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Bella's POV

I sighed sleepily and stretched out on my new bed; waking slowly from a peaceful night's sleep. Life had changed drastically in the months following my graduation. Renee had returned home to Florida and Phil, bragging to anyone that would listen, friends, family, and strangers; that her daughter had been accepted to Harvard.

The Cullen's had left early for their trip to Denali under the premise of being eager to see Tanya. That was what Alice told me anyway. I personally believe it had something to do with Edward; who after our graduation ceremony left Forks unexpectedly and started the trip early. I didn't blame him really; no matter what has happened between us, I would be hurt if he came to me for information on a possible love. I regretted that deeply, however, there was nothing else I was capable of doing. Either way he'd have been hurt but I do wish that I was able to spare him some of the pain.

Alice kept in touch of course, calling me every other day with updates on the family. I'm not sure if those calls helped me at all or made things harder. I missed them desperately and in one way; hearing her high pitched voice made me miss them even more, yet in other's; it eased my burning desire for knowledge. Knowledge of what they were doing, where they were going, how they were and finally it cemented the fact that they hadn't forgotten me. I was grateful for that.

Christopher had been my rock during the times that I felt alone with the absence of my friends. Despite Charlie's belief that I was with Alice in Alaska, spending time with her before I went off to college alone, I actually had spent the summer in Seattle with Christopher; mostly resting silently in his apartment, just content to be with him. We knew I'd be going away to college soon and we both silently worried what affect that would have on our relationship; would we survive. One day those fears came out.

"Bella, you have some mail." Christopher called from the doorway as I finished making myself breakfast.

I placed the toast on a plate as I called back to him; "Thanks, can you leave it on the table."

With my presence in his home, he had decided that furniture was necessary and the day after I shocked him by arriving on his doorstep, he had rushed out and bought a bed, a sofa, a coffee table and an array of kitchen utensils. He wanted me to be as comfortable as possible and even though he didn't fully understand the human preoccupation with television, he had bought a television that could rival the Cullen's in extravagance. I of course objected but if there was one person that was my equal in stubbornness; it was Christopher. His purchases stayed and I learned to live with the guilt (albeit comfortably) that he had spent so much money for my benefit.

I lifted the piece of slightly burnt bread to my lips and took a large bite; leaving crumbs to fall on the plate I held protectively under my chin. Christopher walked in a second later holding a large white envelope in his hands and a scowl upon his face.

"What is this?" The abrupt nature of his voice caught me off guard as he waved the paper in front of me.

Swallowing the bitter taste of burnt toast, I gave him my full attention. "I don't know, you won't stop waving it." I narrowed my eyes at him a little as aggravation gripped me, resulting in my sarcastic comment.

He didn't appreciate my humour. "Why have you got a letter from Seattle University?" He questioned with a dark look and I couldn't help but gulp in response.

"Well...I thought, since you were living here and we are settled that it might be easier to go to school here..." My words got quieter as I watched the impossible happen in front of me. During my suggestion, Christopher's face seemed to grow red in anger; something that both astonished me and terrified me.

"You thought you'd go here?" He asked incredulous.

I refused to meet his gaze. "Yeah."

"You want to go to Seattle University?"

"Yes." I said firmly, regardless of my shaking voice.

"You want to give up Harvard and go here?"

I sighed. "Yes."

He let out a small growl. "You honestly think I'm going to let you go to school here and give up Harvard?" His voice took on the volume I had been waiting for and I bristled.

"Excuse me?! It's not your place to 'let' me do anything!" I corrected as I slammed the plate with my breakfast down on the kitchen work top and stalked past him, into the living room.

He followed closely behind me. "Well I'm obviously the only sane being in this apartment so let me make this clear," he punctuated his point with a step closer to me with each word; "you...are...going...to...Harvard!"

Stubbornly, I folded my hands across my chest. "Am not." I sounded like a child but I really hated it when he told me what to do.

"Yes you are." He mimicked my actions and placed his large arms across his chest.



"Are you that desperate to get rid of me?!" I exclaimed letting my fears out.

