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"I need to phone my parents" T.K muttered, taking his cell phone out.

"We need a ride to the hospital" Sora frowned.

"One of my folks will take us" T.K replied, dialling his mum's cell.

"Hello, mum?" T.K said into the cell, "Um... me, Kari, and Sora are at that Odaiba party, can you come pick us up?"

T.K gave his mum the street address and then hang up.

"You didn't tell her" Kari stated flatly.

"She would've worried" T.K shrugged.

"Oh, I think she would have a right to be, though" Sora remarked.

T.K shrugged again, and dialled his dad's cell number. After a while of no one picking up, T.K left a message telling him to go to Odaiba General as quick as he could, saying it was urgent.

"Well, what now?" Kari asked.

"We wait for my mum" T.K answered.


Tai turned his head away. He had had it with looking at Matt. He couldn't look at Matt without feeling guilty, and he didn't like that feeling one bit.

Am I being selfish? It was my fault, all this. It was...

Tai turned back to Matt who was surrounded by the paramedics. They were doing the best they could at tending to his injuries and keeping him alive. Tai couldn't help noticing the grim looks the paramedics were giving each other.

"He's going to make it" Tai whispered to himself reassuringly, "He's going to make it"

The nurse that had told him to get into the van in the first place heard him. She took a seat next to him.

"So, what's your name? I'm Razuri Jaridi, you can call me Razi"

Tai looked at her, startled.

"I- I'm Taichi Kamiya. Call me Tai"

"Hello Tai" Razi smiled warmly.

"Hi" Tai replied weakly, "... Can you tell me the truth? Is Matt going to make it?"

Razi looked into Tai's eyes, as if searching. She took a deep breath.

"I can't really say... We don't have the sophisticated equipment in here to see if there has been any major internal damage, we just have to wait until we reach the hospital. That's all I know. We won't know anything for certain until we reach the hospital"

Tai looked down at his shoes.

"... I think we have to check up on you too, to see if you have any injuries"

Then the van stopped.

"Excuse me" Razi said as she went to help the other paramedics.

They were now at Odaiba General, and Tai got up on his feet. He hopped out of the van before the paramedics loaded Matt off. As soon as Matt got off, he was rushed towards a door that said Emergencies Only. Tai followed in good pace. Soon, they were in a room where some doctors came. Razi took Tai aside.

"Look Tai, this isn't where you should be"

Razi called someone over.

"Rinzei, this is Tai, can you look him over?"

Rinzei smiled at Tai, "Yeah, of course. Come this way, Tai"

Tai stood still. He didn't want to leave Matt with all these strangers, and yet, he didn't want to stay in here either. They were operating on Matt.

Tai looked over at Matt, but couldn't see him since doctors were covering him from his view.

Rinzei followed Tai's gaze. She gave Tai a small smile, and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"You can't do anything here, Tai. I'm sure the doctors will do their best, but right now, I need to check on you"

Tai silently nodded, and followed her out of the emergency room.


Nancy drove her car through the dark streets of Odaiba.

I'm sure I didn't give T.K permission to go to a party, he said he was going over to Kari's... I have a bad feeling about this.

Just then, three figures on the side of the road came into her view. She stopped the car.

"Hey mum" T.K said as he opened the passenger side door.

"Hello Ms. Takaishi" Kari and Sora chirped.

"Hello kids, so, are you three going to get in?" Nancy asked.

"Oh, yeah" T.K said as he got in the front, Sora and Kari piling in at the back.

Sora and Kari looked at one another then at T.K.

"Um... Mum?" T.K started.

"Yeah?" Nancy asked as she drove.

"We need to get to Odaiba General"

Nancy stopped the car.

I knew it...

"Why?" Nancy asked worriedly.

"Ma- Matt's there" T.K sputtered.

Nancy drew a sharp intake of breath.

"What happened?"


"Do you want to call your parents, Tai?" Rinzei asked when she was done.

"Um, yeah" Tai said, completely having forgotten about them.

