A/N: A little fluffy RenoxTseng story. Because the world needs more of them together. Dedicated to my family 3 who will recognise the conversation .

Reno was a very special person, that was sure. He was special in more ways than one. He could slack off like nobody else and still stay a Turk. He could be late with his reports and manage not to get his pay docked that much. He was able to irritate Tseng... and that was something else.

Tseng, the leader of the Turks, was as stoic as a wall, after all. Nothing seemed to move him in the slightest. At least nothing except for Reno. For some unknown reason, the red-haired Turk had it in him to irk Tseng like nobody else. Every day. Every hour. Every time they saw each other.

Like now.

'Sense of humour, Reno, is not something I need for my work,' Tseng hissed through clenched teeth, looking sternly at the unkempt slob of a man that dared call himself a Turk. And his second in command, too. Where was his mind when he'd promoted Reno to that position, anyway? Was he really sober back then?

'Well not when ya bought yours in a shop with funny things, boss,' the red-head replied nonchalantly, shrugging, seemingly unaware of the irritation he'd caused his superior. Or aware and happy deep inside that he could just piss the man off.

'You, on the other hand,' Tseng retorted angrily, barely refraining from reaching for his gun, 'seem to have found yours in a dustbin of most pitiful and pathetic jokes, Reno.'

'Meanin' yours?' Reno asked, a self-satisfied smirk already on his face even before Tseng had a chance to respond. And it only widened as the only thing that the man could almost shout at him in reply was a very offended:

'... no!'

'Oh, boss, I owned ya big time,' the red-haired Turk said in a way that, if possible, made Tseng even more angry. And then, he did something unexpected and, for anyone else, probably deadly. He leaned in over his superior's desk and simply kissed him, as if he had every right to do so.

Then he left, like the cheeky bastard that he was, and when Tseng was finally able to think again, only one thing was on his mind: I'll kill him. Kill that cocky little idiot. Kill. Kill. Kill.

It was only when the wave of anger died down did he realise... he never pushed Reno away.