Authors Note: This is an alternate universe story, as the description said. Kim and Ron have never met… until now. I happen to think it will be rather unique, though that's just me as the author. Hopefully you guys and girls will enjoy the story.

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This was turning into a real pain.

Once more, 16 year old teen hero Kim Possible had been called out on a mission. It's not that she didn't enjoy the missions, quite the opposite in fact. It was so thrilling, so exhilarating to her. She liked to help people in need. She was all about saving their worlds. On a regular basis she was out saving the world from freaks and villains bent on conquering the it. And every time she set out to stop them, barring some strange and unforeseen phenomenon, she won. She would always win. She could do anything.

But sometimes, just sometimes she just wanted to be a normal teenager. After all she was only a sophomore in high school. Was it too much to ask to just have a carefree life from time to time? Outside of the pressures of school that is. Then again there was absolutely nothing normal about her family in the first place. Especially the tweebs… Imagine if they eventually got into this. She shuddered at the thought.

Everything had been great so far that day. It was a cool early March day and she had been hanging out at her house with her best friend Monique after school, just as they did just about every day since she moved to Middleton. On this particular Friday they had been talking about pretty much everything, boys, fashion, school, music. And that's when the kimmunicator beeped.

"Hey Wade, what's the sitch?" Kim asked trying to conceal a sigh.

"Bad time?" The young boy asked.

"No… not really. I was just chilling with Monique."

"Sorry Kim, you know I try not to call you unless it's something important."

He was right. She knew it too. Good old Wade. Sure he may not have left his room much, or at all, she didn't really know all of the details. She wasn't even sure if she wanted to know the details. But he was still a true friend. One of her best friends in fact, despite the age difference.

If she could do anything, she didn't even know how to begin to describe Wade. He was nothing more than a child. Yet he had graduated from high school and college already. He ran her website, created all kinds of high tech weapons and tools for her missions, and supposedly was even working on some sort of high tech battle suit for her. It was still in it's early stages and would not be fully developed for about another year. She had decided not to press him for details.

"So what's going on?"

"A rumor's going around that there's going to be a break in at a-"

"Top secret lab?" She asked with a slight grin.

"Can't get anything past you." He replied with a similar satisfactory smile.

"Do you know what's being targeted?"

"Preliminary reports are that there is some sort of top secret computer program being worked on there. That would be your best bet."

"Where and when?"

"The good news is, it's just outside of Denver so it won't take long at all to get there. The bad news is, it's all going down in about a half hour."

Not exactly what she had wanted to hear. "So I take it my ride will be here shortly?"

"Like I said before, no fooling you Kim."

"Alright, I'll be ready in five." She said shutting off the screen of her kimmunicator.

She gave a look in Monique's direction who had overheard the entire conversation. She was already preparing to leave knowing exactly what the sitch was. It was nothing new, it came with the territory of being close to Kim Possible.

"Sorry Monique… looks like another day is being cut short because of my missions."

"It's cool Kim. I know that you do what you need to do." She replied with a look of understanding in her eyes. "Though sometimes I just wish you would consider letting me help you out on a mission from time to time. It might be easier to have a partner."

"You know I couldn't let you do that. It's too dangerous for someone who's untrained. Heck, it's even dangerous for me, and I've been studying martial arts for years now."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Just try to stay safe, okay?"

"So not the drama Monique. With any luck It'll be done in a couple hours and we can go out for smoothies when I get back."

"You're on."


A local news helicopter had come minutes later to pick up a waiting Kim. Clad in her green cargo pants and black crop top she was prepared to go out and do what she does best, beat the bad guys. Climbing aboard and strapping herself in, the pilot took off and said that they would be reaching their destination in about thirty minutes. Kim silently hoped that she would get there in time. If she was dealing with a pro, a few minutes off might make all the difference. Not that she was used to dealing with pros on even a semi regular basis.

"Thanks for the lift Dan."

"Are you kidding? It was the least I could do after you helped sort out that monster traffic jam a few weeks ago." He replied sincerely.

