Chapter 1

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It was ten in the morning, and I sat miserably in my room, waiting to become a Mrs. The past few nights had been full of restless sleep, and I would always have the same dream, the one that has been haunting me for a while now. It always starts out fuzzy, but then suddenly Jacob would appear. He would be by my side, the same old Jacob again, and we would fall into our easy, effortless friendship. He would make me laugh, and I would make his eyes sparkle. But suddenly, Jacob would turn into a wolf. He would let out a howl of pain, so heartbreaking and sad. Then, suddenly, he was slipping away. I ran and ran after him, but he just looked at me with those sad eyes… This was usually when I woke up, shuddering with tears running down my face. Edward would always watch me with the same pained, wary expression in his eyes. I knew that it was hard for him to see me like this, and for a couple of days he decided to give me some space and not stay overnight. I don't know which I liked better, him with me through all of this, or him giving me space. Both made me feel incredibly guilty, but there was nothing I could do that would stop the dreams.

I was deep in my thoughts when suddenly Alice burst into the room, grinning, with her arms full of beauty supplies. Sigh. I knew I was going to regret allowing her to dress me for the wedding. But, a promise was a promise.

"C'mon Bella, it's time to get ready! Don't just sit there! Look what I got for you, I have this hair spray, and this curler, and these fantastic earrings; you are going to look just fabulous…" Alice chirped, her eyes shining.

I looked up at her and tried to smile, hoping that I could mask the pain on my face. But apparently I hadn't suddenly gotten any better at lying, and Alice could see right through me.

"Oh, c'mon Bella! Not that sulking again!"

I could tell that she was really annoyed this time. But before I could say anything, suddenly her eyes glazed over. After a couple of minutes, she shook out of her trance and looked at me with shocked eyes. She looked like she was about to cry if she would have been able to.

"Bella, don't you love me anymore? I thought that this was going to be the happiest day of our lives! What's wrong with you? I trusted you Bella, I really trusted you…" Alice's voice died out, her head sinking into her hands.

"W-what do you mean, Alice? What did you see?" I nervously stuttered. Please God; don't let her have seen what I think she saw…

She looked up at me with a new fire burning in her eyes. "Well, I don't know Bella. How about your future disappearing and you leaving Edward so miserable that he is thinking about going to the Vulturi? How about you knowing all along that this was going to happen and leading us to believe that you cared about us?"

Oh, no. My heart sank as I took in everything she said. Tears blurred my vision as I reached for her. "Alice-"

"Don't touch me." Alice snarled. "I've heard enough lies from you, Bella." She got up and headed toward the door, looking like she could pass out any minute, yet still filled with fury. She flew out the door, not even stopping to say goodbye to Charlie.

I guess that I was pretty lucky that Emmett had taken Edward on a last minute hunting trip, claiming that he needed to "build up his strength" for the wedding. I collapsed on my bed and allowed myself to break down, sobbing as hard as I could.

I had never meant for any of this to happen. I thought that Edward and I were going to have a normal, happy wedding, and that I would be able to forget about Jacob. A part of me still wanted that. I wished that I could call Alice back and explain to her why she saw what she did. But what would I say? That I had already contacted Jacob and told him to escape with me from the wedding? That I decided that it was Jacob, not Edward, who I couldn't bear to live without?

Before I could sink any deeper into my miserable sobbing, I felt a pair of cold hands at my neck. I went limp, and slowly turned around, expecting to see Edward. But instead, Jasper was in my room, his eyes pitch black with cold fury. I had never seen him look this angry and bloodthirsty before. I was terrified.

"Alright Bella, enough is enough. Time to end this once and for all", Jasper snarled, lowering into a lethal crouch.

I froze; terrified, knowing that one second was all that it would take for my life to be over. As I squeezed my eyes shut and prayed for it to go quickly, suddenly there was a deafening crash.

Edward burst into the room, looking more terrifying than I had ever seen him. It only took him one second to comprehend what his brother was doing, and he immediately attacked him. Jasper and Edward snarled at each other, and started to circle my room, as I was hunched back against the wall, terrified. Suddenly there was another crash and both of them jumped out the window. After one second, I could see them disappear, but I knew that the fighting was not over yet.

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