Chapter 9

Charley looked at the screen of the ultrasound machine in awe at the little Martian inside her. From the little mouse ears, to a little stubby tail, she thought their baby looked absolutely perfect. You are going to have the best father... I must have done something good in one of my past lives to deserve him...
There was a knock on the door and Modo opened it a crack asking if he could come in.
"Of course sugar! Come on in. Have a look at your baby," Angie waved him in, moving over on the bed so that he could sit and have a look at the screen.

"Oh baby," Modo hugged Charley close and placed a kiss on forehead upon seeing her smile through her tears as she touched the screen, she's going to be a such a great mother... what did I do to deserve this woman?

"Let's see if we can't see what sex your baby is," moving the wand of the ultrasound machine over her stomach to get a different angle, an unmistakable male gender was determined.

"He's a boy! And what a boy…" Angie's words died on a blush as Charley chuckled and added wickedly,

"Just like his daddy,"

"Charley!" Angie laughed out loud at Modo's deep red blush, but no one could mistake the proud fatherly look on his face.

After having cleaned up, Angie, still laughing, picked up her med kit and went back downstairs.
"I'll give you two some alone time," closing the door behind her, Angie made her way down the stairs. Seeing Vinnie coming through the back door her breath caught… damn that mouse and his good looks… he had Throttle and another mouse in tow.

"Hey there beautiful. So what's the verdict? A boy or a girl,"

"A boy," All three mice cheered and gave each other high fives. Seeing this, Angie put her fists on her hips and gave them a severe look.

"And what if it was a girl?" Seeing that she was angry, Vinnie strolled over and rested his hands at her waist bringing her closer, smiling when she blushed at his public show of affection.

"Don't get us wrong babe, we would have been just excited for the big guy. But since it's a boy, I can teach him all about girls and show him my cool moves with the ladies,"

Stoker burst out laughing at the last comment and came over to Angie, taking her hand in his, he stole her away from a now very jealous Vinnie.
"You'll have to excuse this muscle-head miss. I'm Stoker, and I've always known I was staying on the wrong planet all these years, seein' all you lovely ladies prooves it," he lifted her knuckles to his mouth and kissed the air above them in gentlemanly fashion.

"Oh my!..." her cheeks turning a rosy color, Angie unconsciously put her other hand to her hair, making sure her strawberry blonde hair wasn't out of place.

"She's already spoken for old timer," Vinnie interrupted as he stepped in between them and put an arm around her waist. Stoker chuckled at Vinnie's protectiveness of the girl, and stepped away.

"Alright rookie, I got it," stepping away, he looked at Throttle, "So where's the expectant mother?"

"Upstairs with her fiancé," Stoker's smile lit up the room at Throttle's words, "Lucky mouse. I always knew he'd find himself a good woman. Did they set a date yet?"

"Not yet, but we'll help them with that," came Kass' response as she entered the garage dressed in form fitting pin stripe black and silver skirt, with a silver silk blouse with a wide V neck and black pumps, her raven hair tied up in a french knot.

"Damn, I really chose the wrong planet!" Stoker's eyes widened in appreciation as they took in Cassie's soft curves and delicate feminine features. Taking her hand and in his large one, he smiled ruefully while bringing it up to his lips, "sorry about that ma'am, still getting' use to earthen beauty. I'm Stoker."

Kass raised an eyebrow to his brazen remark and removed her sunglasses to get a better look at him. Her blue eyes looked him over and she smiled, "I've heard so much about you Stoker. It's nice to finally meet you,"
Stoker smiled as he noted the striking contrast between her midnight black hair and clear sea blue eyes, "Are you spoken for as well beautiful?"

"As a matter of fact, she is," Throttle's soft chuckle of amasument made it's way to her heart, as well as his statement. Putting a hand on Stoker's shoulder with a,

"get your own," look he chuckled at Stoker's amused look.

"Shoot. And here I thought it was my lucky day,"

"Hey baby," Throttle smiled down at Kass' shocked face as he bent down and gently claimed her mouth in front of the others.

