Bad Wolf Series 2

The Valiant Child


Summary: Second in the Bad Wolf Series. Its a month after the first and Rose is acting strange. The Doctor is in denial, and Donna has had enough. The three travel to a paradise planet, where they become infected with strange and powerful pheromones on the planet Barcelona until Jack calls them back to investigate weird happenings in Africa...




Rating: Mature, just to be safe...




Rose padded across the TARDIS console, a banana in one hand and a cereal box in the other. "This alright?" she looked down at The Doctor legs with a raised eyebrow.

The Doctor slid out from under the console and grinned "A banana! Why didn't I think of that?" Rose handed him the banana. He was about to slid back under but he stopped; frowning "What's the cereal box for?".

"Donna" Rose replied and seconds later, Donna had appeared from nowhere and grabbed the box.

"Thank you!" Donna smiled, tearing the box open.

The Doctor stayed puzzled.

Rose sat down next to him and grinned "The cereal's giving away free Take That concert tickets..." she laughed and watched Donna's dismayed face when she realised the box didn't contain any tickets.

"Pshh!" The Doctor scoffed "You want Take That... What'd you think a time machine's for?".

"Shut up" Donna snapped "I just wanted... To win something".

The Doctor shook his head and slid back under the console with the banana.

"Anyway" Donna folded her arms "What'd you want a banana for?".

"Timey-wimey-wibbly-wobbly-alien-stuff" The Doctor's muffled voice replied.

"You used that excuse last week!" Donna retorted. She was sure she heard him reply but it was so incoherent.

Rose smiled.

Donna waved silently at Rose and pulled a face.

"What?" Rose mouthed silently.

Donna gestured to the ramp and nodded.

"What?" Rose frowned aloud.

"What?" The Doctor rolled out.

"Nothing" Donna called suddenly "Me and Rose are gonnah make you a cuppa" she gave Rose her hand and yanked her up, pulling her in the direction of the kitchen.

"Women" The Doctor sighed.



"What was that all about?" Rose asked Donna as they entered the kitchen. She poured herself some orange juice and sat down next to Donna.

"Girl talk" Donna replied with a smile, sitting "So..." she leaned forwards "How's sex with a Time Lord?".

Rose spat back into her glass as she jerked up. "What?" Rose gaped, wiping the juice from her lips.

"Oh come on!" Donna cried "One little detail, at least... Please"

"Donna" Rose shook her head "Me and The Doctor..." she paused "It's complicated".

Donna started to frown "But you are... Like, together?".

"Define together" Rose replied.

"Kisses, love, talking, sex" Donna pulled back "...Together".

"No the first two, yes to the third and no to the last" Rose smiled wryly.

"So you aren't a couple?" Donna looked outraged.

"Donna!" Rose whacked her.

"What happened to death-love-confessions and that kiss?" Donna persisted.

"We haven't talked about it" Rose wrapped her arms around herself "Everytime I bring up the London Eye... He goes all... Quiet and then starts babbling crazily in alien knowledge until I give up and leave him alone".

"He does do that" Donna nodded.

"And I like it that way it is" Rose said firmly "It's like old times... Looking but never being able to touch".

Donna shook her head "How is that a good thing? Yes, he is an alien... Yes; he has two hearts... Yes; he's an arrogant pain in the ass sometimes and yes; he may double up in other parts of his body...".

Rose snapped her head up and smirked.

"But yes, you do love him" Donna continued "And I know that he loves you...".

Rose went silent.

"Everything alright, ladies?" The Doctor strolled into the kitchen, grinning.

"Great" Donna smiled "Fixed the time-machine yet?".

"All done" The Doctor nodded, leaning on the kitchen work-top "Listen, I was thinking... I known its all adventures, running for your life, 'ah my hair's wet!' but... What'd you say to a paradise trip? Take a week off, relax... Kick back...".

"Seriously?" Donna jumped, excited "Really? This isn't really April 1st and you're making a stupid joke?".

The Doctor grinned back, shaking his head "No joke. Serious. Rose?".

"Huh?" Rose looked up "Eh... Yeah, trip... Sounds great".

The Doctor stared at Rose for several moments but looked away when she caught his gaze.

"This gonnah be so fun!" Donna clapped her hands "I'm gonnah go pack! Somewhere sunny, mind you!" she bounced off.

"I'll go pack as well" Rose stood to go.

"Rose, are you okay?" The Doctor stopped her, stepping forwards.

"Yeah" Rose nodded "Why wouldn't I be?" she forced a smile and followed in Donna's footsteps.

The Doctor stared after her, sighing.


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