"Here" Rinzei smiled, handing him a phone.

"Thanks" Tai replied.

"I'll leave you to it" Rinzei said, going out of the room.

Tai dialed his home phone number. After a couple of rings, his mum picked up.


"Hi, mum?"

"Tai? Yeah, it's me"

"Um... I'm at Odaiba General-"

"Why? Did something happen!? Are you hurt!?"

"Mum! Calm down!... Just come, ok?"

"Your father and I are on our way" Then she hung up.


After hearing what happened while driving, Nancy had only sped up.

Damn Yachi and his bastard son...


"Taichi!" Tai's mum, Kashu Kamiya, yelled as she ran towards Tai.

Yachi followed close behind. Kashu began inspecting Tai.

"Where are you hurt? My poor baby, what's wrong?" Kashu asked, talking like that over and over again.

"Mum... Mum... MUM!" Tai shouted, "Nothing's wrong with me, I'm all right. I just... Have a few scratches and bruises"

"And how, may I ask, did you get them?" Yachi demanded sternly.

Kashu shot him a look as if to say 'your son is hurt and that's all you care about!?'.

"Oh sweetie, come here" Kashu said as she wrapped him in a hug.

"Mum, I'm fine..." Tai said.

He looked at his dad.

His dad stared back, then said, "Well?"

Tai looked down at his shoes as his mum released him.

"I... I got into another fight... With Yamato..."

"And, where is Yamato?" Yachi asked sharply.

"Yachi! This isn't the time-" Kashu started.

"It is the time! Taichi, why the hell were you brought to the hospital if all you got were some mild scratches and bruises!?"

"... Yamato's here, I came with him"

Yachi's face stayed the same, and he looked at his wife, as if deciding something over. And then it looked like he made up his decision.

"Taichi, where is Yamato?"

"I don't know, they might be still operating on him..."

Just then, Rinzei approached them.

"Hello, you two must be Tai's parents, I'm Rinzei Orifuya"

"Kashu Kamiya, and this is my husband, Yachi" Kashu spoke.

"Nice to meet you-"

"Excuse me, but can you show me where a Yamato Ishida is?" Yachi cut in.

"Yeah, I want to see him" Taichi piped up, hoping to cover his father.

Rinzei looked at Tai, who in return gave her a begging look.

"Of course, come this way" Rinzei said, walking away.

The Kamiya's followed her, and stopped when she did in front of a door.

"Well, he's in there. Though I don't think you're allowed in, they're still operating on him..." Rinzei said.

"Can't you at least ask them if I can go in?" Yachi asked, looking serious.

Rinzei looked at him, then nodded.

"Take a seat out here, I'll just go see"

The Kamiya's waited out there for a while until finally Rinzei came out with a doctor.

"Hello, I understand you are relatives of the patient?" The doctor asked.

"Yes" Tai said before his mother could say anything.

"I'm sorry but I can not permit anyone, even relatives, to go in there. I hope you understand, sometimes it distracts the doctors"

Yachi nodded, "Is there anything we can do?"

"Well... young Yamato needs blood donations, and unfortunately, his blood type is rare, and we're having a hard time searching for the correct correspondent, but since you are relatives, is there a chance you could have the same blood type?"

"I'll give him mine, Taichi will too" Yachi said.

"How do you know you two have the same blood type as this Yamato?" Kashu asked suspiciously.

Yachi coughed, Should I tell her now? Sooner or later... I'll tell her later...

"I don't, but Taichi has the same as me, and our blood type is also rare, so I figured... Can you test then, doctor?"

"Of course" The doctor replied.

"Wait, if they are the same, then they would be losing their blood" Kashu interjected.

"Nah, mum" Tai said sarcastically.

Kashu frowned, "I don't want my baby losing blood, wouldn't it make him weak?"

"Well, right after the transaction, yes, but he'll be back to normal in no time" The doctor answered.

"See mum, it'll be all right, besides, I want to" Tai urged.

