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Rewards and Revelations

chapter 5: Turning a New Leaf

Ron breathed out steadily as he jogged through the park at a steady pace, wearing black gym shorts and a blue hoody. Jogging next to him was Monique, dressed in a fashionable yellow jogging suit. The sun had yet to break the horizon as the two jogged along the paved path around the lake.

When Monique had pulled Ron aside at Bueno Nacho, they had decided (or rather, Monique decided) that the two of them would spend their mornings together jogging so that they could talk about the Shego situation. Mainly so that Ron didn't get killed someday if Kim decided to respond to his caustic remarks.

"Feeling any better today?" Monique said as she glanced at the silent blond next to her.

Ron shrugged as he continued to jog.

"I don't know. I don't think the thought of losing Kim to Shego is ever gonna hurt less," Ron muttered darkly.

Monique sighed as she allowed the silence to fall around them.

"You know your gonna have to get over it soon, right?" Monique said after a while.

Ron slowed his pace and finally came to a stop. Monique stopped as well and turned to face her depressed friend.

"I know that, but...I can't help but hope for a miracle to happen, ya know?" Ron said as he looked pleadingly at Monique.

Monique gave him a sympathetic smile.

"But you know thats never going to happen, right?" She said softly.

Ron nodded marously and stared at the horizon where the sun was just peaking over.

"But still...," Ron trailed off sadly.

Monique sighed and punched him lightly in the shoulder.

"Stop moping over it, and focus on moving on, there are other things to look forward to," Monique said cheerfully.

"Like what?" Ron muttered as he looked disbelievingly at his friend.

"Like," Monique sighed and muttered something about the things she did for her friends. "Like breakfast at Bueno Nacho, on me. And then we could go see that new Snowman Hank movie."

Ron's face instantly lit up. "Really!?"

Monique smiled at seeing her friend's mood improving, and nodded to confirm.

"Alright! What are we waiting for!? Lets finish up and get going!" And with that Ron took off down the path at an impressive speed.

Monique shook her head as she smiled after the blond before jogging after him.

Kim's eyes fluttered open as the morning sunlight filled her room. The red head stared up at her ceiling and let out a content sigh, a small smile crossing her face.

"If only I could dream like that every night..." Kim mumbled as the previous nights events flashed across her mind. Kim looked over at the empty spot on her bed where Shego had slipped into during her dream and half heartedly ran her hand over the sheets, her smile slowly being replaced by a look of longing.

It was then that the bedroom door swung open and Shego strolled in wearing nothing but a towel around her body. Kim gaped at the pale green woman as Shego whistled a merry tune as she dried her hair with another towel.

"S-S-Shego!?" Kim blinked rapidly.

Am I still dreaming!?

Shego wrapped the towel around her head and quirked an eyebrow at the red head.

"What?" Shego placed a hand on her cocked hip and looked impatiently at Kim.

"How...what are..when..?" Kim closed her eyes and tried to compose herself. It was embarrassing that whenever she was around Shego nowadays she became a stuttering mess.

"What are you doing here?" Kim finally said, a stern look on her face.

"I thought I told you already," Shego sighed out as she rolled her eyes and walked over to Kim's closet. "I came by to keep my girl company."

Kim's body instantly flushed as she looked down at her bed shyly.

So last night...wasn't a dream?

"I'm glad," Kim whispered to herself as a goofy smile started to spread across her flushed face.

"What was that, Princess?"

Kim looked up. "I said I'm-" Kim's mouth went dry as she watched the towel around Shego's body drop.

Shego smirked in satisfaction as Kim stared at Shego's naked body, her eyes the size of dinner plates and her mouth in a small 'o'.

"Didn't your mommy tell you its rude to stare?" Shego said mockingly as she sauntered into Kim's closet after sending Kim a playful wink.

Kim shook her head violently when Shego disappeared from her view. She took a deep shuddering breath and slowly let it out.

"I didn't know you were such an exhibitionist," Kim shot back, a frown on her flushed face. It was irritating that Shego could have such an effect on her sometimes.

"I didn't know you were such a pervert," Shego sang out from Kim's closet.

Kim's eye twitched. "Am not," she muttered, looking off to the side.

"Right. By the way, you should probably wipe your nose," Shego said, chuckling at the end.

Kim looked confused. "My nose?" Kim brought a hand to her face and felt something liquid. She pulled her hand back and saw blood on her finger. Her eye twitched again.

Shego walked out of Kim's closet wearing Kim's gray sweatpants and a plane white shirt. Shego stopped and snorted in laughter when she saw that Kim had pieces of tissue paper stuffed up her nose as she leaned back against her headboard, her arms crossed, and an deep frown on her flushed face.

"Its not funny, Shego," Kim muttered as she refused to look at the thief. Partly because she was angry at her, and partly because a part of her was too embarrassed.

Shego's laughter died down as she crawled into bed next to Kim and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, noting that Kim tensed up and blushed even more. A fond smile quickly flashed across her face before disappearing as she observed Kim's actions, thinking that despite Kim's tough nature, she could be adorable sometimes.

Shego grabbed Kim's chin and forced her to look into her eyes.

"Lighten up, Pumpkin. You should know I tease you because I like you," Shego said as she cupped Kim's cheek, and caressed the corner of her mouth with her thumb.

Kim felt something flutter in her stomach.

"We're not in elementary school," Kim mumbled as her eyes galnced at Shego before looking down shyly, a pleased smile on her face. Shego had to resist the urge to smother Kim with kisses.

"You are too cute for your own good, Kimmie," Shego sighed out as she leaned forward and gave Kim a peck on her lips.

Kim's breath hitched as she looked up at Shego.

