Team Racer Resurrected at Last .03

Damien and Katherine sat in their room, not doing much of anything. It was late into the night and everybody was probably already asleep. Katherine was pretending to look through a magazine, but all she really was doing was flipping pages over and over again. Damien just sat at his desk, his chin atop of his hands. He turned around and looked at his sister. "I can't believe you're going to do this," he said. Katherine looked up from her magazine.

"Doing what?" she asked him, turning her gaze back to the pages.

"You know what. Coming to school here."

"Technically I'm not coming to school here, well not yet anyway," she said, not bothering to look up from her magazine.

"You're not supposed to be here at all. You should be half way to England by now. You know that this is going to be dangerous. Dad knew and that's why he was sending you to England, so you could be away from all this." Katherine closed the magazine and looked up at her brother.

"Who says I'm here for the same reason you are? What if I'm just here to race?" Katherine asked him. She got up from the chair and went into the bathroom. Damien rubbed his temples.

"She needs a better lie than that one," he said to himself out loud.

-Next Day-

Saturday. A day when the students were free of classes and able to get some extra sleep. Most of them actually did. Well except for the two Racers who were already up, dressed and moving about the room. "I can't believe you lost my keys," Katherine huffed angrily as she moved away the couch cushions.

"I said I was sorry, besides they have to be here I didn't leave the room after we got back," Damien told her, shuffling through the desk papers. This was true they hadn't left the room since they'd gotten back from the hamburgers yesterday. Katherine had slept on the bed while Damien had taken the couch. It was what they always did whenever they came to visit.

"You will be sorry if you don't find them," Katherine threatened. Damien dropped to the floor and didn't answer back, knowing it was useless fighting with his sister. He was looking under the desk, when he saw something shiny. He grabbed it and in the enjoyment of finding the keys he forgot were he was and bumped his head on the desk.

"Ow. Oh and I found your keys," he said while rubbing his head. Katherine placed the cushions in their proper place before taking the keys from Damien's hand.

"Thank you. Now why don't we go get some breakfast?" she asked cheerfully and headed out the door with all the calm and patience she hadn't shown before. Damien sighed and shook his head, Katherine was weird that way.

"You know, breakfast hasn't probably even started yet. People are still asleep," Damien whispered when they past yet another door that contained a snoring person.

"I know. But you know that I have my ways," she whispered to him. They walked across the cafeteria and walked into the door that specifically said KITCHEN STAFF ONLY in big, bolded letters. Katherine walked right in, not bothering at all.

"Carl is that you! Ya got the syrup I asked for?" Someone shouted. Standing over the kitchen sink was a woman, who wore a pink stripped dress and a hair net over her brown curls. She turned around and gapped. She quickly dried her hands on the worn towel at her waist and rushed over to them. "Well if it ain't little Trixie and her big brother Damien. What brings ya'll back to my dear ol' kitchen?" she asked them once she'd finished embracing them. Katherine made a face when she said her name.

"Bethy, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that! My name's Katherine, I haven't gone by Trixie since I was six," Katherine whined.

"Now child, you hush up. The Lord gave you that beautiful name for a reason and he intends you use it," Bethy told her sternly.

"Yes mam'" Katherine grumbled. Bethy laughed and turned to Damien.

"Why Damien, how you've grown in a well formed gentleman, I bet you have the appetite of one too. Why don't you both get yourself your breakfast while I finish up here," she said to them and motioned toward the awaiting food. Bethy knew they'd come for breakfast, they always did at this hour in the morning, when everyone else was sleeping. Those two get more done in a day than the kitchen staff works in three, she thought as she watched to the two help themselves, If I had an army of them well who knows how much cookin' we'd get done. Bethy had to admit, they where a pair of fine kids, having grown up in the spotlight without a mother to look out for them. And their father was hardly home, his work keeping him busy, those two had practically raised themselves, with a little help from herself and their Uncle Spritle. "So, know tell me, what brings you too back here?" she asked them.

"Damien transferred schools," Katherine said before taking another bite of her waffle. Bethy looked at him impressed.

"Is that so? You too good for your old one?" she teased him. Damien smiled.

"Wasn't much of a competition back in the east, thought I'd try here for a while," he joked. Bethy shook her head and smiled.

"You better not let all that glory fill up that head of yours," she warned. Katherine smiled.

"That's what I tell him," Katherine said, nudging her brother. Damien frowned at her, glad she was enjoying it for now.

"Why don't you tell Bethy about your race today," Damien said, smirking at his little sister when Bethy had her back turned. Katherine took the chance to glare at her brother, wishing looks could kill.

"Trixie Racer, what in tarnations is your brother talking about?" Bethy turned around, the knife she'd been using to cut the vegetables with in her hands. It was a little disconcerting. "What's this about you racing? I hope your racing on bicycles because I know you ain't old enough to be car racing like your daddy and brother."

Katherine fidgeted on her feet, Bethy's stare making her uncomfortable. Confrontations made her uncomfortable. "Yeah well. You see there's this race. And um it's here at school. And um if I place I um get to stay um here. To um learn and race and stuff."

Bethy sighed, shaking her head. "Honey, when are you going to learn to stop all this um and ands?" she asked her. "Keep your confidence darling. Now, tell me everything."

"Dad wants to send her to boarding school in Europe," Damien his mouth full of scrambled eggs. Bethy glared at him and he stopped, forcing himself to swallow. "Sorry," he apologized. "Anyway, little Trixie over here refuses to go so Dad said if she got Uncle Spritle to take her in, she could stay."

"So he's having her race for her spot in the entrance exam," Bethy finished, getting the point. "So I'm guessing he's having little X and his brother Speed race," she said, counting of. "Damien of course and probably as an assurance little Miss Annalise."

Katherine stood up an excited glimmer in her eyes. "I get to race Annalise?" she grinned broadly. "Ohh this is going to be such a good race."

Bethy turned back to her vegetables, sighing. "Leave that poor girl alone Trixie," she warned Katherine. "Poor things all skin and legs. She didn't last against you last time and she won't last again. Now, finish up that breakfast and get on out of my kitchen."

Katherine and Damien both laughed, putting their empty dishes away.

"Hope to see you later Bethy," Katherine called over her shoulder as they walked out of the kitchen.

"Good luck," Bethy called after them. "Remember to put your seatbelt on! And your helmet!"

"Got it!" Katherine called after her. She turned and hit her brother's shoulder.

"Ow! What was that for?" Damien asked, rubbing his sore shoulder.

"That's for being a tattle tale," she told him. "You just had to go and tell her, didn't you?" Damien grinned cockily, hooking his thumbs through his jean belt loops.

"I just love seeing you freeze up like that," Damien teased. "Ow! Stop that," he said, rubbing his shoulder again after Katherine hit him again.

A/N: Alright, don't go thinking this is the revival of the fanfiction. It may be, or it may not be. I found this in my computer files, half done so I figured I would finish it up, tidy it up and post it.

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