"Have you forgotten Tai, that you are afraid of needles?" Kashu asked her son.

Tai paled slightly, and shrugged his shoulders, "I'm donating my blood to Matt"

"Well, if you all agree then, shall we begin?" The doctor asked.

"Yes" Yachi stated, giving Kashu a look then followed the doctor as he walked off.

Kashu bit her lip nervously and looked at Tai.

"It's nothing mum, I'll be fine" Tai replied, following his father.

Kashu sighed and followed them too.


Nancy hastily parked her car and quickly hopped out, as did T.K, Sora, and Kari. They all ran to the Emergency Room's front desk.

"Can you please tell me if a Yamato Ishida is here?" She asked, out of breath.

"Are you a relative?" The lady behind the counter asked.

"Yes, his mother" Nancy replied.

"Ok... Let's see..." The lady began typing away at her computer.

At long last, it seemed to Nancy, the lady replied.

"Nope. He's been moved to a proper operating room... "

Nancy's heart jumped, "Where is he?"

The lady gave her the room number. When they got there, they were all very out of breath. It just so happened too, that Rinzei was also walking there.

"Yamato Ishida?" Rinzei aked.

"Yes" Nancy answered, nodding her head, "His mother"

"Oh" Rinzei said, "I'm very sorry about what happened, but I'm sure your son will be all right-"

"Can I see him?" Nancy interrupted.

"Well, I've asked if your relatives could see him before and they denied..."

"Realatives?" Nancy asked, confused.

"The Kamiyas'?"

Nancy's eyebrows rose, "Yachi?"

"Yes, and his wife and son, Kashu and Tai"

"Where are they?"

"They went to have a blood transaction done, for your son"

"Oh" Nancy said, a bit surprised, "But can you please ask if I can go in to see Yamato?"

"I'm sorry, as I said-"

Without warning, Nancy pushed through the door where they were operating, and entered the room.

Nancy brought a hand to her mouth as she saw Matt on an operating table surrounded by doctors. Well, it was more like she knew it was Matt, but wouldn't of known if she wasn't told, because the body there couldn't just be identified by sight.

The doctors glanced up, but then went back to what they were doing after looking at the doctor in charge. The head doctor however, said,

"Who is she!? And what is she doing in here!?"

Rinzei looked apologetic, "Yamato's mother"

Just then, Sora, T.K, and Kari also entered. Sora gasped and Kari turned away as she saw blood covering the doctors gloves. They could all see that Matt was mostly covered over in a white sheet, with certain holes in it where the doctors were operating.

"Get the children out of here! The mother can stay" The head doctor yelled.

Rinzei nodded, then ushered them out except for Nancy.


"I hate hospitals" T.K said, as he and the girls waited outside on the seats opposite of the operating room Matt was in.

"Dido" Kari agreed.

Sora just looked exhausted.

"And I don't ever want to see something like that again" T.K continued.

"Dido" Kari repeated, shuddering.

"Hey guys"

Sora glanced up as she heard Tai's voice. And sure enough, there he was, walking towards them with his mother and father, and some doctor, in tow.

"Dad!" Kari jumped up off her seat as she saw her father, then ran to him and hugged him.

Kashu turned a confused gaze at Kari, "And how did you get here, Kari?"

Kari let go of her father, then answered, "T.K's mother drove us. We were at the- er, scene of the... Fight"

Kashu sighed.

Sora and T.K also stood up.

"Care to wait with us?" Sora asked Tai.

"No duh" Tai said, then grinned, "Don't worry Sora, he'll be ok"

Sora smiled weakly at him in return, "Yeah..."


It was a few hours before Matt was taken to another room, his operation done, and also the blood transfusion. The doctors said he was in a fairly stable state, though still critical.

Everyone stood around Matt's bed.

Matt's face was completely bandaged up, only leaving gaps for his eyes, nostrils and mouth. That was all they could see of Matt, for a blanket was covering him up to his neck, except for his right arm where there were quite a few tubes coming out.