"No big, anyone could have helped move that couch out of the middle of the highway." She said nonchalantly. "The only thing which surprised me was that the authorities were just standing by it not knowing what to do."

It was the same as usual. Strike up a casual, usually empty conversation with the person giving her a ride. Sure, she liked being appreciated. She liked it when people thanked her for her good deeds. But that really wasn't why she did what she did. Sadly the conversations usually only lasted for about five minutes. The rest of the time was spent in silence. This left Kim with time to think about many things. What if this was the mission where she really got hurt, or worse? There had been a few close calls in her career as a crime fighting teenager, mostly at the hands of her green skinned foe Shego. But every time Kim had come out the victor. There was no reason to doubt herself now. She knew this, but that still didn't stop her from wondering. As someone had once said, sometimes your mind is your real worst enemy.

She rested her head against the window of the chopper and gazed out at the surrounding terrain. So placid, so beautiful. The sun was still up, it was only around 5:30. Her plan was to be home by around 7:30, call Monique, and pick up where they had left off. She was definitely thinking about putting a bit of extra hurt on whoever was out there tonight, ruining her peaceful afternoon. Maybe that would teach them to go taking things that didn't belong to them.

The lab complex was fairly isolated from the rest of the surrounding area. It must have been for secrecy and security reasons, Kim mused to herself. She then laughed at that thought. Looks like that wasn't going to help tonight. Whoever had broken in was obviously aware of its presence. So the owners of the complex had gone to all of this work for nothing. Despite their best efforts, someone had found something valuable inside. Someone had discovered a way to get it. And now it was up to her to go out of her way to stop that someone. To her that was totally lame. Which wasn't at all surprising. Which was also totally, totally lame.

Kim quickly and quietly descended the rope she had tied to the landing skid of the helicopter. Her boots impacted on the ground below with a thud sending a small plume of dirt into the air. She rose up to her full height and shook her long red hair out of her face. Scanning the area she saw the door which led inside the main lab building. Approaching it she noticed that the door's lock and handle had somehow been taken off cleanly. It would have taken some very small hands, and small tools to pull off such a feat. But right now such trivial things did not concern her. She was in mission mode now. Her head was in the game. She had a single minded purpose to accomplish what she came to do. She would do it with the skill and grace that embodied the young woman she was. She was Kim Possible. She would not fail.


Kneeling beside a large steel safe, he was continuing his work. Another night, another paycheck. That was all this was to him. After all the times he had gone out and done his missions, it had all become so routine. Go in, get what he came for, get out. And never once had he come close to being caught. He suddenly realized he had began humming a happy tune while he was working. Was it really this easy, really this fun to make the kind of money that he was?

It was funny how life worked sometimes. For much of his existence he had been a slacker, an underachiever. He battled with low self esteem, and was a textbook class clown. It was almost like he was missing some critical motivating factor in his life. Then one day back in seventh grade he had received a wakeup call. He had been failing in his math class. In a completely unexpected move, his math teacher began screaming at him after class. He went on and on about unused potential and how if he applied himself he could go far in life. The rather one-sided conversation had not fallen upon deaf ears.

Since that day he had worked hard to get his life back on track. He wasn't a straight A student, and probably never would be. But at least he had tried his best and his teachers took notice. He received praise from them like he had never expected to. For the first time in his life people started to believe in him. It made him feel good. His confidence grew until he eventually built up the courage to take that karate class he had been eyeing ever since he was a small child. He was surprisingly adept in the field of martial arts.

Since then he had developed his talents, and eventually found a strange line of work with a most unexpected character. It was completely accidental like many good things in life. What was that called again? Serendipity? This was a good thing, wasn't it? Of course it was. Good quick money without doing a lot of work. That was part of the American dream right? Thoughts of his past and how he had gotten to this point in his life often swirled in his head when he was on a mission.

The terrible image of the man garbed in bird feathers shot into his mind.