"Way to go Throttle!" Vinnie's wolf whistle and Angie's cheers sounded through the garage and Throttle couldn't help but deepen the kiss... she tastes so damn good... Hearing her gasp when he brushed his tongue against hers, Throttle grinned and Stoker knew this was the first time he'd kissed her. So… Modo was right. He just needed the right motivation to make his move… chuckling to himself, Stoker shook his head and walked over to the fridge, knowing Charley wouldn't mind if he helped himself.

"Come here big guy…" Charley's words hung in the air as she reached for Modo, her eyes glazed over in lust. Modo groaned in need to touch her, to be inside her, but wanted to make sure that they couldn't hurt their baby. Kneeling down on the bed in front of her, his breathing became shallow when she immediately removed his chest plate and ran her fingers suggestively along the large hot bulge in his pants.

"Is…Is it safe for… ooohh Charley," he let his head fall back as she reached into his pants and rolled his heavy sack in her hands, massaging it.

"It's safe. Angie said it's safe up until I'm six months into the pregnancy…" she ran her other hand up his chest and neck to pull him closer as her mouth closed on his nipple, gently biting, and sucking.

"Slow down darlin'," Modo's breath was ragged and his eye was closed, unable to register anything except her insistant mouth and hands on his body, driving crazy. Chuckling against his chest, Charley pushed him down on her bed, desire etched on her beautiful face as she drank the arousing sight of his thickly corded muscular body… all hers. Undoing jeans and pulling down the zipper, she lowered his boxer briefs, revealing his already painfully hard cock. His pants forgotten around his ankles.

"You're a wild one tonight darlin'," Modo went to sit up to kiss her, touch her, anything, but she's have none of it and pushed him back down.

"Not this time handsome. As of now, you're mine," Charley's hungry voice made him even harder, and he wondered if he'd be able to let her have her fill or would he lose it like a madman ruled by lust… You can do it Modo boy… let her have her fill…

His hips reared on the mattress and he moaned loudly when he felt her tongue curl under the head of his cock, lifting it up to her mouth. Sucking on him hungry, Charley felt herself getting wet at the sounds of his gasps and groans, his fingers in her hair spurring her on, and she couldn't help but want more.
Bringing her head up she trailed kisses along his flat abs and circled his navel with her tongue. She smiled at his sharp intakes of breath. My turn to make you melt …
Charley pulled his jeans off completely, knelt between his legs and took his balls into her mouth, rolling his testes with her tongue. Modo screamed in pleasure, not sure how much longer he could take her sweet torture. Oh momma!
Enjoying herself immensely, Charley wanted to see how far she could push him. Taking both testes in her mouth, she rolled them against each other with her tongue while sucking on the skin until she was lightly tugging on it and let go completely to turn her attention back to his shaft.
"If I'd have known that getting you pregnant was going to turn you into a wild cat, I would have done it a lot sooner darlin'," her soft laughter vibrated against his sensitive flesh sending another jolt of pleasure down his body. Feeling the last strings of his control unravel under her skilled tongue and lips, Modo growled and sat up, grabbing her around the waist with his tail, he tore her shorts off with his metal hand, and sat her on his hungry mouth keeping her in place with a steely grip. Charley screamed his name when his tongue plunged into her honey wet passage, it had her head falling back on her shoulders and her eyes rolling in the back of her head. Her eyes opened in surprise when she felt something else enter her. Looking behind her she saw his tail running under her and felt it start moving inside her, stroking her with expertise.

"M... Modo!!"Calling his name once more, she came once, then again under his very skilled tongue and tail. Modo groaned in male pride and made a sound close to a purr as Charley ran her fingers through the fur on his head.