Nancy turned her gaze to the doctor in the room, Dr. Waju, who was the one who gave Matt his transfusion.

"He's going to be all right, isn't he?" She asked.

"Well, I'm hoping the blood transfer will get his energy back up, so he can gain consciousness, right now he's just out but... There is a chance, though a slim one, it is still there, he might fall into a coma, because of his blood alcohol level. Though he's been pretty lucky now, he doesn't have any major internal damage, though when he gets better, he'll be in a wheelchair for a while..."

"... I understand-"

Just then, Malcolm burst through the door.

"Where's Yamato!?" He demanded.

When he had gotten the message from Takeru, he had indeed come as quick as he could. But he was on the outskirts of Odaiba, and was stuck in a huge traffic jam. He would've walked if he thought it'd be quicker, but it was raining hard. When he had got to the hospital, at the front desk, he asked if there was a Takeru Takaishi, when there wasn't, he immediately asked if there was a Yamato Ishida. He had gotten the room number, and came right up.

Malcolm didn't wait for an answer and ran towards Nancy. He looked down at his 'son'.

"What happened?!"

"Yamato got injured-" Nancy started.

"I can see that!" Malcolm snapped, "How!?"

Nancy scowled lightly at him, "I don't know the whole story, but I know Taichi Kamiya was involved..."

"What!? Again with this kid!?" Malcolm was growing red in the face.

"Malcolm, calm down... He's donated blood for Yamato, and he's in this room as well..."

Malcolm turned his gaze off his ex-wife, and in his view came Tai. Who was paling.

"You little-" Malcolm started, beginning to walk towards Tai.

"Malcolm!" Nancy yelled, grabbing his arm and holding him back, "Focus on your son!"

Malcolm sighed furiously, and turned to Nancy.

"Will he be ok?"

Nancy sighed, "I don't know"

"... If you don't mind me saying, I think we should let Yamato rest up and I'm sure with all this noise he can't do that, so I have to ask you all to leave..."

"I'm not leaving" Tai stated.

"I'm staying also" Nancy said.

Yachi nodded his head.

"Me too" Malcolm said.

"... All right, four people only. And only for a little while, come out soon. Everyone else, out now. You don't want to risk his life, now do you?" Dr Waju said, as he led everyone out the door except for Nancy, Tai, Yachi, and Malcolm. And of course, Matt.

Nancy looked at Yachi, who was next to her.

Malcolm went up to both of them then said,

"You know... You look familiar... Very familiar..."

Yachi cleared his throat numerous times, Nancy giving him a look, shaking her head slightly. Now Malcolm had become slightly suspicious...

"Yes... Kamiya... Didn't we go to college together?" Malcolm asked.

Yachi coughed yet again, "Erm... Yes, I think we did..."

He gave Nancy a pleading look, but she still shook her head.

Yachi stared at her, but then took a deep breath and flatly asked,


"Huh?" Malcolm asked.

Yachi shook his head at him, then stared straight at Nancy. After a while, Nancy let out a sigh.

"Malcolm... There's something I have to tell you" Nancy said, her eyes focused on Matt.

"What?" Malcolm asked, glancing between Nancy and Yachi.

"You're... You're not- oh god..." Nancy said with difficulty.

"Not what?" Malcolm asked, a tad sharp.

"What- what she's saying is-" Yachi stepped in, "Is that... Well, Malcolm... You're not Yamato's father"

Tai stood still as everything in the room was dead quiet. Malcolm's face was hard, and cold.

"What? Is this some joke? What do you mean!?" Malcolm voiced lowly.

"It's- it's not a joke, Malcolm" Nancy said quietly, "Yachi- Yachi Kamiya is Yamato's father"

Malcolm's face didn't move, it didn't even twitch.

"Is that right?" Malcolm said in a barely audible voice, "Well then, I guess I should go, eh? No need to waste my time on a kid that I thought was mine, I have better things to do"

And with that, Malcolm turned around and left the room.

