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Rewards and Revelations

chapter 1: Knight in Shining Armor

Stupid Kim Possible, always foiling my plans! How did she even find this layer!? Draken thought furiously as fired his laser rifle at the dodging Ron Stoppable. He glanced to the side and noticed Kim, who was fighting Shego, had her back to him. Smiling wickedly, Draken pointed the rifle at Kim.

"K.P.! Behind you!" Ron yelled over to the red head, who was engaged in mortal combat with Shego.

Kim didn't even bother to look behind her as she dove to the side, just barely avoiding a laser beam as it flew just millimeters from her head. However, Shego wasn't so lucky as it hit her in the shoulder.

"AAARGGHH!!" Shego screamed in pain as she clutched at the small hole in her shoulder.

Draken gaped at the screaming Shego, then glanced down at the laser rifle he was holding before chucking it away and sprinting for the hover craft.

Shego's gonna skin me alive! Gotta find somewhere to hide! I think the North Pole might safe enough...

"Shego!" Kim stared in horror as Shego collapsed on her knees, her breath labored as held the smoking wound with a trembling hand. She looked up at Kim and the red head could see the immense pain she was in. "Ron! Go after Draken, I'll be there after I take care of Shego!"

Ron hesitated for a second, not wanting to leave his girlfriend alone with someone who wouldn't mind barbecuing her alive, but bolted after Draken when he saw that familiar stubborn look in her eyes.

Kim knelt done next to Shego and placed a hand on Shego's good shoulder, but the plasma wielding woman knocked it away.

"Beat it Possible," Shego muttered in a shaky voice, her breathing still unsteady.

Kim frowned at the other woman.

"I don't know if you've noticed it yet, but you have a hole in your shoulder thats still smoking. You need help," Kim said firmly trying once again to get Shego to show her the wound.

"I don't need your freaking help!" Shego snarled and stood up, but a little too quickly. She instantly felt light headed and crumbled to her knees, Kim managing to catch her before she face planted.

Shego gave Kim a murderous look as the red head quirked an eyebrow at her.

"Shut up," Shego muttered under breath as she slung an arm around Kim's neck and standing up with her. Kim couldn't stop the smug smile from crossing her face. She brought Shego over to a nearby chair and set her down before pulling out her Kimunicator.

"Wade, you there?"

"Whats up Kim?" Wade said as his face appeared on the screen.

"I need you to play doctor for minute. Take a look at this laser wound," Kim said as she pointed the device at Shego.

Silence filled the room for a moment.

"Uh, you do know thats Shego, right?" Wade said hesitantly. Shego scoffed before looking away, a deep frown on her face.

Kim sighed in exasperation. "Wade," she said warningly.

"Just checking," the genius said quickly. A beam shot out of the device and scanned Shego's body, causing the pale green woman's frown to deepen even more.

"I hope its ONLY my shoulder your checking out nerdlinger," Shego said crossly, bringing an arm to cover her chest. The beam stopped abruptly before narrowing down significantly and quickly scanning her shoulder, Wade's nervous laughter being heard. Kim had to suppress a smile.

"The laser went clean through without hitting anything vital," Wade said after taking a minute to study his readings. "Just clean it, stitch it up, and don't move the shoulder around for a while and she'll be good as new."

Breathing a sigh of relief, Kim thanked Wade and turned toward Shego.

"Ok, you heard the man. Got a first aid kit around here?" Kim said, a little too chipper for Shego's taste.

Shego was about to go on a rant about how the hero should mind her own business but looking at Kim's expression that just screamed 'Goody Goody', Shego sighed in resignation.

"Behind you, on the table covered with all those beam guns," Shego said tiredly. Flashing a quick smile at Shego, Kim walked over to the table and found the first aid box among numerous high tech guns.

A thought hit Shego.

"Draken keeps a healing ray over there also. It speeds up the regeneration process, grab that too."

If only Draken were a good guy, Kim thought as she sighed internally before looking at the various guns.