Loving the taste of her orgasm on his lips, he lifted her and lowered her slowly onto his member inch by inch until she sat down flush against his flat stomach. Opening her eyes, she looked down into the face of the mouse she loved and gasped at his intense gaze. Having just realized that he'd been watching her every reaction during their love making. Bitting her lip when she felt a loud moan coming up, Charley felt even more aroused under his heated stare. He smiled softly, lifting his metal hand to her cheek, he brushed her sweat soaked bangs out of her eyes and gasped when she kissed his palm. It still got to him how she reacted to his metal arm as though it were real.

"I… I love you Modo," Charley leaned down and kissed him, long and deep, letting him taste her heated words and soft moans. Feeling like the entire world had stopped just for them, Modo ran his tongue along her lips before penetrating her mouth. Her taste, her smell, the feel of her undulating her hips against his, he felt like he'd struck gold and knew that at that moment, life just couldn't get any better. Knowing that she cradled his child in her womb and that she would soon become his wife only served to heighten his desire for the beautiful Earther riding him.

"Oh darlin', I love you so much," reaching up to touch her cheek with a shaking hand, Modo caressed her cheek, loving the feel of her furless skin. It felt so perfect.

Feeling her muscles grip him tightly as she came, he threw back his head and groaned in sweet agonizing pleasure as he ejaculated inside her, unable to hold back any longer.
"Goddess, I love you so much," reaching up for her, he lay her down on his chest and they fell asleep; Modo still inside her, and their unborn child protectively nestled between them.

Back downstairs…
"So what do you girls have planned for a bachelorette party?" Vinnie leaned against the door leading to the office watching Angie and Kass who had finished getting changed for the bachelorette party.

Modo, who had regretibly left the warmth of his fiancé luscious body, came down the stairs and watched him in amusement, secretly wondering what the girls were doing. He could never imagine his woman going wild unless it was with him. Boy was he wrong; seeing Angie and Kass coming out of the office in tight white t-shirts with "maids of honor" printed on them, short pleated plaid pattern skirts. Angie's was navy, white, and grey. Kass' was black, beige, and white. Both wore matching knee high white socks and Mary Jane style shoes. Realizing he'd forgotten something up in Charley's appartment, Modo went back upstairs, just missing Charley's grin as she closed the bathroom door ready to get changed... I swear I'm tempting the beast with this... I'm lucky if he doesn't ravage me on the spot!...
"What?... it wasn't our idea," Angie grumbled and blushed as she pulled down on the sinfully tight white t-shirt.

"Whoever had the idea… wow," Throttle and Stoker turned to look at Vinnie and scold him for his crass outburst in front of the women and found themselves at a loss for words.

Stoker leaned against the wall letting out a low and long appreciative whistle at the two ladies as they looked in the mirror adjusting their hair.
"Now I know for sure. I definitely chose the wrong the planet," he grinned when Kass came his way, blushing from head to toe, elbowing him and Throttle aside to get to the fridge for a drink.

Bending down to reach for a bottle of water, Throttle felt a lump in his throat and a hot flush start in face as he realized just how short the skirt was when he had a full view of creamy thighs. Having found what she was looking for, Kass stood up, closed the fridge and turned around, facing Throttle's flushed face.
"Are you okay? Are you having heat stroke? I never stopped to realize how hot it must for you guys with your fur,"

"Oh he's suffering babe, probably wishes for some sort of stroke, but it ain't from the weather," Vinnie laughed at Throttle's red face as he took one of Charley's binders and put it in front of himself… I don't think Kass would appreciate a pervert…

"I swear Van Wham, the next comment that comes out of your mouth is gonna go right back up your ass," Vinnie laughed even harder knowing he's struck a sensitive spot.

"Better watch it bro… Charley needs that binder. Won't do her much good with a dent in the middle,"

"Watch it," Throttle slowly approached Vinnie, careful to not remove the binder until he felt a little more back to normal.

"What? Just lookin' out for Charley's stuff," backing up towards the open garage door, he grinned at Throttle and winked at Kass who had just begun to catch on and tried her best to hide her grin.

"Uh huh, right. Keep goin' mouse, I'm ready for ya," Throttle followed Vinnie out towards the front door, clutching the binder in a death grimp, making the plastic cover screech from the pressure.

