Title: While you were at work

Rating: PG for swearing.

Characters: Team and Rhys

Spoilers: None whatsoever, just imagine everyone's alive and they've landed themselves in some standard TW/DW trouble and Rhys somehow got dragged along for the ride. This was written in less than five minutes and it was mainly just for fun. A big thank you to inkvictus for reminding me about this plot bunny I'd had ages ago via her own fic,Three Welshmen, an American, and an Almost Baby.

While you were at work…

"So… you're telling me that you left my wife in labour, with a kid who's more used to men than women?"

Jack wasn't sure how much worse Rhys could make the situation sound, so he set about clarifying things as they hurried through the building.

"Ok first of all, if I hadn't left Gwen, there's a good chance she and a lot of other people would be dead. Second of all, I didn't leave her with a kid. I left her with Ianto-"

"Who as I understand it is the youngest of your team!"

"-who is probably the most responsible and level headed of all of us and knows as much about women as he does about men –and that is quite a lot!" Jack finished like Rhys hadn't interrupted him.

"You still left Gwen in labour!"

"We had no choice, now can we please just stop arguing and get Gwen to a hospital." snapped Tosh as she and Owen chased the other two.

"You're right. Hopefully Ianto's managed to keep her calm." said Jack as he pushed open the door to the room he'd left Gwen and Ianto in to keep them safe. The group stopped short at what they saw.

Gwen was lying on her side, fast asleep, head in Ianto's lap. She looked very tired and drained, but peaceful. Ianto was leaning against a wall, his jacket off, and his sleeves rolled up. In his arms was his jacket and nestled in it was something very small. Ianto barely glanced at the team, he was too busy staring down at the baby he held in one arm. His free hand had donated a finger to a tiny hand and his thumb was brushing over the gripping fingers.

"For the record Rhys, this officially relieves me of nursery painting duties." Ianto's voice was soft and he gave the shell-shocked Rhys a small smile.

"F- Fair enough mate, but… maybe you could recommend a colour?" Rhys' voice was awed and hopeful, but he wasn't able to move.

"Well… I for one… would paint it pink."

Rhys' face broke out into a huge grin that overshadowed even Jack's. of course, Owen couldn't resist a jab or two,

"Coming from you Ianto, that doesn't tell us anything."

Ianto pursed his lips and was about to answer when Gwen stirred and then growled,

"Have those bastards come back?"

Ianto's hand went straight for the baby's ears. "Yes, they have Gwen. And no swearing around the baby. Also, I am not available for babysitting duties."


Ianto rolled his eyes, smiling as Gwen pushed her face into his lap, trying to get more comfortable. "As a final note, I would dearly love to wash my hands, so can someone please help me out here? Gwen doesn't want to move."

Comments are really appreciated as I rarely do humour and I'd like to get better at it.

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