Team Racer, Resurrected at Last

Rex Racer woke up with a feeling. A feeling of knowing that something good was going to happen along with something bad. He glanced at his digital clock, the red numbers standing out at him. 8:53 am. He jumped out of bed, classes didn't start till 10, but breakfast was over at 9:30 and it took him a while to get ready.

He grabbed his usual gray, sleeves shirt and jeans and headed for the bathroom. He changed fast, but that wasn't what was going to get him late. He walked back to his counter and plugged in his new hair dryer with a fluff dial and well the rest really wasn't that important. He glanced at his clock again, 9:15, great he had fifteen minutes to get to breakfast. He put his hairdryer down and headed out the door.

As he stepped out his room, his foot slipped on the mail that was on the ground. Apparently someone had gotten his mail for him, again. He bent down to pick it up and looked at the first one. It was addressed to him from someone he hadn't heard in a while. Breakfast could wait, this was important. X read the letter then reread it once, then twice. He couldn't believe what the letter said. He glanced at the clock, 9:20. Great now he defiantly wasn't going to make it to breakfast.


Speed Racer sat with his two friends Lucy and Connor, when he noticed that his newly found brother wasn't at breakfast yet. It seemed strange to him when he saw Annalise, X's girlfriend, eating alone with Jess and Jared. "Hey have you seen X?" he asked his friends. Both of them looked at his usual table, but didn't see him, so they shook their heads.

Just then X walked into the cafeteria, walking as if he had planned to arrive late to breakfast. X took one quick look at the serving line, which was already being packed up, and headed to his usual table empty handed. He sat down next to Annalise and drapped his arm around her shoulders. Speed sighed, he still didn't get what X saw in that spoiled brat.

"You know, maybe I should check the Mach 6 just to make sure it's tip top shape," Connor said, picking at his fruit. Speed sighed, that was Connor's excuse for just wanting to be with his car. Lucy knew it too.

"You checked it yesterday, so why do it again today? Besides, it's supposed to rain and you know that they don't take us out to the virtual track when it rains," Lucy told him. Connor shrunk in his seat, disappointed. Speed laughed, he had weird friends. He turned back to look at his brother, who caught his eye. Speed watched as he excused himself with his friends and walked over to his table.

"Hey Speed," X greeted as he slid into the chair next to Speed. "Lucy, Connor."

"Hey" everyone greeted almost simultaneously. Speed watched as X eyed his uneaten pancakes. Sighing he handed his plate over to X, who greedily took it.

"Something you want something, besides my breakfast?" Speed asked as he watched X gobble down the food. X nodded.

"Just wanted to give you a heads up, something big is going to happen this afternoon, and to make sure not to make any plans for tonight, not that you would," he said jokingly. Speed rolled his eyes.

"Get out of here," Speed said, shooing X away. X laughed and took his plate with him.

"What do you think he meant by something big was going to happen?" Lucy asked once X was out of ear shot. Speed shrugged.

"I have no idea."

-Later in the day, outside the Racing Academy-

Two racing cars raced to the entrance of the Academy. Nobody was on the desert highway, except for those two cars, so they had no worry of running anyone over. The dark green car swerved to a stop, right in front of the gate. The other car, the black one, stopped next to the green one. Both drivers got out of their cars, taking off their driving helmets. The driver of the dark green car took hers off and shook her head, letting her brown hair re-adjust. "Ha, I win!" she exclaimed to the other driver. She looked to be about eighteen, maybe a year younger. Her dark eyes showed the excitement she had felt from the exhilarating drive.

"I let you win," the other drive said. He pulled his helmet off and ran a hand through his somewhat shaggy dark brown hair, which like his sister's, was wet with sweat.

"Yeah right," she shoot back at him, "You just can't admit that you lost to your little sister," she said, grinning. He rolled his eyes, clearly not enlightened by his sister's comment.

"Do you think anyone's expecting us?" he asked her, changing the conversation. She nodded. "Besides Uncle Spritle and X," he said. He knew his sister all to well. She shook her head.

"Not unless X told someone," she said. He probably did tell someone, she thought, thinking of their new found cousin. "Right, shall we be going at the speed limit now?" she asked him tauntingly. He rolled his eyes and nodded, getting back into his car. The girl followed his lead and got into hers'. There was no need to put the helmet back on, consider they would be going at or below the speed limit.

-In building, outside Headmaster Spritle's office-

The door opened to Headmaster Spritle's office, and the two young racers walked in. Headmaster stood from behind his desk to greet them. The girl walked around his desk and embraced him. "Uncle Spritle, it's so good to see you," she said as she let him go and sat down in the brown wooden chair next to her brother.

"It's good to see both of you. My how much you have grown," he said amazed as he sat back down. "Right, so let's get down to business. Damien, your transfer papers got here and they've been checked and loaded into the system, so now you're officially part of Racing Academy," he said, talking to the boy. Damien nodded, of course the papers would be here and correct, his father took care of it personally after all, he thought. Suddenly the intercom on Spritle's desk went off.

"Headmaster Spritle, Speed and X Racer are here," said the nasally, bored voice. Spritle pushed to button to respond.

"Send them in."

The door opened and both of the Racer brothers walked in. "Just in time X. Speed, I'd like you to meet two very special people," Headmaster Spritle said, a huge grin on his face. The girl stood up and faced them both. She placed her hands on her hips and smiled.

"Hey Speed, it's so glad to finally meet you. Names' Katherine, I'm your cousin."