Dear Readers,

Danii here. My boyfriend decided to sleep with his ex a few DAYS after asking me to marry him. I snapped. But since I'm not actually a violent person I ran away from everything. Even the good unfortunately. My sister Destiny, my mom, the rest of my family and even you guys. I won't go into details what happened on my oh-so-wonderful-road trip but I still have a few physical and emotional scars. So now I've posted a poll if you guys think I should continue the two stories I gave up for adoption. Personally… I really want to but I sort of let you down. For that I'm sorry. The main reason I came back was because on face book my friend told me how she wanted to commit suicide. Its not like on the phone. The only motions are words or smiley faces. I had to show her through my words why she couldn't do this. I succeeded and at the end of our conversation I was prepared to once again leave but we laughed and she said I'm a really good writer. I was shocked. So much I took the first plane I could to get home. I don't know if I can write this week cause I have sessions to go to. And a lot of doctor's appointments I look pretty crappy right now. But if you'll let me again… I'll write for you once more.


Daniella Cross