He shook his head trying to force the memory from his mind. He tried to cut off memories of his mistake right then and there, and get back to focusing on the task at hand. There would be other times to reminisce about how he had come to work for villains. That was when he heard a voice behind him.

"Step away from the safe. Now." The female voice said sternly.

A cold chill went down the mans spine. What was this? Someone knew he was here? But how?

"I bet it's Drakken's fault." Ron Stoppable thought bitterly to himself.

"Oh… I seem to have forgotten the combination to my safe." He said, not even looking up from his work.

Kim stared at the man kneeling beside the safe. This was not at all what she had been expecting. She had thought it would be one of her regulars. Drakken, Dementor, Killigan. Not this stranger. Whoever he was, he dressed surprisingly like her. The only difference was that his midsection wasn't exposed, and his pants were black. On his shoulders rested a black backpack. In his hands was a small blow torch, busily cutting through the steel shell of the safe. His face was hidden from her though for two reasons. His back was turned to her, and covering his face was a bulky welding mask. The only noticeable features she could detect on the man were his blonde hair and seemingly large ears.

"Last warning." She said. "Stop what you're doing, stand up, and face towards me."

"I would really rather not."

"Then it looks like I'm going to have to bring you in the hard way." She said dropping into a fighting stance.

"Why should we fight?" Ron asked innocently, again not looking up from what he was doing. "It accomplishes so little."

"Because…" She said, seemingly taken aback by his attitude. "It's part of the game. We meet, talk a little, fight, you lose, I go home. Were you expecting something else?"

"I would really rather not fight, I have a busy few days ahead of me. There's another job I have to do tomorrow, and on Monday I'm starting at a new school. I just got transferred there a few days ago when I moved."

Kim by now was beyond frustrated. Frustrated and admittedly very confused. No other villain she had even encountered had just brushed her off so easily. Normally they would have henchmen with them to fight her off. Normally they would go on some inane rant about their plot for world domination making it all the easier for her to stop them. But this man, no, not a man. He mentioned he was going to a new school? He was only a boy, probably no older than she was. This… Boy… Had not once even bothered to look at her while she was speaking. Even when she threatened him he was not distracted.

"This, this just isn't how things are done on a mission!" She said, clearly flustered.

"Ha ha… you remind me of Hego-" He chuckled.

"What?" She interrupted.

How did this boy know Hego? Even Kim had only met Hego once, and that was just to stop some freak named Aviarius from stealing the world's largest flamingo in the Go City zoo. He apparently was going to train it to become a guardian for his lair.

"Well you see, this one time a guy named Aviarius hired me to break into the Go Tower for some sort of recon mission. The only problem was I didn't have the power to open the doors. So I had to find someone from Team Go to get me in. Oh by the way, I didn't catch your name."

"It's Kim. Kim Possible." She said with a hint of pride in her voice.

Ron stopped for a brief moment and swallowed hard. This was not good at all. But the one thing that he didn't want to do was let her know that he was slightly afraid. The prospect of having to get through Kim Possible was a difficult one at that. He could not seem shaken by this fact. He had to maintain the false front of confidence that he put up in front of people. It was his own little form of protection against the cruelty of the world. Especially against most of the people he had grown up with who taunted him for being weird and called him a loser.

Kim thought that maybe if this common criminal knew who she was he would surrender easily. Maybe she wouldn't have to do any fighting today. After all it wasn't as if this guy was a super villain or anything. There was no way he could stand a chance in defeating her.

"Wow, really? I never thought I would meet you in the flesh." Ron began, working overtime to keep his voice steady. "Well Ms. Possible as I was saying, I had to find a way in. So I found a disguise and waited outside of the Go Tower for one of them to get home. So when the purple guy got home, I appeared to just be a churro vendor. I asked if he wanted one, and of course he agreed to let me in while he got his money. And after all, who could resist a churro?"

