It was Christmas Eve, and they were all 2, 3, or 4.

Phil, Kimi, Lil, and Tommy were all lying in a row on the floor in the Pickle's living room. Angelica and Chuckie lied on the couch and Susie and Dil will sleeping in the two arm chairs.

They were all excited for Christmas to come.

And as the snuggled under the blankets, they felt safe, secure...

And loved...

And at that moment they all knew, that things would never be the same again.

...End Flashback...

Angelica Pickles, Tommy Pickles, Kimi Finster, Chuckie Finster, Lillian Deville, and Phillip Deville all stared at their high school. The unpleasant memories of freshman and sophomore year came back to them, but they were nothing compared to what this year had in store for them.

First off, Angelica has failed 11th grade, and was back again and Chuckie had requested to stay back in the 11th grade again, he told them he felt that he hadn't learned enough. But he just wanted to be with his friends.

"Ready?" Kimi said with confidence.

Phil smiled at Kimi.

Phil has liked Kimi since grade school, but has kept a secret from everyone.

"11th grade all over again…" Angelica and Chuckie said in unison.

Lil just watched them. She could tell that Phil liked Kimi, but she didn't have a problem with it, Kimi is her best friend after all. But who she did have a problem with was Angelica.

Angelica's parents had gotten a divorce that summer, so did Phil and Lil's parents. And soon without them realizing it, Phil and Lil's mom was marrying Angelica's dad and Angelica's mom was marrying Phil and Lil's dad. The entire situation, quite frankly, sucked. Lil had to share a room with Angelica and she had to deal with all of Angelica's bitchy friends, she hated it.

Kimi started walking towards the front doors and Tommy and Phil just naturally followed her.

Angelica made sure Tommy, Phil, and Kimi were inside the school before she turned towards Chuckie and kissed him.

"Babe, I hate keeping us a secret" Angelica said pulling away and holding his hand.

"But Tommy and Kimi would flip out, you know that…" Chuckie said brushing a piece of hair out of her face "And Kimi would tell my parents and they would make us break up, you know my parents: No dating until we graduate."

"Yeah, it sucks…and Tommy would think it's totally weird that his cousin is dating his best friend and then of course he would tell Kimi and she would tell your parents, so no telling anybody I guess…" Angelica looked down at her feet.

"Well at least we can skip gym this year and make out under the bleachers" Chuckie smiled.

Angelica smiled back "I'm looking forward to that!"

Lil swallowed. Angelica and Chuckie didn't even see that she was behind them. Oh well, it's not like it mattered. She had seen them making out on the couch all summer. Nothing new.

"I've got to get to class, see you later, honey-bun!" Angelica kissed him on the cheek and them headed for class.

"So shall we get going?" Lil asked Chuckie.

"Uh-huh" Chuckie said.



"Chuckie, there's a clown behind you!"


"Ugh!" Lil walked into the school without Chuckie.

The school's office was filled with freshman who didn't know where anything was, she remembered when she was like them.

"Where the hell is Kimi?" Lil muttered to herself, scanning the crowded 11th grade hallway.

A senior who was walking by spit at her feet. Another senior bluntly stuck a sign on her back that said 'loser'. Lil pulled it off immediately.

"Who are you looking for?" Z asked Lil, noticing that she was scanning the hallway for somebody.

"Kimi, do you know where she is?" Lil asked him.

"Just find a big group of guys" Z said rolling his eyes "and you'll find Kimi."

"What do you mean?" Lil asked, dumfounded at the thought of a group of guys surrounding Kimi "she's not that good looking."

"Ouch! A little bit harsh, don't you think?" Z added a hissing sound to that.

"Whatever" Lil said ignoring his obnoxious noise "I just saw Kimi, and I love her like a sister, but she's not that good looking Z, I'm sorry if you're delusional!"

Z pointed to a big group of guys "Go check it out, and then come back here and tell me if I'm delusional."

Lil looked at Z before making her way to the big group of guys.

Sure enough, the girl in the center of them was Kimi, and Kimi was wearing a different outfit. Kimi's outfit that Lil had saw this morning was a mini skirt with a plain shirt and flip flops. But now Kimi was wearing a pink and black hoodie with a camouflage mini skirt, knee high socks, and converse sneakers.

"Kimi!" Lil called out, trying to get her attention.

