Her love sails the sea

But not for gold

He ferries souls

So legends have told

Upon his vessel

For ten long year.

She await him

'Till land he may near

On isle of sorrow

She dare not leave

Lest he come back

On stormy sea

On the beach she watches the sun rise over the water

Yet still knowing that not enough time has past

A child's summers count the years until his return.

Many others come with the sun though.

Every two hundredth and seventy sixth day,

One of the nine must trod on her surrounding soil

'Tis just one of her paths to knowledge

Of her vast kingdom of water

The silent goddess, lover to the sea,

Left more then memory in her wake.

The mystic ways were not lost on waves

And the womanly king takes care not to let them be stolen by time.

Many come to her shores

Many do not leave

It is her very manor that makes them stay

There is an air of desire

Meant only for one man yet seen by all

The beach by no means barren.

Men lay strewn along the edge of great forest.

They lay in the arms of women with pale, unnatural faces.

They Guard their mistress

Without pause

And she waits

Others come

They question

She answers

They leave

Or Stay

She waits

by pianoluv

A/N- no copying now. :) Just a little oneshot poem. If you don't like it, well I do and that's to bad for you :P Reviews would be largely appreciated.