Title: Like a Fine Wine
Author: Leanne8582
Rating: R
Spoilers: Takes place after Union, but before the NJO.

*Author's note* I don't own any of these characters. This is George's show. Also, big thanks to Kathryn who bata'd for me. I couldn't have done this without you.

Like a Fine Wine

Couruscant- New Republic Maximum Security Prison

Luke sat in his detention cell. He watched as water dripped steadily from a pipe above. He could have reached out with the Force to silence the water, but the Force was no longer with him. The ysalamiri placed around his cell made sure of that. The guards needn't have bothered. He had spent half his life fighting to preserve the New Republic. He wasn't about to throw that all away just to escape. Even if they had sentenced him to death.


Six Months Earlier

Luke couldn't have been more excited. He was finally going to be able to see Mara again. He knew that when they got married that they would have to spend some time apart, but these last four months had been hard, real hard. Luke was counting the minutes until he saw Mara again, since he had been on Yavin 4, instructing the next generation of Jedi, and she had been on Coruscant, working for the Smuggler's Alliance. Luke was now counting the minutes until they were together again.

Luke brought his shuttle out of hyperspace one hour away from the city-planet. There was so much traffic in the skies above the capital of the New Republic that a pilot had to allow extra time for an approach. With the ship safely on course, Luke reached out with his senses.

*Mara....... Are you listening? Can you here me?* There was no response, but that didn't concern Luke. She must be busy, he thought. I'll just surprise her at the apartment then.

Luke closed his eyes and started to meditate. As his breathing slowed he fell into the trance. The universe disappeared and he became one with the Force.


Beep. Beep. Beep. Luke opened his eyes. It was the proximity alarm. He was nearing Coruscant. Luke quickly stood up and headed for the controls. His nimble fingers flew over the controls.

"Coruscant Traffic Control, this is Luke Skywalker aboard the Yavin Sun, requesting to land.

"Hold, Yavin Sun," said the woman on the other end of the comm. The Traffic Control Officer's side of the comm went silent. A few minutes passed, then, "Master Skywalker, you are cleared to land on platform 96 at Main Hanger A. Do you copy?"

"Platform 96 at Main Hanger A. Understood, Control." Luke brought the ship into the atmosphere. As he approached the platform he suddenly felt a great sense of unease. Luke reached out with the Force. Someone was waiting for him to land. W ell that's easy to explain, he thought. It's probably Leia. She usually likes to greet me when I arrive on planet. He reached out with force, again. It wasn't Leia, but it was a woman. Whoever she was, she was definanly waiting for him.

Luke brought the shuttle down. As the hatch opened, Luke stepped out. Standing on the platform, about two meters from his shuttle was a tall woman with long black hair so dark it was almost violet. And standing right behind her were six men, all with blasters aimed at him, and ysalamiri frames strapped to their backs. No wonder I didn't sense them, thought Luke. These people were obviously waiting for him. The woman took a step forward.

"Master Skywalker, I am Detective Tania Rishant with Couruscant Police Force. You are under arrest and must come with us." The six men took a step forward, and Luke was encased in the Ysalamiri bubble.

" I'll be more than happy to accompany you, Detective, but can I at least know the crime of which I am being charged."

"Murder, of your wife, Mrs. Mara Jade-Skywalker.....

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