Nancy started to cry, and Yachi took her into a bear hug. Tai stood staring at the door, he couldn't believe Matt's dad- or whatever he was, just left like that.

"What do we do now?" Nancy asked as she calmed down, "See, I thought he'd react like that"

Yachi sighed, "I think maybe he needs time to cool off... I don't think he'd just leave"

Nancy laughed bitterly, "He already did"

"I meant, leave Yamato"

"... What are we going to do?"

"Well, for now, hope that Yamato will be all right"




"For what?"

"Being here... For Yamato"


Tai watched the two adults, thoughts flying through his head... But then the two disentangled themselves awkwardly, and glanced at Tai.

"Taichi-" Yachi started.

Tai smiled, shaking his hed, "It's ok. I already knew"

"Oh" Yachi said, confused, but didn't ask any questions on how he knew.

"... Are you going to tell mum?" Tai asked.

"Yachi, I don't want any problems for you-" Nancy spoke up.

"It's ok, Nancy" Yachi said, silencing her, "Kashu has a right to know..."

"... Ok..." Nancy sighed, "Do you want me there?"

"You don't have to... But it would be better if you were there-"

"Ok. Might as well do it now" Nancy gave Yachi a small smile, "We'll substitute with the kids, I'm sure they'd want to be in here right now"

Yachi smiled back, "Ok"

Nancy gave Matt's hand a small squeeze, as did Yachi, then the two adults went out.

Tai sighed, wishing them luck when facing his mother, then sat on a chair besides Matt's bed, on his right side. Just as Sora, T.K, and Kari entered.

"Hey guys" Tai said lightly, trying to lift the mood.

They all just nodded in greeting. Sora went to stand next to Tai, as T.K and Kari went to stand on Matt's left side. They were all silent for a while, then Sora spoke.

"I'm sorry for slapping you, Tai"

Tai laughed, "Hey, it's cool. I deserved it. If it wasn't for me-"

"Don't blame yourself" Sora butted in, "Right now, I really wish Jeshi and Piko get what they deserve"

"I totally forgot about them" Tai said, surprised, "And the police were supposed to ask me some questions as well..."

"They probably will" Kari voiced, "So what did exactly happen?"

Tai shrugged, "Jeshi and Piko are totally insane. All you need to know"

"... So..." T.K spoke up, "Was Kari telling me and Sora the truth when she said Matt was-"

"Our brother? Yup..." Tai said, "And that makes me feel so much better too that I... Did this to him..."

"Tai, you didn't" Sora said softly, and then surprised him when she kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"What was that for?" He asked.

"For standing up to what was right" Sora smiled.

Tai smiled back.

"Hey Sora, if you're going to date around in the family, how bout me?" T.K laughed, getting into the mood.

Kari whacked T.K on the arm, as Sora and Tai laughed.

"Hey, have you guys thought about that? I mean, since Matt is our brother, are you and Kari allowed to date?" Tai said, smirking.

"And you had to bring that up right now and spoil the mood!" Sora laughed, whacking Tai on the head lightly.

"He does have a point though" T.K said.

"Oh come on" Kari said, rolling her eyes, "We're not blood related. Sure, we share the same brother, but we're still not related in any other way then that"

"True" T.K said, eyes lighting up, and then smirking at Tai.

"Hey, it was a brotherly shot at being overprotective!" Tai replied, as everyone laughed.

"Do you think we're being too loud?" Kari asked, suddenly becoming concerned.

Tai glanced at Matt, "If you ask me, I think people react to noise, so he'll wake up sooner if he has noise around him. Who cares what the doctor says"

"No one should, Tai. I mean, he's only the doctor" Sora remarked.

Tai rolled his eyes as the two youngest in the room giggled.

"I still think my theory's right... Maybe he'll react to something physical..."

"Tai? Let's just leave this to the doctors" Sora said.

Tai shrugged, "Fine..."

