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Severus stepped back to admire the sight before him. She was a vision; ample bosom, luscious body slightly glistening with sweat, chocolate eyes darkened with lust. Hermione was also appreciating the sight before her; long, pale torso, muscular arms, strong legs, and of course, his delectable erection. Hermione sat up and leaned forward until the tip of his erection was right in front of her. She stuck her tongue out and experimentally licked up his hard length. Severus's eyes closed and a quiet moan escaped his lips. Taking this as encouragement, she dipped her head lower and took more of him into his mouth. She started by lightly suckling on the head, which had started to drip with precum, then took more of the shaft into her mouth. Applying light suction, she slowly slid her mouth back up his length, while running her tongue along the underside of the shaft.

Severus had to fight not to thrust himself into the moist heat of her mouth. He settled for curling his fingers into her hair while she repeated the previous actions. Hermione brought her hands up and used one to caress the part of his shaft that her mouth could not reach. She used the other hand to lightly fondle his ball sack. Severus could not contain the loud moan that ripped through him as a result of her ministrations. All too soon Severus felt the beginning of his orgasm start to build. He gently pulled on her hair and Hermione eased off. Her questioning eyes were answered with a pair of lust darkened ones.

"Lay down," Severus said in a deep, powerful, commanding voice. She obeyed and lay herself down on the large bed. He positioned himself above her and claimed her mouth in a consuming kiss. Hermione made a sound of appreciation as Severus devoured her mouth. One of his long fingers traced its way down her side and between her glistening folds. That was all the evidence he needed to reposition himself so his member was between her legs, the head just rubbing against her slit.

"Please Severus," pleaded Hermione while thrusting her hips towards the erection resting at her apex.

"Tell me exactly what you want," Severus peered into her ear.

"Please, I want your cock in my pussy. Please fuck me," said Hermione wantonly. That did it for Severus as he promptly groaned and shoved his cock into her waiting heat. A loud moan escaped them both as Severus rested for a moment fully sheathed in her wet, warm cunt. Severus drew back out almost all of the way and then slammed fully back into her. Hermione let out a strangled cry as Severus kept up his hard, steady pace. He leaned his head down and caught her mouth in a blazing kiss which she eagerly returned. Severus pulled back from the kiss and pulled her up with him. He resettled them so that he was now laying on his back while she straddled his hips. Taking control, Hermione began grind and circling her hips hard against his. Severus squeezed his eyes shut from the pleasure he was feeling. His eyes opened again when she began to move up and down on his cock. The movement caused her pert breasts to jiggle, which caused him to moan even louder.

"That right," growled Severus "ride me." Hermione obliged and began moving more quickly. This was nothing like she had ever felt before. She had had sex before but none of her previous attempts had been this pleasurable. The potion master's cock filled her up like no one had before. Hermione began to move faster and harder on his cock which caused Severus to practically growl. He moved his hands so he was now gripping her hips, surely leaving finger shaped bruises. He began to slam her harder against him causing his cock to become buried deeper in her tight heat.

Hermione could feel the beginning of her orgasm starting. She rode him faster and harder as she felt herself slipping over the edge. Suddenly her orgasm took over and she screamed her release. Her wall clenched around the shaft inside of her which caused Severus to buck up into her. He thrust into her three more times before he slammed into her and stilled as he spilled his release in her with a grunt. Hermione fell foreword onto Severus's chest with his cock still buried in her.

They were both slick with sweat and thoroughly exhausted from their activities. After a few minutes of laying there Severus lifted Hermione off of him and laid her next to himself on the bed. She curled into his side and put her head on his arm, kissing his bicep. He leaned down and kissed her on the top of her head. Hermione sighed in contentment and nuzzled closer to the warm, firm, and wonderful man laying next to her and dozed off. Severus too closed his eyes for a short time. The potions in the other room lay momentarily forgotten while the two of them caught their breath and rested up.

Severus was the first to move. Hermione made a sound of protest and moved closer to him. He smiled down at her and kissed her forehead. "We need to get up Hermione," Severus said gently.

"But I don't want to," pouted Hermione.

"But we have to. We need to finish brewing the potions," he reasoned. At that she let out a moan of protest but rolled over anyway. They both got out of the bed and started to dress. Neither one could stop themselves from stealing glances at the other while they dressed. Once they were fully clothed they faced each other. Severus walked over to where she was standing and pulled her close to him. Hermione tipped her head back slightly so that she was looking into his dark as Onyx eyes. Severus smirked before dipping his head down to capture her mouth in a gentle kiss. Pulling back slightly he gestured to the door leading into the class room. "Shall we?" he asked.

"Certainly," said Hermione, smiling up at the potions master. Together they walked back into the classroom. Each checked on their respective potions, doing the last steps that would complete them. They worked in comfortable silence while they bottled up the potion and labeled them, making them ready for the infirmary. After packing up the potions to be brought upstairs the two turned towards each other not sure what to do next. Severus glanced at the clock, it was nearly midnight. Sighing, he turned back to her and said,

"You had better go back to your dorm, it's getting late." Hermione looked slightly disappointed but nodded anyway. After all, she would be missed if she never returned to her room but it sure sounded like he was dismissing her. Hermione moved to gather up her things in silence and started making her way to the door at the back of the classroom.

"Ms. Granger," Severus said in his professor voice and Hermione froze in her tracks. Suddenly she felt him behind her and he all but purred into her ear, "were you going to leave without saying goodnight?" The next moment had her being spun around and kissed soundly by the potions master. Pulling back after a few moments he smiled down at her. All of Hermione's doubt were erased by the look in his eyes.

"No, of course not," said Hermione before she wrapped her arms around his neck and firmly planted her lips against his. After a what seemed like hours, but was only minutes, the two parted breathing heavily. "Good night, Severus."

"Good night Hermione," said Severus with a smile. This time Hermione walked towards the door with a smile on her face. She had just opened the door to the corridor when she heard him speak again. "And Ms. Granger, I hope you've learned your lesson and I won't be assigning you anymore detentions." Hermione knew better however. She knew that it wasn't what you said, but how you said it that mattered. She had no doubt that there would be more detentions to remember in the future.



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