Rose."

Rose back straightened and a growl rose in her throat.

Carlisle put his hand up and Rose slang back in her chair.

"Alice each of us has noticed a change in you, and we want to know what is wrong. You can talk to any of us you know." Esme said patting Alice's hand.

"I know." Alice whispered and shifted her eyes from the fourteen eyes staring back at her.

She hated this, blocking her thoughts from Edward; keeping things from her family, especially Jasper. This was so unlike her, but she refused to break the promise to herself. She wasn't going to tell anyone of her visions, and when the time was right she would leave. She'd have to. If she stayed, it would be the death of him; literally.

"Alice, I am so gracious that you have sat her this long; I know you don't like people to fuss over you and your emotions. But Alice we all have something we'd like to say and I'd appreciate it if you would listen to all of us with an open mind."

Alice nodded once, and waited for someone to begin.

Rose broke the silence.
"First off, you are more like Edward than me." She started, and Edward gritted his teeth. "But, let's not talk about Edward. Alice you have been my sister for some time now and I think I have gotten to know you pretty well. Since you came back from your shopping spree in Seattle a little over two months ago, you've been different. And do you know what?" Rose asked to herself. "I don't like, not one bit. I may be cold, and somewhat of a bitch; I admit it. But Alice you brought out the better side in me. You were the better of the two of us, you were spunky,and loud, and short and beautiful. But your beauty, never defined you; you didn't care what you looked like, or anything like that. You just did what you wanted to be happy, Alice I don't know what has happen, or what you have seen. But do what makes you happy, let everyone else be damned. Alice, I don't want to lose you." Rose said, actually sounding sincere.

Edward 'awwed' under his breathe, and Bella smacked his arm. Everyone sat in silence, and looked at Alice. She opened and closed her mouth, and then cleared her throat.

"Rose, you are a wonderful sister and I promise you that you will never lose me." Alice felt the lie slip through her teeth with ease and kind of smiled inside at her victory.

Esme still had hold of Alice's hand and she squeezed it slightly and closed her eyes.

"Alice, I have made due with you kids as my own; and I am grateful for every single one of you. Alice, you remind me somewhat of my teenage self, living carefree and not stressing over the bigger picture; leaving in the now. You bring out a side of me, that was lost long ago and each time your laugh carries through the house or you have a smile on your face it reminds me of how everything was simple." Esme paused for a second opening her eyes, and scanning Alice's face. "But, now you drag yourself around this house like a lifeless corpse. Alice you just aren't affecting yourself. Your affecting the family. Your affecting me. If I could cry, I'd cry everyday for you. If I could make everything go away with the taking of my life; I'd do it in a second. It is unbearable to watch you wither away." Alice felt Esme squeeze her hand tighter as she kissed the top of her hand.

Alice sat and waited for Esme to continue, as the rest of the family did to. But when she didn't speak again for a few minutes, they realized she was done.

Alice surveyed the faces, and saw her pain masked on the faces of the ones she cared about, including the one face she cared about most. She wondered who would speak next, she looked at each of the five remaining members of her family who hasn't spoken yet and waited for one of them to speak.

"Alice." her name came out in a whisper and her head whipped toward Bella. Bella cleared her throat and started again. "Alice." She spoke voice louder this time. "You are my best friend." A single tear fell down Bella's cheek and Alice felt a gut wrenching pain go through her body. "Alice, You are my best friend and it hurts me so much to see you like this. It looks like died. You are like I was when Edward left." Alice watched Edward squeeze her hand. "I can't stand to see you this way, it hurts my heart, shatters it into a million pieces. Tell me what's wrong Alice. Please tell me." She said voice catching and a few more tears escaping her eyes. "You know that anything you say to me, I wouldn't share; maybe I could help you. Someone needs to help you. I've let you do so many things to me, I wish you didn't. I've given you so many favors. Can't you give me one favor Alice. Can't you."

Alice stared at Bella, mouth slightly slack jawed. Alice knew Bella cared for her, but she didn't know that much.

Bella stood up and walked over to Alice and wrapped her arms around her. A few tears hit Alice's skin and Alice felt something horrible in the pit of her stomach. Bella walked back to her seat next to Edward and Alice looked at the four faces who hadn't spoken yet. Carlisle. Emmett. Edward. and Jasper. Her Jasper.

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