"Hey" Kari said, "Have any of you contacted the other digidestineds?"

They all shook their heads.

Kari sighed, heading for the door, "I will then. Be right back"

After she was gone, the room went into silence yet again.

"When do you think they'll take the bandages off? The ones covering his face?" T.K asked.

Tai shrugged, "Soon probably. I mean, it's only bruised... Scraped... Skinned... Yeah... Soon"

Sora laughed, "You are such a moron, Tai"

Tai smirked, "I try my best"


Soon, the rest of the Digidestined arrived at the hopsital, though it was night.

"Oh" Yolei gasped, bringing her hand to her mouth.

She was currently in Matt's room with Mimi, Sora, and Tai. The doctors had removed Matt's bandages on his face, and that's what made Yolei gasp.

"That better totally heal" Mimi remarked, "Or there is going to be one pissed off ladies man"

Tai laughed, as Sora sniggered at Mimi's remark.

"What?" Mimi exclaimed, "It's true, and you all know it!"

"Yeah..." Sora agreed, then traced her hand lightly over Matt's right cheek, careful not to touch any sores.

"Did you do that, Tai?" Mimi asked.

Tai looked up at her from his seat, "Um, yeah, I guess... Er..."

"Jealousy sure is strong" Mimi said.

"You're very... Blunt. You know that, Mimi?" Tai asked.

Mimi shrugged her shoulders at him, "Well it's true. Anyway Sora, why won't you kiss him?"

"What? Kiss Tai!?" Sora exclaimed.

Mimi rolled her eyes, "No. Your boyfriend"

"Oh... Why?"

"Because he could react-"

"Oh my god, Mimi Tachikawa thinks the same way I do!" Tai exclaimed, being mock shocked.

Mimi glared at him, then smiled, "You should be glad you're as smart as me-"

Tai pretended to choke.

"What-ever" Mimi said, then turned to Sora, "So kiss him already"

"Um, his lips are bruised" Yolei pointed out.

"Kiss him lightly then" Mimi said, getting frustrated.

"Ok ok" Sora replied, leaning over Matt.

She gently brushed her lips against his, but as she started to pull away, she felt him respond. Which made her open her eyes. Of which she then stared into deep azure eyes.

"Matt!" She exclaimed, then tried to hug him, but all she could do was press up against him.

"Hey" Matt said softly, but in a voice like when you just woke up.

"Wow" Mimi said, amazed, "I did it!"

"Half half!" Tai yelled, grinning.

Yolei just stood there, shocked he had actually woken up.

"I better get the others" Yolei said, turning for the door.

"So how was being kinda dead, Matt?" Mimi asked cheerily.

"Girl, are you on crack or something?" Tai asked.

Mimi glared at him, "Just trying to be cheerful! No crime in that!"

"Well being an air head should classify-"

"Are you guys always this loud?" Matt muttered, his eyes half closed.

"Don't fall asleep!" Mimi exclaimed.

Tai shook his head, smiling, "What did he just say about being loud, Mimi?"

Mimi stuck her tongue out at him just as everyone barged through the door.

"Yamato" Nancy exclaimed, running to his bedside.

"Hey, mum..." Matt said, fighting his hardest not to fall asleep, "Where's dad?"

"He- he's not here, he had to go somewhere... But he'll be back soon" Nancy lied.

"Great" Matt murmured, feeling the urge to sleep overtake him.

"Hey, maybe we should pour some water over his head" Tai grinned, getting a playful push from Sora.

Matt laughed lightly, then closed his eyes fully and fell asleep.

"I think everyone should go home. It's late, and Matt's ok now..." Yachi said.

The Digidestineds besides Tai, Sora, T.K, and Kari nodded, then said their good-byes and walked out of the room to their parents.

"Nancy, you planning to stay overnight?" Yachi asked.

Nancy nodded. Yachi looked at Kashu, who was staring at Matt with a slight dislike on her face, though Yachi thought it was good of her to not be that mad about the whole thing...