He looked confused. "What are you talking about?"

"If I go then we won't see each other until I get a break in the semester. It will mean months without seeing each other! It may not bother you but it bothers me!"

"Of course we will-"

I cut him off. "Christopher you left me and I barely survived. If I walked away from you I know that I couldn't. This is the only way for us to work." I begged him to see reason.

I watched the transformation on his face and was sure I had won. His mask of anger began to drop into sadness; finally showing a look of love that shone in his newly topaz eyes. He took a small step towards me and placed a hand to my face, cupping my cheek softly in his palm as I closed my eyes in a mixture of embarrassment at my submission and pain at the prospect of losing him.

"Aren't you going to ask me to come with you?" He whispered softly and my eyes shot open in shock.

"You want to come with me?" I gasped as he dropped his hand and shifted uncomfortable on his feet.

"I just assumed you wanted to go off and experience college on your own, that you didn't want me to hold you back." He looked down as he spoke before raising his head again and hurriedly adding; "I understood that and I wasn't mad, you have your whole life in front of you and I didn't want you to have to worry about-" I cut him off but this time with a kiss.

I pushed my lips hard against his and it took a second for him to react through the surprise. He wrapped his strong arms around my waist and crushed me against his chest as our lips moved together in a harsh dance of passion.

I groaned in pleasure when his tongue brushed teasingly against my bottom lip and a purr rumbled in his chest as he pulled me closer to him; lifting me off the ground. Running my hands along the bunched muscles of his shoulders, I wondered how I could be so lucky to have this creature love me.

With my feet still off the ground and my body still tight against his chest we broke away from each other panting and stared into each other eyes.

"Come with me." I managed to demand through gasps and watched as his mouth turned upwards in a smile.

"Are you sure?" he asked but he knew my mind was made up.

I answered him again by pressing a kiss against his lips and I heard the envelope which no doubt held an acceptance letter and a prospectus of the university, fall to the floor with a dull thud. With his other hand now free, he grabbed one of my thighs and lifted it so that it rested on his hip as my other leg quickly followed suit and wrapped itself around his waist.

"I could kiss you all day." He murmured against my neck which he trailed with kisses once our lips had separated.

I giggled at his compliment. "Well I have nothing to do today."

I grinned at his response which was a short growl followed by his lips pressing harshly against my own.

I felt the pillow beside me and cracked an eye open when I found nothing. "Christopher?" I called softly but there was no response. I looked around the room calmly and squinted my eyes against the light that came through the window. The room was still quite bare; we had only moved into our new apartment a couple of days prior. We were lucky to get this place really, it was close to campus, had off street parking, was in easy reach of transport, restaurants and bars (although after my experience at Jessica's party I vowed to avoid them); it was perfect and I was sure Christopher had offered some sort of financial encouragement to the landlord in return for a quick move. He denied it of course, stating that we were just lucky and that no one else had been interested but I knew different. This area was a hot spot for students and although our building was a little pricey for the average student; our apartment contained two bedrooms and the rent would have been easily affordable for friends to share.

I glared at the alarm clock beside my head and noticed that it was 10am; time to get up. Today was the first day of fresher's week and as such, I had books to buy, a schedule to pick up and people to meet. I hadn't mentioned to Christopher that I was excited about this, worried that I would cause him to feel left out; but I was. I was at college, finally living without supervision; although Christopher may object to that, he was almost 200 years old and as such had problems with equality. He was trying though, now rather than telling me I wasn't allowed to use the subway alone for fear of muggers, he now suggested that he drive me instead. We were definitely making progress.

Just as I stumbled out of bed, I heard our front door slam loudly and looked up in time to see a blur run into our room and stop abruptly in front of me.

"Oh, I hoped you'd still be asleep." Christopher looked sheepish as he held out a paper cup of coffee and a plate full of pancakes. "I wanted to give you breakfast in bed before your big day." He continued to explain; the disappointment he felt was evident in his voice.

I gazed adoringly at him and had to bite my lip to suppress the laugh that threatened to escape my lips. He was so sweet. "Awww, thank you."

