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Title: No Answer

by DemonicDragoness

Why should I care?
Harry asked himself once again. The question haunted him, taking over his thoughts as he donned the battle armor he was given.

Why should I bother saving them? They begged him to free them from the evils of the world. What made him obey?

What have they done for me? He had been at the end of their ridicule, their disbelief, their disloyalty. What made them worthy to be saved?

What made me deserve this fate? He had done nothing but be born at the wrong time, by the wrong people.

How could they force a child to save them? Though, really, he was never allowed to truly be a child. That was their fault too.

If I die, do they really matter? He would be elsewhere, surely. Their lives would be meaningless there. He might even be free, for once.

If I die, would I see my parents? Sirius? The family I never knew? There really was only one way to find out. His decision was made.

"Go Harry, you can do it!" they cried to him. "You must win, for the future of the Wizarding World!

Why should I care for the Wizarding World? Automatically he battled, slowly making his way to the man who would soon kill him. It seemed to take ages. Finally he arrived. The Wizarding World held it's breath.

"Harry Potter."

"Tom Riddle."

"Are you prepared to die?" It was remarkably corny, but it was one question Harry could and would answer.

"Yes." His voice was strong, and rang loudly over the sounds of war. The battlefield stilled, completely silent. Even the wind didn't dare blow, the answer was so shocking. The Dark Lord seemed to stumble in place.

"What?" he asked, stunned.

"I am ready to die. Kill me."

"Harry! What are you doing?!" they called.

"Why?" asked Voldemort.

"Why not?"

"No! Kill him, Harry, kill him!" they ordered.

"Don't you want to live?"

"Not really. Why should I?" Voldemort was astounded. Then slowly he regained his footing.

"Very well then. Do you hear that, Light? Your precious savior refuses to save. Those who surrender to my power, drop your wands. You will be forgiven." Wood fell to the floor.

"Why are you doing this, Harry?!" they screamed.

"Why shouldn't I?" he asked them. They tried to tell him how the Light had to win, how his parents would have died in vain, that he was a traitor and a fiend for not saving them.

"Why should I care?" he asked again. Then he turned to Voldemort.

"Kill me Tom. I don't care anymore." Somewhat awkwardly, the man lifted his wand. Shakily, as though afraid it was a trap, he said the words.

"Avada Kedavra."

Harry fell, a blissful expression on his face.

Finally, he was free.

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