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+Chapter Eight+

All the blood in their souls pour out, look for something in the dark
Blinded they find nothing another lust given in, another trust shut within
Listen to him speak so holy, father God, I'm saved
That's all that matters let the rest burn in hell
Preach false, a sin is a sin, doesn't give you the right to condemn them to hell
they know their wrongs you don't have to tell them their faults
Once you were a sinner how would you like it if someone laughed at you because of your wrongs?
I'm not here to accept their sins but I'm here to show them love within
Listen to him speak so holy, Father God I'm saved
That's all that really matters let the rest burn in hell.
No Matter how hard you try you can't convince me that you represent Christ
No more, I'm fed up with this... you've already killed too many souls
It's time you wake up and see the truth, Christian I stand. Not afraid of my beliefs, Christian I stand.
Learn to love your enemies, to open their eyes you must be willing to die
Look at your own wrongs before you look at someone else's
You want to save souls or put souls to death
Giving our savior a bad name, giving me a bad name
You're so wrong with your beliefs, sit in church every week, but never do you help the weak
This is time to take back what's ours, not to give the world what's ours
Don't you want to see everyone saved or just yourself with a river of blood on your hands? – Underoath 'Heart of Stone'

War. One word Peter thought he'd never have to hear again since he'd been in Narnia. Even now as soldiers barricaded the entrances to Telmar castle he was shocked beyond belief.

"At least send the Queen away your majesty!" one of the soldiers pleaded, "Think of the baby."

"My place is here with my husband." Karina stated firmly grasping Caspian's arm. All the soldiers were at arms and Caspian instinctively placed a hand on his wife's belly. Susan was acting as if she were carved from stone, "We have to barricade all the doors."

Edmund rushed up to them, panting, "They've already breeched the southern wall!"

Lucy was starting to lose her cool as she clung to Peter's side. Caspian tried to stay calm, he was king after all; "We can use the catacombs under the castle."

"The what's?" Susan questioned, as she had no idea Narnia had any catacombs. Caspian nodded, "They were used to hide soldiers but they lead straight into the Whistling Woods."

"Which I know like the back of my hand." Freya piped up then added, "Well, maybe not by sight."

Peter tried to make light of the situation, "I'll stay."

Karina looked at him, "Peter don't be stupid."

"I'm not, someone has to stay and protect the castle." He answered truthfully. Karina shook her head, "No you're not. Even if I have to drag you out by your Kingly blonde roots, you're staying with us."

"I agree." Susan stated, "No one get left behind."

The Kings and Queens hurried to the secret entrance, which was located near the armory of the castle. Peter held firmly to Freya's hand, helping her inside, "Watch your step." He said, guiding her to sure footing on the cold stone stairs. Freya took his help begrudgingly, but was happy that he cared for her so much. To everyone's dismay, Eris trailed them, squealing when she saw a rat or something else unmentionable.


"They've breeched the entrance!!" Glenstorm cried, drawing his massive weapon. From behind him, Peter could see the torches coming closer and closer, a worried gleam in his eyes. He turned to Edmund, whispering to him so that the others couldn't hear, "If anything should happen, get yourselves out."

Edmund nodded, "Will do, Pete."

They were running as fast as their feet could take them, and as quickly as Karina's belly allowed. She was in constant need of breath, but still insisted on not being a burden. Lucy opted for Caspian to carry her, to which he blanched. Not that he didn't love his wife but he didn't particularly want to carry her on his back if it wasn't completely necessary. Karina politely declined,

"I'm good, I'm good." She kept saying. They could hear the shouts of the witch's soldiers, the blood curdling howls of wolves and the unmistakable roars of minotaurs. That's when they felt the ground shake.

They fall in line

One at a time

Ready to play

I can't see them anyway

No time to lose

We've got to move

Steady your hand

I am losing sight again

"What the hell!?" Karina cried, holding onto one of the chipping pillars. Caspian looked up, shock registering on his face, "It's crumbling!" It was the sheer disbelief in Caspian's voice that made everyone frightened. The Telmarine king had been so sure this plan would work and now it was literally falling to pieces before his very eyes. Susan, who was now in actuality petrified, looked to Peter,

"What can we do now?"

"We fight!!" Peter bellowed, the few Narnian's with them echoed with him.

"You hurry to a losing battle my king." Freya interjected calmly.

Fire your guns

Its time to run

Blow me away

I will stay unless I may

After the fall

We'll shake it off

Show me the way

Peter looked dumbfounded, "What?"

Freya blinked, her eyes unnerving Peter to no end, "The witch's forces are too numerous."

"And how would you know?!" Eris snarled nastily, her skirts hiked up practically to her earlobes. Freya shot her a dirty look, "You would know, betrayer of Narnia. A shadow and a fear has been growing in my mind since I ever felt your horrible aura. You plot to destroy everything the Kings and Queens have been planning for the better of Narnia!"

The unambiguous sound of skin colliding with skin drowned out the roaring of the dark army approaching. Freya stood a still as a statue, the fresh welt where Eris slapped her stung. Eris smirked, "You don't know a damned thing about me."

Only the strongest will survive

Lead me to heaven when we die

I have a shadow on the wall

I'll be the one to save us all

Peter couldn't even understand what was going on. Had Eris just slapped Freya?! He was so confused, "We can't worry about this right no-"

"I think we should." Edmund said darkly, his angry gaze nearly burning a hole in Eris' forehead.

"No we shouldn't. We're about to DIE here people!" Karina screamed. Susan nodded, "Let's just get out of here! Which way is out?"

Caspian hoped they wouldn't be coming to that. He really didn't have any idea of how to leave the catacombs. He'd only been there a few times as a boy and even then someone had to retrieve him when he got lost.

There's nothing left

So save your breath

Lying and wait

Caught inside this tidal wave

You're covers blown

Nowhere to go

Holding your fate

That's when Karina felt the very foundation of the caves shake. She instinctively moved closer to Caspian, not knowing that the deep magic rooted within her had been keeping the catacombs from collapsing on top of them. When she removed her hand the pillar crumbled like snow upon the mountain side.

"KARINA!" Caspian screamed as the pillar fell, separating them. More rocks fell from the mosaic tiled ceiling cutting on Karina from Caspian, Peter from Freya, and Edmund from Susan. When the final stone fell into place, sealing out the cries of its prisoners, it was the witch struck. Karina looked around her; only Edmund and Freya were here, that's when she saw Lucy huddled in a small ball next to a pile of rubble. She was unconscious. Edmund instantly went to tend to his younger sister, hoisting her onto his back, as Karina clawed at the stone barricade in vain.



Only the strongest will survive

Lead me to heaven when we die

I have a shadow on the wall

I'll be the one to save us all

You wanted it back

Only the strongest will survive

Lead me to heaven when we die

I have a shadow on the wall

I'll be the one to save us all

Save us all

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