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Come closer and see
see into the trees
find the girl
while you can
Come closer and see
see into the dark
just follow your eyes
just follow your eyes

I hear her voice
calling my name
the sound is deep
in the dark
I hear her voice
and start to run
into the trees
into the trees

into the trees

Suddenly I stop
but I know it's too late
I'm lost in a forest
all alone
The girl was never there
it's always the same
I'm running towards nothing
again and again and again – The Cure "A Forest"

Being blind wasn't so bad, Freya thought. It heightened her other senses to almost superhuman capabilities and made her judge things other than what they looked like. The nightly noises of the forest creatures comforted her as she slept, her frail pale body tucked within a small thicket. The large bat-like wing of a dark green 

dragon shielded her from the view of the world, the dragon's large head alert, its cunning blue eyes transfixed on something beyond human sight. It was a fairly old dragon; but as most know, dragons only become more powerful with age. Long claws and spikes ran along its jaw, all black, like oiled ebony. It looked down to the small human snuggled up to its belly,

"Dear heart," he cooed, his powerful voice deep and rich, "Dear heart. Tis time to awaken."

The girl yawned and stretched. Her skin was deathly pale and her hair a whitish blonde, but her eyes were the most pristine aqua; although clouded.

"Is it night already?" she asked her dragon companion. The dragon nodded, "Indeed, thou has been slumbering since sunrise."

The girl adjusted her black gown; a long bow staff hung from her back and at her hip was a slender katana. She held the staff, tapping the earth to get a feel for the world around her.

"Heed no nightly noises, dear." The dragon said calmly. The girl smiled, "Dante, you do worry for me so."

The dragon nuzzled her cheek and Freya felt his rough scales under her fingers, "I must worry for thee; for thou never does it yourself."

They both chuckled, glad to have one another around. Freya knew this area quite well; she had been born there before she lost her sight. She really didn't know how she went blind, it just sort of happened. The only thing she did remember was she had been only seven and had boiled a root into tea; this root however had been poisonous and rendered her blind. Her family, who were only poor farmers, cast her out of their home. They had no use for a daughter with such a disability; she could never find a husband who would take her. Freya had wandered in the Whistling Woods for two years; even she had no idea how she survived. It was only when she was nine years old that a wise dragon found and looked after her. Dante was the clan leader of the Lone Islands dragon royals and had taken Freya under his wing, so to speak, as his ward.

"Dear, something approaches." Dante whispered, nudging Freya with his scaled nose. Freya, who wasn't particularly afraid of anything, drew her weapon; "Let them come!"

Dante rolled his eyes at his young ward, "Thou speaks too freely with a blade." He grumbled. Freya sighed, "And you're too free with your words. There is a time for fighting and a time for speaking. And right now I think that- WHOAH!"

Freya was yanked forward by something catching around her ankle and propelling her into the thicket, dragging her for all she was worth.

"FREYA!" Dante bellowed, swooping down within the thicket to retrieve his headstrong charge. Freya desperately tore at her ankle, wondering what it was that was dragging her. Suddenly, she felt herself enclosed in something rough and itchy, like sand or rough bark. She screamed and cried, hoping her pleas wouldn't be heard on by deaf ears. The last thing she remembered was being thrown onto the back of a horse and carried away into the night.

"Caspian's cheating." Karina whispered, as she and Lucy hid atop the branches of a small tree. It was a nice clear day at the castle, it seemed that way ever since Caspian and Karina were married. The citizens took this as a good sign. On this particular day, Lucy had decided that everyone needed a bit of exercise and had dragged Karina, Susan, and Caspian outside for a little fun. Susan had stopped after the second round and retired to a small picnic lunch that had been set up under one of the willow trees, enjoying the company of Trufflehunter and DLF.

"I heard that!" Caspian called to his wife, not really knowing where she was at all. They had been playing this game for hours, and Caspian was quite tired of being 'IT'. "You have to come out sometime dearest!"

"No I don't!" Karina winked at Lucy, "Watch this." As they were directly over Caspian, Karina had the perfect angle to land on his back, all she had to do was time it right.


Karina inched down the tree branch, making sure it could hold her weight.


Caspian scratched his head, the dark hanks of hair falling into his sightline, "Where in the name of Aslan are you?" he grumbled. This was perfect! Karina was almost ready… wait…

"King Caspian! King Edmund has returned from the hunt!" A maid called. Caspian smiled, at least someone was around.


Karina had timed it just right, she just didn't think Caspian would move. She lay on the ground in complete embarrassment, a few servants rushed to her aid but she brushed them all away; "It's cool, it's cool…" OMG it is sooooooooo not cool! My butt hurts sooo freaking bad!! AUGGHHHHH, I'm gonna kill Caspian for moving and ruining my fun!

Caspian chuckled as he helped his young wife to her feet, "You should be more careful."

Another loud thunk was heard and Lucy strolled from behind the tree, "Karina, you should try and land on your feet."

"Yeah? I hear that works from time to time." Karina said sarcastically.

"Ohhhhhhh, and that's when Daddy bought me this diamond ring! Isn't it just fetching your Highness?!"

Peter groaned and inwardly wanted to claw out his own eyes. On his arm was one of the ugliest creatures he'd ever seen. Oily skin the color of yellow parchment, beady black eyes, and inky black hair; Eris. The Duchess of some-place-or-another. Peter glanced at the eye-sore of a ring; "Yes, it is very…. Fetching."

She beamed at this, hugging his already hurting arm closer to her breasts; "I knew you would Peteykins!"

Peteykins? Oh dear God in heaven. He had a nickname now?

"Eris, I-"

"High King," a voice interrupted. It was Glemstorm the centaur; he bowed low as he approached the King; "King Edmund had just returned from the hunt. Shall I inform him of your meeting with the Duchess?"

"No!" Peter answered quickly, "Um, well Eris I suppose we will have to continue this conversation at dinner."

He kissed her hand (gagging the whole time) and bowed with respect, Peter was a gentleman after all. Eris giggled, "Until then my King." She cooed squeakily as she flounced away. Peter sighed; glad he could drop his kingly composure. He turned to Glenstorm, "Well, let's not keep Ed waiting."

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