Rukia's Dreams

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Summary- Rukia Kuchiki is just got a new job. She remembers not much about her past and lately has been having strange dreams. She literally bumps into the guy of her dreams. Can she figure out her past or is knowing her past fatal?

Chapter 1 Broken Elevator

Rukia ran into Karakura Hospital panting. Damn it, I'm late my first day, she thought angrily. She had slept terribly do to more horrible dreams.

In the dream:

A younger Rukia sat crying over someone. " Don't cry Rukia! This is nuthin'!" the orange-haired boy said coughing up blood.

"REMEMBER!" yelled a voice out of the darkness.

"Remember what??" she yelled. Trying hard to forget about the boy and the teen who looked like her.

"YOUR PAST!" the voice yelled again getting farther away.

"No! No! No Ichigoooo!" she had no idea why she called that name but her past was bloody. She didn't want to remember.

Dream over…

She shook her head trying to get the dream out. "Momo!! Where's the elevator?? I need to get upstairs quick!!" she yelled to her best friend Hinamori Momo.

"Rukia you're late! Hehe! I was late on my first day too! The elevators that way!" she giggled pointing towards the back.

"Thanks Momo!" she yelled dashing towards the closing elevator. "Hold the elevator please!" she yelled turning the corner. She stepped in and gasped. Holding the door was a tall orange-haired man. He exists, she thought.

"What floor?" he asked taking her back to reality.

"Oh umm what floor is Room 312 on?" she asked looking at the paper with her employers name on it: Kurosaki Isshin.

"You new here then? Wait are you the new nurse?" he asked curiously.

She nodded and said, "Kuchiki Rukia. You are…?" She held out her hand. Her curiosity had taken over. She had to know who this guy was.

"Kurosaki Ichigo. Nice to meet you Kuchiki-san." he said shaking her hand.

"Please call me Rukia. Kurosaki-san." she said putting up papers in black suitcase.

"Okay if you never call me Kurosaki- san again. Way too formal." he said laughing.

"Fine Ichigo-san." she said politely for some reason she wanted to call him Kurosaki-taicho. He'll think I'm crazy if I call him that, she thought shaking her head.

"Still too formal! Just plain Ichigo." he said wondering why his girl was treating him with so much respect.

"B-but you a-are related t-to m-my boss!" she stuttered blushing. I'm acting completely immature, she said mentally slapping herself for acting like a kid.

"So… just call me Ich-" he was cut off when the elevator gave a nasty lurch. Rukia fell over and he just reacted by catching her. "You okay?" he said letting her go.

"F-fine. Thank you." she said bowing.

"I said stop being formal midget!" he yelled. If she's mad at me she won't be so stinking formal, he thought angrily.

"What you call me carrot top?? I was bei-" The elevator lurched and they were falling. Falling from the 15th story! Ichigo opened the emergency elevator door on top. "What are you doing?" she yelled.

"Trying to save everyone's asses!" He yelled over the screams of scared workers. He grabbed the elvator's rope and the one that it had snapped from. When did I get this strong, he wondered amazed his stupid plan was working.

"Hold on! I'll help!" she said. No one can hold an elvator full of people forever, she thought miserably. She crawled through the elevator opening. She dialed Momo.

"Is this a really good time to be making phone calls?" he grunted.

She ignored him. Pick up come on… she thought as it went to voice mail. "I'll have to open it from the inside." she said.

"Open what??" he hissed tightening his grip on the rope.

"The exits from the elevator!" she said pointing at the one a few feet down.

"How do you plan to do that without killing yourself?" he said in extreme pain.

"Its magnetized! If I get close with my magnetic bracelet and stay there it will remain open!" she said gulping hard. She was terrified. So she jumped to the rope closest to the elevator. She swung over and…

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