"Anyway," He continued. "Soon Hego came in and saw what was going on. I was sitting in his chair or something, and taking pictures of the inside of the lair. We engaged in a little verbal sparage and he got really tweaked, sort of like you are right now. Finally he started screaming 'This just isn't how things are done in the Go Tower!'. But by then I was already on my way out the door, so it didn't matter anymore. The purple one never did get that churro. They were both pretty incompetent."

Kim had just been fuming a few seconds ago at this boys remark at how 'tweaked' she was. It wasn't a lie, not by a long shot. It was quite another thing to have some strange criminal bring it up like that as if he was trying to get under her skin. But now her own memories of her experience with Hego had been recalled and she realized just how right the boy was. She couldn't help but giggle a little just thinking about what it must have been like for Hego to walk in on what was described to her.

"Yeah." She laughed. "Hego is so like that. No wonder Shego ended up leaving Team Go."

"Wait, Shego used to be a super hero? No way! Wow if this got out it would totally ruin her reputation." He said surprised. "I'll have to remember this bit of information." He then thought to himself.

"Yeah, I found that out when I was working with Team Go a few months ago. I think that I would have left if I were in her shoes too. Brothers can be so annoying. Trust me, I know."

"I don't." He said sadly. "Only child right here."

"Don't worry, you're not missing out on much."

A brief period of silence enveloped the room as she stood uneasily, just watching him.

"So now you know who I am. What's your name?" She asked at last.


"Does Ron have a last name?"

"In my line of work it's wise to stay out of the spotlight, and for people to not know much about you. But you seem pretty harmless."

"Oh." Was all she could manage.

Kim just realized that for some odd reason she had actually been enjoying this conversation. Why is that? This was a mission after all. Was it because she was just talking about little bits of nothing with another person her age? She had not even made one real attempt to stop him from his work. And all the while he had been working on getting into the safe that she was supposed to be protecting. A cold realization came over her, he was just playing her. He was buying time so that he could get what he had came for. It had worked perfectly, until now. And did he just tell her that he thought she was harmless?

By now though the job was done. Ron had turned off his blow torch and stuck his hand inside the large hole in the safe. He carefully took out whatever the item was and put it safely into one of his pockets. He didn't really bother looking at it, but it felt like a disk. He decided that he really didn't care either. It wasn't his place to care about what it was he was stealing. It was all just part of the job to him.

Standing up and removing his mask he looked at Kim for the first time. What he saw amazed him. She was a stunning sight. Fiery red hair, emerald green eyes. He knew these were clichéd terms that probably everyone used to describe her. But he just couldn't help using them. It just seemed so natural to do so.

"So, you're the famous Kim Possible?" He asked at last.

"Yeah, and I've had enough of your little games. Hand over the disk right now." She said looking at him with a determined look in her eyes.

Now that she saw his face, she realized that he was just indeed a teenager. A face spotted with freckles, deep brown eyes, and the blonde hair she had seen before. He was even smiling at her, an almost goofy grin. Whether that was a natural look or just one to try and goad her on, she didn't know.

"You know I imagined you would be a bit taller for someone who goes around the world kicking bad guy butt every week."

The comment about her height sent Kim over the edge. "No one mocks my height!" She thought furiously as she charged the boy.

Ron knew he had to act fast in order to avoid the fist that was inbound on his face. He was a more than competent fighter but he did not want to get involved with anything tonight. Not with someone with a reputation like Kim Possible. He didn't know if even he could take her on and come out victorious. The only thing he could think to do was escape.

Just milliseconds before the blow was about to land Ron ducked and rolled out under Kim's swinging arm. Her momentum carried her a few feet past where he had been standing. Immediately after evading the punch, he was on his feet and dashed towards the door. Running down the hallway he knew Kim was in hot pursuit. It was a good thing he had his backpack tonight. More specifically what was concealed within it. He felt through the fabric of it for a button as he ran through the doors to freedom. Two small wings tore through the sides of his pack, and soon all of the material began to fall off. What was left was a smooth silver jetpack, a gift from his employer just incase he needed a quick escape route. It had turned out to be exactly what he required.

"Okay maybe Drakken isn't so stupid." He thought. "I'll need to thank him for the jetpack."