"What...what exactly is happening?" Kim asked softly, her voice shaky. Kim wasn't positive what all this meant. What were they now? Did Shego just drop by to tease her like usual? Were they still enemies? Kim was almost too afraid to hear the answer.

Shego stared contemplatively at Kim's watery eyes. Shego thought about teasing Kim some more, but decided that Kim had been teased enough...for now.

"It means that I might be willing to give up being a criminal, if you go out with me tonight," Shego said, her trademark smirk on her face.

Kim narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean might?"

Shego leaned back and gave Kim a scandalous look.

"You were expecting me to sacrifice my way of life for just one date? I'm sorry, but I think you need to convince me if it's worth giving up something I enjoy immensely."

Kim looked wearily at the older woman. Something about that statement worried her.

"And how do I do that?" Kim asked cautiously.

Shego slowly raked her eyes over Kim's scantly clad figure, pausing briefly on the junction between her legs, before looking back into Kim's eyes, giving her a lecherous look.

Kim turned almost a deathly purple as she quickly brought a hand to her nose, and thanked the gods that she already had tissue paper in place.

"T-that..i-its...can't y-you wait f-for that!" Kim forced out.

Shego once again gave Kim a scandalous look.

"I was suggesting that wear something sexy for out date. What exactly were you thinking?" Shego said seriously, as she quirked an eyebrow.

I know I said no more teasing right now, but its just so fun.

Kim moved her mouth but no words came out. Finally she just settled for staring embarrassingly at her folded hands in her lap.

Shego barked out a laugh as she pulled the smaller girl into her lap and hugged the life out of her.

"Never mind, Pumpkin, you've convinced me," Shego said gaily as she squeezed the girl in her arms as she buried her face in Kim's red hair.

Kim let out a shaky breath as she focused all her concentration on keeping her composure as her body was engulfed by Shego's warm body.

It's going to be a long day.

"By the way, when do I meet the parents and let them know I plan on shagging their daughter?" Shego said huskily into Kim's ear, making the red head shiver.

"SHEGO!" Kim shouted in indignation while Shego just laughed and squeezed Kim harder.

Kim sighed again.

It's going to be a VERY long day.

"Hey Kimmie, mind if I use you communicator thingy?' Shego said as she continued to nuzzle Kim's hair.

Kim relaxed in Shego's embrace as she gently wrapped her arms around Shego's torso and rested her head in the nook of Shego's neck.

"You mean my Kimminucator? For what?" Kim mumbled as the exhaustion from dealing with Shego started to settle over her.

Shego breathed in the scent of Kim's hair and held the red head tight against her body while loosely entangling their legs.

"Just need to wrap up a few lose ends..."

Draken paced agitatedly in his lair, muttering incoherent curses as he continuously glanced at the large monitor and then straight ahead. Just a few minutes ago Shego had sent him a message the just said "I quit" on it, which had caused him to choke on the piece of toast he had been eating.

"Quit? Shego can't quit! WE HAVE A CONTRACT!!" Draken shouted while shaking a fist at the monitor. After seething for a few more minutes Draken composed himself and stomped over to his work station.

"I can't deal with that mad woman alone, I need backup, preferably someone who knows how to deal with her..." Draken mumbled.

He rummaged through various objects and with a shout of triumph he pulled out a pair of vials.

"Perfect! With this, I can create the ultimate super soldier!" Draken stared down at the vials with a gleam in his eyes.

"Whether you want to or not, you will come back Shego! MWHAHAHA cough cough HAHA!"

On the vials were printed two names.

Warmonga and Warhok.

End of Rewards and Revalations

AN:Well, it was fun writing this story. The idea of Shego teasing Kim to the point of dieing from blood loss was the driving motivation for this story, lol. And just so you know, I'm planning a sequel to this story, so keep an eye out for it. By the way, some of you wanted to know what Shego was planning to payback Kim for the pictures. Well, ask and you shall recieve.


Kim: You know, I was surprised you didn't do anything crazy after I took those pictures.

Shego: Is it so hard to believe that I'm capable of admitting defeat, Pumpkin?

Kim: Yes. Very, very hard. In fact, I still suspect that your gonna do something.

Shego: Well I'm sorry you feel that way. 'sniff'

Kim: Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I believe you, I really do!

Shego: 'sniff' Can I get a kiss at least?

Kim: 'blush' Sure.



Shego: 'grope'

Kim: 'blushblushblush' SHEGO!?

Shego: What? I thought we were at second base already?

Kim: Since when!?

Shego: Well, you felt me up that one time-

Kim: 'superblush' I-I didn't mean to do that!

Shego: Hey, I'm not complaining. In fact, if you want another feel-

Kim: No! I mean yes! WAIT! I-I don't...uh...

Shego: 'glomp' You are too precious, Princess.

Kim: 'sweatdrops'

Shego: By the way, I already got you back for the pictures. evil grin

Kim: 'gulp' W-what did you do Shego?


Kim: 'fidget'...Shego? What. Did. You. Do.

Shego: 'Innocent smile'

Kim: I swear, if those pictures are online-

Shego: Why would I share those with anyone else? Those pictures captured a precisous moment between us. 'Kiss'

Kim: 'blush'

Shego: By the way, you're no longer a natural red head.






Shego:What? I think black and green looks good on you.

Kim: 'superblushX10' Y-y-y-you touched me there!?

SHego: It's no big deal, Princess. We all have the same plumbing, right?

Kim: Thats not the point!! I can't belive you touched me there without my permission!

Shego: 'sigh' Fine. I'll make things even.


Shego: 'grabs hand'



Kim: 'nosebleed'

Shego: You have cold hands...

Kim: 'faint'

Shego:What a prude, hehe. 'kiss'

End Omake