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"Okay Inuyasha, I'm finally done!"

Kagome slammed her math book closed and stood up from her desk chair.

Inuyasha, who had been mercifully quiet all the while Kagome was working, now jumped up from the bed looking just a bit grumpy that she took so long, but mostly grateful that she was done.

"Humph! 'Bout time! Now let's go already!"

The miko sighed tiredly and grabbed her back pack which lay on the floor.

"We'll leave in a bit. Just let me grab some food and stuff for the others."

Inuyasha started to groan impatiently, but then his eyes lit up at a certain thought.

"Your getting lots of ramen right?"

He asked eagerly.

Kagome gave Inuyasha an amused glance and then started out of the room with him following behind her.

When they entered the kitchen she answered his question by opening a cabinet and pulling out quite a few packs of the stuff.

"Yum! Ramen!"

Inuyasha said, licking his lips eagerly as Kagome stuffed the goodies into her backpack.

Afterwards she quickly got some food for the others (junkfood in the case of shippo) and then Inuyasha and her made the short trek to the well house.

Just as they were about to jump into the well, Kagome's kid brother entered and looked dissapointed to see that they were leaving now.

"Aww man! I just got back from playing over at a friends house. Your leaving already?"

He directed the question at Inuyasha, and the dog-demon simply nodded.

At seeing Souta's downcast look however he said quickly,

"Don't worry kid, the faster we get to the past and find the jewel shards, the faster we can come back. Right Kagome?"

Said miko nodded curtly and gave her brother a firm, yet gentle look.

"That's right. Now Souta go inside, I don't want you accidentilly falling into the well and transporting wtih us or something."

The boy frowned, but reluctantly obeyed, and both miko and hanyou leapted into the well.

Soon after the glowing blue light appeared they were at the bottom of the well, and Kagome instantly started climbing up the vines that were hanging on the sides of the wooden structure.

Pointedly ignoring the vines as usual, Inuyasha simply jumped out of the well and grabbed Kagome's hand to pull her out.

As she was about to thank him for the casual gesture, an orange blur speed towards her, and before she knew what had happened, a small kitsune had flown into her arms, almost knocking her back into the well.

"Kagome, kagome! I'm so glad that your back! Though I didn't really think that Inuyasha would be able to force you to come back this soon."

Said half-demon growled angrily at those words and a tick appeared on his forehead,

"Why you little...! Whaddya mean 'force her to come back?!' She came back on her own will, so stop assuming stuff ya little brat!"

"Now, now Inuyasha calm down. Letting a little kid like shippo get to you is so childish."

"Yeah, ya big meanie!"

The adorable little fox demon stuck out his tongue at the steaming inu-hanyou, earning him a huge bump on the head from the half-breed.

"Inuyasha! Sit boy!"

Kagome cried out in anger, and once again Inuyasha got re-aquainted with his good ol' friend Mr Ground.

"Argh! Dammit all!"

The words were muffled, but audible enough for Shippo to snicker in shameless amusement.

"So I see you have returned Lady Kagome. Sango will be very pleased to see that you have come back to us so soon."

Miroku greeted the two with a broad grin.

"Well, she did have a bit of help from Inuyasha..."

Shippo tested his luck by saying this, thus causing the infuriated dog-demon to suddenly jump up and bomp him on the cranium once again.


Kagome said warningly, giving him a death glare, and the irritated hanyou just crossed his arms over his chest and scowled.

"Uh...Miroku...you didn't happen to upset Sango again, did you?"

Kagome asked slowly, starting pointedly at the slap mark on his face.

"Uh...I think it would be best to make haste and let Kiada and Sango know of your quick arrival."

The monk said, turning away quickly and hurredly leading the way to Kiada's hut.

Kagome just shook her head at Miroku's actions and followed him, while Inuyasha rolled his eyes at the monk's skillful ability to annoy women, and walked sullenly behind Kagome.


Soon after they entered the hut and greeted the old woman and an enthusiastic Sango, Kagome passed out various foods to her friends and they all chatted animatedly about random things for awhile as they usually did, while Inuyasha chose to remain quiet and simply observe the others.

After awhile, the talk turned to more serious matters and Sango claimed that she was worried because there had been no disdurbance from Naraku and she thought that he might be planning something.

Inuyasha said cockily that he could handle whatever the demon through at him, and Shippo had put his two-cents in that Inuyasha was just needlessly bragging again, earning him yet ANOTHER bump on the head - followed by, you guessed it, him getting sat once more by Kagome.

"Well there is some truth in Inuyasha's words."

She said, ignoring his irrititable grumbling.

"We'll be able to take whatever he throws at us like we always have. Because we're a strong team and we never give up!'

She said that so energetically that the rest of the gang - minus Inuyasha - agreed with her whole-heartedly.

"There is some good news."

Miroku said with a smile.

"The number of demons have deminished for now, and there have been less, and less to fight lately.

"That IS good news."

Kagome, while rather surprised to here it, said happily.

She glanced at Inuyasha who was leaning against a wall with his eyes half closed in boredom now, and smiled a little to herself.

While he was still as annoying and unbearable as ever, she loved him so much, and the sad part was...she couldn't even tell him.

A small sigh escaped her lips and Shippo, who was sitting in her lap, stared at her with worry in his big green orbs.

"Kagome are you okay?"

He asked her, concerned about his mother figure.

Kagome blinked in surprise and then smiled down at the little boy reassuringly.

"I'm fine shippo, really. I just thought about something upsetting that's all."

Seeing his look of alarm, she hurredly added,

"It's nothing important, I promise. It's just that..."

She paused, wondering how to explain her feelings to such a young boy.

Finding that she couldn't she just ended lamely,

"It's nothing, nevermind."

Shippo, while still a bit worried, nodded and decided not to question her further.

She was relieved that he let the subject go, and promised herself that she'd never again make him worry about her over something so fickle as her feelings for the half-demon.

After all...he loved Kikyo anyway, so why let a stupid thing like her love for him bother Shippo?

Sighing inwardly this time, Kagome temperarily drowned out the voices of the others to ask herself one thing:

How much longer could she keep these feelings to herself?