Igniting the pack he took off into the late afternoon sky leaving a very angry Kim Possible standing on the ground gazing up at him. If looks could kill, Ron would have been a dead man.


"I don't get it. He escaped?" Monique asked, astonished.

A low growl was all that escaped Kim's throat.

"But how? No one ever beats you. It's impossible for a Possible to lose."

Kim uttered another feral growl as she took a sip from her smoothie. She was mad for a number of reasons. She let the bad guy play her. She let him steal whatever was on that disk. And then, he had managed to dodge her attack and successfully escape. It was something nearly unheard of for her. She was always so professional about her work. Nothing like that pompous ass Will Du though. Now that she thought about it, he would probably have a field day with her once he found out about her failure. He would be back to calling her an 'amateur' in no time.

"I don't get it." Kim said at last. "I just stood there talking to him for most of the time. I only threw a single punch, which missed."

"Sounds like this boy really threw you off your game today."

"It's like he didn't even care about who I was. He didn't care that I was there to stop him. He was completely oblivious to my intentions." Kim mused bitterly.

"Don't worry Kim. Even a hero has a bad day. But it sounds to me like you have yourself a brand new foe to worry about."

"He did mention that he had another job to do tomorrow though."

"Thinking about getting some payback?" Monique asked with a sly grin on his face.

"Not a trace of doubt in my mind." She said as she whipped out her kimmunicator.

"Just don't forget about your date with Josh tomorrow."

Kim paused for a moment. Josh Mankey. Her mood had suddenly changed to one of nervousness. The boy that she had been crushing on for months now had finally asked her out. She didn't know what she was going to do, what she was going to wear. She hoped that she wouldn't mess this up. But she would worry about that more tomorrow.

Pressing a button the screen lit up and the image of Wade sitting in his room appeared.

"What's up Kim?"

She had talked with Wade on the way back. He had been unable to get a GPS lock on Ron as he sped away. But she went into detail about what he had told her about his employment, and how apparently doing this was nothing new to him.

"I want you to be on the lookout for this guy again. Extra scans, extra intelligence gathering. I want this guy found. He said he's planning on doing this again tomorrow, so I need you to find him before he can."

"Well Kim, it's not like I have a tracking chip embedded in the guy."

"I know Wade. It's just that this is really irritating me."

"It will be difficult, but I'll do my best. I'll keep you updated on anything I find."

"Thanks Wade, you rock."


Middleton. His new home. Or his old home, depending on how you wanted to look at it.

Ron eased down on his bed. It was a few minutes past midnight. He was exhausted. His mission had taken most of the day. Go to Denver, almost get caught by Kim Possible, and then fly to Drakken's Rocky Mountain lair to deliver the parcel. All in all it had been a success. Drakken had paid him well. Now he just had to do was wait for the check to clear and he would have tons of cash once more. It was a shame he had to buy most of his own equipment from Hench Co. It was only on very rare occasions that one of his employers provided him with accessories for his missions. Luckily today had been one of those occasions. Without the jetpack Drakken had given him, he would have been royally screwed. And he knew it.

Something had to have gone wrong. How had someone known he was there? It couldn't be a coincidence that the Kim Possible had shown up to thwart him. Someone had to have made a mistake. He wasn't sure, but it was most likely Drakken who had made it possible. That was so fitting. Making it possible for Possible. Amazing how Drakken could screw up his own plan even when he wasn't on the scene of the crime. Oh well.

Tomorrow would be another day. Another mission. Another crime. Ron didn't really consider it a crime though. It was all just business. It's not as if anyone had ever gotten hurt because of what he did. He reassured himself that they never would either. People had told him to use his potential. He was using it alright. He thought it would be funny if those who had told him to apply himself could see him now. Besides those he toiled for, only two souls knew what he did when he was supposedly "at work".

Ron looked forward to Monday. He would be starting fresh in his teenage social life. Maybe this time things could be different. A new beginning, at Middleton High School.