I jumped back on the bed, waiting for my food to join me.

"It's all spoilt now." He muttered as he sat next to me and stretched out. "I was meant to wake you with a surprise." he mumbled sullenly.

I chose to ignore his pouting as I used my fork to cut a section of the pancake and place it in my mouth. "Hmmm, these are delicious!" I said in shock as I looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Did you cook these?" I asked, disbelief colouring my tone. He had attempted to cook me dinner one night in Seattle. It hadn't gone well.

"Christopher, why is your head in the fridge?" I asked feeling worried for his sanity. He retreated from his quiet space a second later with a piece of raw chicken and a readymade bag of salad.

"I'm going to make you dinner." He smiled at me with confidence. It was a surprisingly warm day and as such, I didn't know what I wanted to eat. The weather always interfered with my eating patterns but I knew that I didn't want anything heavy that would make me even more uncomfortable.

"Oooh what are we making?" I felt excited as I began to move around the kitchen, my intention being to help.

I picked up a knife, ready to chop anything he wanted me to when I felt his arms encircle my waist from behind, his chin resting lightly on my shoulder. I felt his breath tickle my ear and my breath caught in my throat slightly at the feeling which sent shivers down my back.

"You aren't doing anything. I'm going to make something light for you." He whispered in my ear before placing a soft kiss on the side of my neck.

I grinned as I twisted around to face him. I was truly happy. "So what should I do?" I asked with a pout that I really didn't mean; I just knew that he found it cute.

"You," he kissed the tip of my nose; "are going to sit in the living room and relax. I'll call you when it's done." He pushed me softly away from him and I wandered to the sofa, ready to watch some television.

10 Minutes Later

"Bella?" Christopher sounded weary as he called me from the kitchen.

Taking tentative steps, I walked towards the room; grateful that the fire alarm hadn't gone off at least. I found him peering into a bowl looking ashamed and embarrassed.

"I think it came out wrong." He sighed.

I looked into the bowel and couldn't contain the laughter that I hoped wouldn't erupt from me. His attempt at making a chicken salad had gone terribly wrong.

"Why is the lettuce so soggy?" I giggled as the leafy ingredients were stuck to the inside of the bowl looking rather sad.

He regarded me with a glare. "I washed it; I didn't want you to get sick or anything."

I continued laughing. "It looks like you drowned it." I dipped my finger in the bowl, at a piece of black charcoal that was surprisingly red in the centre. "Is this the chicken?" I asked incredulous.

He folded his arms across his chest as he sulked, fury written across his face. "I tried okay?" He huffed at me. "I'll order you a pizza." With that he stormed from the room to find the phone as I crumpled to the floor in giggles.

A chuckle came from him as he took in my shocked face. "No I went out and bought it for you." He assured me so I carried on eating with confidence.

Once breakfast was finished, I showered and got ready for the day ahead of me, choosing to wear a pair of black skinny leg jeans, a pair of green flat shoes and a green shirt that matched. I brushed my hair out and decided to leave it down, the weather didn't forecast rain despite the clouds in the sky, so I didn't need to worry about it sticking to my face.

I grabbed my bag from the floor and put a lightweight jacket on. The weather at the moment was perfect, it was overcast so Christopher could move around freely but it wasn't too cold for me. it was perfect.

"Ok, I'm ready." I shouted out to Christopher as I grabbed my keys off of the kitchen counter.

Christopher wandered out of our bedroom and towards me, encasing me in a warm hug. "Good luck, you'll be fine." He offered me words of encouragement and I smiled in gratitude.

Wiping a stray strand of hair from my face he checked for the hundredth time that I was happy to go alone. "Are you sure I shouldn't be there? What if something happens?" He worried and I rolled my eyes at his unnecessary concern.

"I'll be fine I promise. I'll probably be home around six, there's a lot to get through today."

He looked sad at my leaving but tried not to show it. "Take your time, meet new people. Call me if you're going to be late though." He added in a stern voice.

I laughed a little as I pulled away from him and opened the front door. "I will."