Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It's so quiet in here, where is everyone? Where's Charley?

The garage was empty save for him… or so he thought.
Modo walked up to the stairs leading up to Charley's apartment above the garage and climbed them up to the second level. As he walked through the living room a sweet scent aroused his senses… it was coming from the bathroom.

Ummm, smells like flowers and woman…

Modo took a deep breath and followed the scent. The door was ajar, steam fogging up the mirrors.
He put his left hand on the door and slowly pushed it open the rest of the way.

Oh momma...

Charley lay in a bathtub filled with mousse, her head leaning back against the tub in a messy bun on the top of her head. Rebellious strands fell down around her face and shoulders. Her right leg hanging over the rim of the tub, her toenails decorated with red nail polish.

"I was wondering when you'd show up… " Modo looked up, startled that he'd been caught gawking. He felt his knees go weak when she looked up at him with eyes burning with arousal. She crooked her finger at him, gesturing him to come over.

"I… I'm sorry Charley ma'am. Didn't mean to intrude. I shouldn't have bothered you… I should just l-"

"Ssshhhh…It's okay. I've seen the way you look at me. The way you undress me with your eyes when you think I'm not looking…" Modo blushed profusely, ashamed of his thoughts. She's gonna kill me.

"I like it…" His head snapped up in surprise.

"To be honest…" Charley blushed, "I've always dreamed of you touching me… caressing me…" She took his flesh hand and placed it on her breast and gasped when his big grey furred hand came in contact with her soft silky skin. Modo's knees buckled as he groaned, his hand feeling like it was burning from the intimate touch.

"Oh darlin', I've dreamed of makin' love to you on so many nights… so many lonely nights," He brushed the hair off her forehead with his metal hand and slowly leaned down to kiss her mouth. Charley moaned into his mouth, and sunk deeper into the bathtub.

"You know… there's enough room for two in this tub," Modo moaned against her mouth, thinking he had to be the luckiest mouse in the universe. Slowly he removed his chest piece and then his boots, pants, and
boxer briefs.
Charley gasped and bit her lower lip at the sight of his big, very well-built body. Her eyes rested on the very imposing proof of his desire for her and widened at the size.

He saw the apprehension in her gaze and climbed in the bathtub, resting his knees between her legs. Rubbing her shoulders, and kissing her neck he murmured against her silky skin,
"It may be big, but it's very gentle," his mouth trailed up under her ear and gently sucked on her earlobe while his hands made their way down her body in the hot water until they reached their destination.

Charley breathed in sharply, throwing her head back in abandon when his fingers hit home…
Oh momma… Modo… Modo!!

"Modo! Wake up!! Wake up Modo!" Throttle shook him harder this time.
"What? What the – " Realizing that he was asleep, Modo sighed in disappointment and sat up in his bunk.
"Sorry bro. Must have dozed off," He rubbed the fur on his head and looked up sheepishly at Throttle.
"Musta been one heck of a dream,"
"Why you say that?"

Throttle grinned and looked down Modo's pants. Modo followed his gaze and blushed at the 'tent-pole' in his pants.
"Aw… it's been a while I guess," Modo took the pillow he had rested his head on and covered himself.
"I guess huh? So… when you gonna talk to Charley?"
"How do you-? What?" Modo's blush darkened, and Throttle chuckled at Modo's confused look.
"You said her name in your sleep. It's not the first time either."

Throttle walked over to the fridge and took out two root beers. Giving one to Modo, he pulled up a chair and sat in front of Modo.
"Oh momma, what am I gonna do?"
"How about givin' her some o' that old Modo charm?" Modo looked at him skeptically,
"Yeah right…"
"Who's senses are you guys gonna wreak havoc on this time?" Charley's voice came from the doorway of the scoreboard.
"Huh?" Throttle turned around and saw the small red spots on her cheeks. I wonder how long she's been there?
"Mouse charm is a dangerous weapon," she winked at Modo as she walked in and closed the door behind her.
"Everything ok Charley-girl?"
"Everything is great actually!" she sat on the counter of their make-shift kitchen and regarded them with a look of innocence.
"Uh oh! I know that look," Vinnie came over and crossed his arms.
"What's up sweetheart?"
"Oh nothing… I don't know if you guys have something similar on mars, but today is October 31st. It's Halloween!" Charley tried to hide the excitement in her voice, but the look on her face gave her away.

Modo smiled at how happy she looked. Man she's beautiful…
"What's Halloween?" Throttle took another look swig of his root beer and walked over to where she sat on their counter.
"A day where kids get to dress up like witches, zombies, vampires, and other neat costumes and go door to door to get candy,"
"We're a little old for candy babe. So are you for that matter," Modo chuckled at Throttle's comment.
"No way you'd pass for child Charley ma'am," not with those curves…
"I know that you big lugs. But there are parties for adults. There's dancing… food… drinks…women..." She added the last one hoping that it would coax them to come with her.
The only woman I need there is you darlin', Modo wanted to say out loud but didn't.
"Aren't you forgetting one thing?"
"What's that?"
"We're mice."
"That's the best part!"
"What?" They all looked at her like she'd lost her mind.
"It's Halloween! There's no need to hide. People will just think that you guys are in costume."
"I don't know…" Throttle rubbed the fur at the back of his neck, unsure if it would pass, but really wanting to get out of the scoreboard.
"Pppllleeeaaassseee…." Charley put her hands together in front of her in earnest.
"Well what do you guys think? Should we go out for a night out on the town?"

Modo stood up and walked over to Charley, and put his bionic arm around her shoulders. He always loved how she didn't shrink back from him. Like it was just a normal arm.
"I think it's a great idea. Besides, I like the whole idea of dressin' up," he winked at Charley and grinned when she blushed.
"Yeah… you're the only one bro," Modo regarded Vinnie with a look stern look, to which he raised his hands in defeat, "Fine! Fine! We go then."
"Great!" Charley jumped off the counter and clapped her hands in excitement. She stood up on her tippy-toes and still had to pull Modo down to whisper,
"Thank you," and kissed his cheek.