"Which one is it?"

"It's the," Shego sighed before she muttered something about Draken being pansy under her breath. "It's the yellow one with baby duckling stickers."

Kim snorted as she tried not to break out into laughter, causing Shego to sniff and look the other way. Grabbing said items, Kim walked over to Shego and quickly patched her up.

After a few minutes and letting the healing ray work its magic, Kim stepped back and watched Shego stand up and roll her shoulder around.

"Huh, good as new," Shego said as a smirk crossed her face as she executed a few jabs and hooks with her arm.

"Be thankful I'm a 'goody goody' and I'm doing this for free," Kim said as gave Shego amused smile.

Shego quirked an eyebrow at her, before a devilish smile slowly crossed her face, causing sweat to break out on Kim's forehead.

"Uh, Shego?" Kim said cautiously, her body tensing up, preparing for anything Shego might throw at her.

"I don't like to be indebted to anyone, especially you, Pumpkin," Shego said, as she slowly walked over to the red head. "So I'm gonna repay you in full right now."

Kim was momentarily thrown off when she looked into her rivals eyes. She didn't see any of the usual sarcasm or intent to cause her bodily harm, but she did see an extremely large amount of mischievousness in them.

Kim took a step back for every step that Shego took forward till her back hit a wall. Kim gulped loudly when Shego stopped , her face only a breaths away from the teens and her hands planted on the wall, trapping her in front Shego.

Shego had to resist the urge to break down in laughter at the frightened and startled look on Kim's face.

"Thanks for the help, you were a regular knight in shining armor," Shego said throatily, Kim shivering involuntarily at feeling Shego's hot breath caress her face.

"And theres only one way for a beautiful maiden, such as myself, to reward a knight, such as yourself," Shego said, as she raised her eyebrows suggestively. Kim's eyes turned into dinner plates and her face turned tomato read in embarrassment.

"Shego you can't mmmppHH!"

Kim's body felt like it was being dipped into liquid lava as Shego crushed her full black lips against her soft pink ones and roughly pulled her into her arms. She instantly took notice of the soft, curvy body she was being molded against and the immense amount of heat it was producing .She gasped when she felt one of Shego's hands squeeze her butt and Shego instantly thrust her tongue into Kim's mouth. Kim's knees turned to jelly and she wrapped her arms around Shego's torso to stop herself from falling down.

Shego smiled triumphantly when Kim moaned loudly into her mouth. As soon as the heated kiss had began, it ended as Shego pulled away and stepped back, allowing Kim to crumble onto her butt. Shego chuckled as observed Kim's dazed look as she breathed heavily.

"Just thought I'd give you the pleasure of experiencing what a REAL kiss is like," Shego said smugly as Kim fought a losing battle to try and regain her senses. "I'm sure mines was a whole worlds away from the sloppy kisses the buffoon gives you."

More like a whole freaking universe! Kim's mind screamed as she tried to say something, but her body was refusing all her commands.

"Well, its been fun Princess, but I got a blue idiot to find and murder before the days out. Later!" Shego said in singsong voice as she strutted out the room, whistling a cheerful tune, the smug look on her face never leaving. Kim could only stare at her with that same dazed look on her face.

About a 15 minutes later Ron ran back into the room.

"K.P.! Draken got away and-"

Ron snapped his mouth at the site before him. Kim was sitting in the chair Shego was sitting in earlier with a first aid box in her lap, as she stared straight ahead, a spaced out look on her face, as she held an un-gloved hand up to her lips.

"Uh, Kim? You okay?" Ron said worriedly as he trotted to Kim's side. Kim looked up at him thoughtfully before quickly pulling him down to kiss his brains out.

When she finally let him go Ron wobbled a little on his feet, a goofy grin on his face as he stared at nothing with glazed over eyes.

He never saw the thoughtful look on Kim's face as she stared at the first aid kit in her lap and brought her hand back up to brush against her lips.

to be continued...

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