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Olette, head in the sky, feet slipping on clouds, was making trouble for herself today. It was her day to strike back at Hayner for being the thoughtless pig he was. Hayner who didn't invite her to the prom. Hayner who never gave her a second glance (as if she wasn't the prettiest girl he knew!). Hayner who was busy hanging out with Fujin.

Olette hugged Seipher, making sure to look as much like a cloak on him as she could, and held her ice cream with her arm around his neck so it would flow over the edge of the Station Tower in steady, Tantric drips. Vivi and Rai could only sit several feet away and wonder what was going on.

Olette knew. The whole thing was her idea, of course. Hayner and the gang would arrive eventually, looking forward to their daily schedule, and they would see her with Seipher.

Hayner will be so jealous, she thought to herself. He'll challenge Seipher to a fight. And when he wins, I'll take him back just like that. Just as soon as he gets here.

She squeezed Seipher, just to elicit a reaction from him that would pass the time until her sweet revenge. She only got him to blush.

"Uh…" he tried to say. "You know… I've seen you walking around school."

She sighed.

Any minute now.



Hayner grinned salaciously at Fuu, who had saddled his lap while he sat on the couch. "What's your favorite color?"

Fuu, between gasps for air and breathless kisses, whispered, "secret."

They roamed each other's lips a little longer before Hayner tried again.

"Favorite flavor?"

She smiled. "Secret."

The couch had seen many things in its lifetime, and had grown accustomed to brutal treatment by teenagers. But it had never expected to live to see the day that she and he would slobber all over it like animals. It groaned in protest.

"What about your favorite animal?" he tried.

She smiled as if to repeat herself, but Hayner stopped her. "Let me guess. It's a-"


And the couch continued to be slobbered on.


Any minute now.

"Yeah. I kinda' figured you were just waiting for a chance to ditch those lamers and hook up with me, anyway. It was only a matter of time."

Olette had run out of ice cream to melt an agonizing hour ago, and was now wishing she had never tried to get Seipher to talk. He wouldn't stop. And all he talked about was himself.

"I mean, who isn't into me, right?"

"Oh, Seipher," she forced across her tongue. "You're so manly."

He shrugged and flexed his bicep, which actually was impressive upon closer inspection. "What can I say? It's all that time I spend honing my body so I'll be better than Hayner."

Olette was struck just then with an image of him and Hayner fencing with rulers as a metaphor. It made her giggle before she could suppress it. Seipher stopped his bragging with a blush.

"Is… is something funny?"

She laughed even harder at his floundering, and burst out as if social her dam had just given up. Vivi and Rai only continued to stare. Seipher, humiliated by the sheer force of estrogenic giggling, tried sitting up straighter and puffing out his chest to deflect it. Olette wasn't cruel by any intention though. She leaned on him for support, still laughing at his expense, and gasped, "let's go find Hayner." She kept laughing even after that, and proceeded to fall over behind the crenulations of the ledge on the Station Tower, where she could more safely roll around hysterically.

"Come on," she continued through comical tears. Seipher obliged the following onward gesture she gave and stood up, which was about as far as he could follow her without actually stepping on her.

"Go," she was able to mouth with an overly enthusiastic smile as she pointed in the general direction of the Usual Spot. "And take me, too."

Seipher tried to help her up without actually touching her, for fear of being laughed at further. The resulting feeble attempts sent another, final, overwhelming wave of laughter over Olette. She was beyond anything but laughing to death now. Rai and Vivi stared glumly.

"She's, like, laughing at you, y'know?"

Seipher folded his arms defensively, hugging his ego while she shrieked. An insult from Hayner or Roxas he could take, but girls were too much.

His mind drifted for a moment, trying to escape the scathing laughter, and he was given an iota of relief at the thought that Fuu's piercing glare was probably cutting Hayner in half at that very moment.


The couch vaguely remembered finals week from last year, when the gang was gone for so long that a dog eventually showed up and started eating holes out of the left armrest. That was no fun. Getting slobbered on by humans for several hours was starting to be about the same, with the obvious exception of the fact that humans talked non-stop.

"Are you ticklish?" Hayner was pecking at her neck again.

"Are you?" she whispered back.

Hayner yipped as Fuu ran her hands across his sides like spiders. They giggled through more face eating.


Roxas and Pence sat on a bench and licked ice cream in silence. The Sandlot was empty aside from them, as if struggle matches had suddenly gone out of style. Roxas paused his licking to contemplate the dichotomy of salty and sweet. It was too hard, so he continued licking, leaving the paradox unresolved.

"You know what, Roxas?"

Roxas turned his hunched head and melancholy look toward Pence.

"This sucks."

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