"Somehow I don't think she's got cock-block insurance!" Barking with laughter, Vinnie ran out of the garage, Throttle close on his heels, waving the binder in the air as a weapon, all reserve forgotten.

"You're a dead mouse Van Wham!"

Hearing a few whacks as the binder connected with Vinnie's hard skull and pretty much any other body part within rangeThrottle made him think twice about humiliating him in front of his woman… right… Vinnie think twice?! We're lucky if he even thinks once…
"What in the name of Mars is goin' on down here," Modo came down the stairs once more, looking surprisingly composed and unruffled noted Stoker. Especially considering the racket Vinnie and Throttle were making. Then realizing Charley was still upstairs, he smiled. I'd be just as calm if I had a woman like her to drain me...

"Vinnie's an ass," was Stoker's explination, and it was plenty. Modo chuckled and shook his head in disbelief at his younger bro's gumption when it came to teasing Throttle of all mice. Remembering the girls' outfits, he looked to see the finished product and couldn't help but stare. Having only really seen that kind of attire in men's magazines, he wondered if Charley was going to wear something similar.

"This for the bachelorette party?" both girls looked up at him, blushed bright red, obviously uncomfortable in the evocative attire.

"Yes and please don't comment. We have enough with the two bozos out there making complete fools of themselves," Angie snorted, looking out the back window when Vinnie came whizzing by still laughing and pointing at Throttle.

"Never thought you'd be needin' a hide-a-cock bro!" laughing even harder when Throttle waved the now very dead binder above his head and whacked him once more on the head.

"Damn bro! That smarts!"

"Well, it doesn't fit in your mouth, so hittin' you with it seems like the next best thing,"

"Real funny…" rubbing his sore head, Vinnie came inside and went straight for the fridge getting himself a root beer.

"I see nothing has changed," coming down the stairs and stopping midway, Charley wound her hair up in a messy bun.

Both girls looked up and whistled at Charley's attire, not feeling so bad after seeing what she'd been made to wear.
Sporting a black t-shirt with "bride-to-be" inscribed in white across her chest, and just below in smaller letters, "better known as the now consistently fucked female… in more ways than one"
It was the attire below the waist that caught Modo's attention and made him want to take her right back upstairs.
Just like Kass and Angie, Charley wore a short pleated skirt with a plaid pattern of black, white, and burgundy. Also wearing white knee socks and mary jane style shoes, the only difference was the garter that hugged her left thigh.
"Oh momma," Modo walked up to Charley and ran his hands up her legs and hooked a finger under the garter, "I hope you plan on keeping this on when you get home darlin',"

"If you want me to I will," taking his face in her hands, she lightly kissed his lips as he wrapped his arms around her legs.

"Ah jeez! Get a room!" Vinnie teased, and grinned broadly when Modo looked at him and smiled,

"I like the way the mouse thinks,"

"As much as I'd like to honey… and I'd like to" her voice lowering to a whisper, "I can hear a car coming and I'm sure it's the rest of the crew coming to pick us up,"

Running his hands down her legs once more, he put them on her hips and lowered her down.
Shaking his head and still laughing at Vinnie and Throttle, Stoker stepped away from the wall and went to congratulate Modo and Charley.

"Hope you have a healthy son. As strong and loyal as his old man, and as smart and kind hearted as his mother," taking Modo and Charley's hands in his he gave them both a hug and a kiss on Charley's cheek.
Just as they were thanking him, an SUV drove up with it's windows down and sunroof opened and women all dressed the same way as Kass and Angie, except with light grey t-shirts, were hanging out the windows and standing out through the sunroof.

"It's the mother load," Vinnie watched in a trance as all three women waved goodbye and ran to the SUV.

Starring in disbelief at the amount of beautiful female flesh that could be put into an SUV, Stoker could only stare as the SUV drove off, Bang Camaro's Push Push Lady Lightning blaring out of the speakers.