Negima! Party Bash

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Chapter one: Planning the Party

"Oi Setsuna – Nee Chan what are you going to do for the big party?" asked Natasia Tokado.

Setsuna Sakurazaki who had her head buried in her arms lifted her head up to look at her energetic half sister.

"I don't know, I can't remember what Negi – Sensei told me to bring to Evangeline – san's resort." responded Setsuna.

"Your lucky that I remembered what everyone had to bring, you need to bring balloons." said Natasia.

"I need to bring some game systems, like my Wii, Ps2 and Game Cube." Natasia said as she put on a serious face.

"Why do you look so serious?" asked Setsuna.

"I was wondering, did you get in to a fight with Konoka – san?" asked Natasia.

"No, why do you ask did she say anything?" Setsuna asked as she looked over at the love of her life Konoka Konoe.

"Well she keeps saying that you don't talk to her as often as you usually do." replied Natasia.

"Ok promise that you won't tell her anything, ok." said Setsuna.

"Okie dokie, I promise." responded Natasia.

"I plan on giving her something special at the party." said Setsuna.

"Your not planning on having sex because if you are than I don't want to be at Eva – Nee san's resort when that happens." said Natasia.

"No it's not like, I'm going to, well you'll see." said Setsuna.

Back at Konoka and Asuna's room

"Hey Natasia – san what was I supposed to bring to the party on Saturday?" asked Haruna.

"You were supposed to bring some meat, like steaks, hamburgers, bacon, hot dogs etc." said Natasia.

"Thanks, I can be forgetful sometimes." said Haruna.

"Sometimes try all the time." thought Chisame.

"Nodoka – san what book are you reading?" asked Yue.

"Ah this is a spell book that Negi – Sensei gave Me." said Nodoka.

"Ah speaking of the brat, were is he?" asked Asuna.

"He's at Eva – Chan's resort with Secchan, training." responded Konoka as she got up to get a drink.

"Ah about Setsuna – san, how's it been for you two?" asked Asuna.

"We're doing fine, you know that we've been going out for three years and that's not going to change." said Konoka.

"Things sure have been different for the past three years since Setsuna – san confessed to Konoka – san and Natasia coming here." said Yue.

"Yeah things should change after the party to." said Natasia.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Nodoka.

"Well what I've heard there are supposed to be a few surprises." said Natasia.

"I don't know what but, I know that it's supposed to be about Negi – Kun and Eva – Nee san." said Natasia.

"Oh I can't wait to see what it is." said Haruna.

"Ok does everyone know what they're supposed to bring for the party?" asked Natasia.

"Yes, we all know what to bring." said Yue.

"Wait what was I supposed to bring again?" asked Asuna.

"You weren't listening when I told everyone the first time did you?" asked Natasia as she gave Asuna a skeptical look.

"Haha, gomen I was listening to some music." Asuna said pulling out her ear phones.

"Argh, you're supposed to bring drinks that Negi – Kun, Kota – Kun and I can drink." said Natasia.

"Because Negi – Kun knows that Eva – Nee san only has alcoholic drinks." exclaimed Natasia.

"Well I'm leaving, I have to go and work on my manga Script." said Haruna who got up and left.

"I need to update my home page, see ya." said Chisame.

"Yeah we're going to go to we need to go in to town and buy that stuff we need to get for the party." said Yue and Nodoka.

"I'm going to go to sleep I need to wake up tomorrow to go to work." said Asuna as she hopped up on to her bed.

"I'm going to cook dinner for Negi – Kun, Secchan and Chamo – Kun." said Konoka as she went in to the kitchen.

"I'm going to cook up some ideas for the party." said Natasia as she went over to her small little desk.

"Hmm, I wonder what Setsuna – Nee Chan has planned for Konoka – san." thought Natasia as she thought of what her older sister was going to do.

"Oh well I'll just see on Saturday, hmm three more days to go." Natasia thought as she glanced over to her calendar.

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