Kimi looked at Lil, grabbed a pen out of her locker and then squeezed past all the guys and finally got to Lil.

"Hey" Kimi said, almost breathlessly.

"Looks like you've got a posy…" Lil said, trying not to sound jealous.

"Yeah…unfortunately" Kimi said glancing back at them.

"Unfortunately?" Lil said but then reminded herself that this is Kimi, she's doesn't care about guys. She cares about her friends, family, and art.

"Yeah, I don't like any of them" Kimi said and then squealed "But there is someone that I do like!"

"Oh my gosh! Kimi Finster likes someone? Hard to believe!" Lil said and automatically wanted to know.

"I'll tell you later" Kimi said as she stopped right in the middle of the hallway "Lil, I really like him!"

"Awwww!" Lil said smiling.

Lil was happy for Kimi, she really, truly, sincerely, was happy for her.

"What the hell, I'll tell you right now!" Kimi squealed and then whispered into Lil's ear "Phil."

Lil stared at Kimi in shock "Phil? As in my brother Phil?"

Kimi nodded "He's amazing!"

A smile stretched across Lil's face "Can I play match-maker?"

"No!!" Kimi snapped "I don't want anyone else to know!"

Lil sighed "If you say so…"

Tommy came up to the two "Hey Kimi! Hey Lil!"

"Hey…" both girls said in unison, upset that he had interrupted their conversation.

"Hey Kimi, can I see your schedule?" Tommy asked.

Kimi took her crumbled up schedule out of her pocket and handed it to Tommy.

Lil watched Tommy's eyes shift from his schedule to Kimi's schedule.

"We have every class together" Tommy said giving Kimi her schedule back.

"We do?" Kimi glanced at her schedule "Cool! At least I have somebody in my classes, I have no classes with Angelica or Chuckie."

"Can I see your schedule, Lil?" Tommy asked Lil.

"Yeah, sure, of course" Lil took out her schedule and handed it to Tommy.

Tommy compared the two schedule and then handed Lil's schedule back to her.

"Do we have any classes together?" Lil asked Tommy, completely excluding Kimi.

"Nope, just lunch" Tommy sighed.

"Aw, so I guess I'll see you two at lunch" Lil waved goodbye "I've got to get to class."

Lil thought her eyes may be getting watery so she headed straight for the girl's room.

The girl's room was the only place in the entire school where a girl could just get away from guys and all the drama that they brought.

And for Lil it was another place where she could sit and cry in peace.

But as Lil walked in, she saw Angelica putting a pill in her mouth.

"What's that?" Lil immediately asked.

"A pill" Angelica responded flatly.

"No shit," Lil said rolling her eyes "But what's it for?"

"Nothing." Angelica quickly shot back.

"Then why would you be taking it?" Lil questioned.

"Fine…" Angelica said at last "But you have to promise not to tell anybody. Got it?"

"Got it" Lil said as she watched Angelica check under all the stalls to make sure nobody was there.

"It's a birth control pill" Angelica said, showing Lil the tiny packet of pills.

Lil stared at Angelica, shocked.

"Well don't just stare at me!" Angelica snapped.

"Holy fuck," Lil said at last "you're fucking Chuckie!"

Angelica smirked "Yep! And it feels damn good!"

"TMI!" Lil shrieked, plugging her ears.

Angelica laughed "Come on, let's get to class."

Angelica led Lil out of the bathroom with her and Lil had completely forgotten why she came into the bathroom in the first place.

"I wonder who our science teacher is going to be this year" Kimi said, sitting down at one of the two-seater tables

"Yeah, they haven't told us yet," Tommy said, sitting down beside Kimi "it would be nice if they would."

"Yeah, totally" Kimi said, her eyes scanning the room.

"I wish Chuckie was in this class" Tommy said, looking down.

"Yeah…" Kimi said, but she didn't mean it.

Just then, the teacher walked into the room "Take your seats, everyone."

Tommy stared at the teacher wide-eyed "Mom!"

Author's Note: So, I already know how this fanfic is going to end. Do you? I didn't think so.

Anyway, I have lots of spare time, so expect lots of updates. Maybe a few chapters a day :P

I am writing this fanfic to the song Complicated and Misery Business. And you'll soon see why everything is so complicated. And misery business? It will soon explain itself.