"I'd like to stay here as well for the night... Kashu?" Yachi asked his wife.

Kashu took her gaze away from her husband's illegitimate son, then sighed,

"Ok. I understand how you feel..."

"Thanks" Yachi smiled, then kissed his wife.

"Can T.K stay over our place?" Kari asked.

Kashu nodded, "Come on, we should go. It is late. We'll come back tomorrow morning, promise"

The kids nodded, Sora giving Matt one more kiss before she left to her mother.

As soon as everyone was gone, Nancy took out a spare blanket from one of the cupboards in the room. Yachi doing the same.

"... He doesn't know yet, does he?" Yachi asked.

"No..." Nancy replied, "But when he sees you when he wakes up tomorrow, he'll ask questions anyway. And why Malcolm isn't here"

Yachi nodded, then settled into a chair on Matt's left, as Nancy did on his right.

"Good night"



Matt awoke the next morning quietly. He could see his mum sleeping in a chair on his right, and Tai's dad on his left...

It was just a dream... Mr Kamiya isn't my father... Dad is... But then why is he here...?

Matt sat up in the bed quietly, trying not to wake up the two sleeping adults. But unfortunately, Yachi woke up.

He smiled, "Good morning, Yamato"


"-Morning" Came Matt's quick reply.

"... Are you wondering about anything? Perhaps why I'm here...?"

"Yes, I am actually" Matt said a bit coldly, "Why are you here?"


"Just tell me this. Tell me, you're not my father"

Yachi opened his mouth, then closed it.

"Why...- How-"

Matt gave a small dry laugh, "You are, aren't you?"

"... Yes..." Yachi replied quietly.

Matt nodded his head, "Ok, this is just great. I'm in a hospital where I could've died, put in here partly by my father's son, which would mean he was some sort of brother, and that's what I find out. Great. Also, that my dad or whatever the hell he is just left me"

"... How do you know all this?"

"I could hear some stuff going on around me... Hell, I thought I was dreaming but- No, I couldn't just be dreaming"

"You're angry?"

"Of course I'm angry!" Matt shouted, this time waking up Nancy.

"Yamato! What's wrong?!" Nancy exclaimed.

"Nothing, mother" Matt said mockingly.

Nancy looked at Yachi, who looked crestfallen.

"Yamato-" Nancy bagan.

"Why the hell did you have me?" He demanded, "Why didn't you just abort or something!?"

Nancy opened her mouth in shock.

"If I did, I wouldn't of had you!"

"That's the point!" Matt cried, then began to sob.

Nancy stood up and bent down to hug Matt around the shoulders. Yachi just sat there, not knowing what to do.

The door to the room opened though, and in came Malcolm. He saw Matt and immediately went up to him. Nancy let go of her son, and let Malcolm hold him.

After a while, Matt calmed down, and wiped his tears. He looked up to see his mum looking sad, especially Yachi...

"I'm sorry" Matt said quietly, "I didn't mean to make you guys upset..."

Nancy smiled at him, as did Yachi though a small smile.

"Hey, it's ok..." Malcolm said.

"But dad-..." Matt started, "You- you..."

"I know. And I'm sorry... I can't change what happened, Matt. You aren't my biological son... But I hope I can still call you my son"

Matt gave him a small smile, "You'll always be my dad..."

Malcolm grinned, "How about we change the subject? Your brother- Brothers, and sister are waiting for you outside... As is Sora..."

"Then send them in" Matt grinned.

Malcolm let go of him, then headed for the door. Matt turned to Yachi.

"Yamato. I understand why you are upset and I'm not forcing anything on you just because you now know about- ..." Yachi said.

Matt shrugged, "I seriously don't know what to say... I don't know what I should do. Should I be acting different? ... But if you or my mum want me to spend time with you- I think I can manage. I mean, you are my real father, right?"

"Right" Yachi gave Matt a smile, who gave him a small grin in return.

"Finally awake, eh Matt?" Tai said, as he and the others walked into the room.

