I always wondered what Fuu wasn't talking about... so much in fact that this popped into my head.

"You guys got any plans today?" Seifer glanced at the rest of the Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee, who had assembled around him in the sandlot.

Rai scratched his head for a moment, then shrugged. Fuu stared blankly at him, and Vivi's hand shot into the air.

"Alright, what's your idea Vivi?"

"Let's go get some ice cream! We can eat it while we're sitting on top of the station tower, and then we can go to the beach later and hang out there for the rest of the day!"

Seifer thought about it for a moment.

"Vivi... for starters, you sound like a girl when you get excited. Second, that's just not cool. Any other ideas?"

Rai spoke up. "We could, uh... beat up Hayner's gang?"

"Yeah! I like the sound of that! It'll be a challenge though. They're getting kinda' tough. Have you seen the muscles on him lately?"

Fuu's eyes lit up. "Omigodiknowisn'thesocute?! Like-!"

She slapped a hand over her mouth to stop herself.

After an extremely awkward silence, Rai spoke up.

"That was kind of... random, y'know?"

The silence returned and everyones glares were beginning to burn holes in Fuu's dignity. During a short moment of contemplation, Seifer began to feel bad for Fuu.


Everyone redirected their gaze to Seifer, who began scratching the back of his head.

"I always kinda' thought Olette was... cute..."

Fuu seemed immediately greatful. Rai was next in line to stand up for his sister. Not wanting to be out done, but not bothering to think, he immediately blurted out, "Yeah! I think Hayner's cute too!"

Then Vivi hopped on the bandwagon to be cooler. "Yeah! I'm gonna' go give Pence a hug!"

He ran off towards Tram Common.

Seifer watched him leave, then asked, "Why do we always fight them anyways?"

Rai shrugged his massive shoulders and looked at Fuu.

Fuu lowered her hand as conservatively as possible and resumed her suave demeanor.


Seifer nodded in agreement, then stopped and looked quizzical. "What did they ever do to us though?"

Rai shrugged and looked at Fuu again.

Fuu glared at her brother, then at the ground.


Seifer was about to speak again when he was interrupted by a bloodcurdling scream that must have stopped the whole town. It was immediately followed by more voices.

"It's humping my leg! Get it off me! Olette! Hayner! Help!"

"Hit it with something! Anything! What's that?!"

"It's a giant key! I don't know, you said anything!"

More screaming continued and was accompanied by thwacking and bashing. Eventually it fell quiet again and, after a short pause, the usual city noises resumed.

Fuu, Seifer, and Rai exchanged glances.

"Disturbing the peace?" Seifer suggested.

Rai pounded a fist into his hands. "Let's get 'em!"