Matt sniggered, "It's like seven in the morning... Don't you usually wake up around three in the afternoon, Tai?"

Tai laughed, "Got me there"

"Hey Matt" T.K said, as he approached his older brother, and hugged him, "How're you doing?"

"Fine, I guess" Matt hugged back, smiling, then beckoned for a hug from Kari, who shyly did so.

Tai just gently hit him on the shoulder.

"By the way, if you want to know, Jeshi and Piko have been arrested. They have a trial next week I think, and it's a sure bet that they'll end up in Juvenile Hall"

"Good" Matt said, not really wanting to talk about them, "So Sora, where's my hug?"

Sora shook her head with a smile, then went up and hugged him.

"I think we should leave these two alone" Tai said, quirking his eyebrows.

"Lets" Kari agreed, winking at Sora.

Everyone laughed as Sora blushed, then headed out of the room.

"I'm glad you're here" Matt said.

"I'm glad you're here" Sora whispered.

"So you would deprive me of heaven?" Matt joked.

"Heaven? Hell for you" Sora laughed.

Matt pretended to be hurt, "What have I done?"

Sora laughed, then said, "Well, you scared me into thinking you'll die..."

"Is that all?" Matt exclaimed, then laughed.

Sora slapped him on the arm, "Seriously Matt. Don't leave me. I know that is so cliche... But please, don't"

"Never" Matt whispered, as he kissed Sora gently.

"... So how long will I have to wait to get a real kiss?" Sora jokingly complained.

"Oh you horny-" Matt started, laughing.

"Am not" Sora said, grinning, "But a little tongue wouldn't hurt..."

"Sorry, think my tongue's bruised" Matt smirked.

"How can it be bruised?"

"From harassment from a certain Takenouchi's tongue..."

"You've been making out with my mother!? How dare you!" Sora cried out dramatically.

Matt laughed, "Yeah, I tongued her earlier this morning in my wheelchair!"

Sora smiled, "Have they given you one?"

"Not yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting one, because my legs seem weak..."

"I'm sure you're going to get better, they didn't say that you were paralysed"

"Yeah... Got a mirror?"

"What?" Sora spluttered out, laughing.

"What? I said, got a mirror?" Matt said.

Sora shook her head, smiling, "Want to check your face?"

"No" Matt replied.

"Then...?" Sora raised an eyebrow.

"My hair. Duh" Matt grinned.

Sora picked up one of his pillows and threw it at his face.

"Ow!" Matt exclaimed.

Sora smirked, "Hurtful?"

"Yes" Matt pretended to sob.

"Aww, poor baby. Want me to make it all better?"

"How?" Matt squeaked, still acting like a child.

"Let me kiss it... I think it needs to be kissed inside though..."

"Oh really?" Matt smirked.

"Yes, really" Sora smiled, leaning down.

But Matt held up a hand and stopped her.

"This isn't just you trying to tongue me, is it?"

"What if it is?" Sora smiled.

"I say, go for it" Matt grinned, then opened his lips apart so Sora's tongue could slip in.

Matt pulled apart from Sora after a while, "That's the only time I'm ever going to be submissive"

"You liked it" Sora smirked.

"No I didn't" Matt argued.

"So you're saying I'm a bad kisser?"

"No! Definitely not. Because, wow..."

"Wow? You liked it" Sora smiled.

"Didn't!" Matt scoffed.

"Ok ok..."

"But I tell you what -or, who- I like though..." Matt grinned.

"Really? If it ain't me Ishida, prepare to get your arse kicked"

"Oooh, look who's dominant" Matt smirked.

"Yeah, that's why you're submissive"

"I am not sub-" Matt exclaimed, but his voice quickly downed when Sora pressed her lips against his, pushing her tongue into his mouth again.

In between their kisses, Matt managed to say,

"I guess I can be submissive just for today..."

"Whatever Ishida, just shut up and kiss me" Came Sora's reply.


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