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Maximum Ride – Twilight Crossover

Chapter 1: Gorgeous Pain in the Ass

(Max POV)

Ugh! Pain. Now, don't you even start, Voice! My whole body is stiff and sore. I don't even want to try to move any part of me. But I noticed that most of the pain is focused on my left side; my left arm and wing. I landed hard, emphasis on the "hard," on my wing when I crashed from the above caused by who knows what. I felt sharp rocks crushed under my side, which is causing my arm and leg to bleed.

We, the flock and I, were flying over the coast of Washington. I don't know what happened, but the next thing I know I was crash-landing, face first.

I took several slow, deep breaths before I dared to finally open my eyes. I was lying by the shore on shards of sea rocks, just a few more inches and the tide could have reached me. Thank goodness this beach was empty. If there were any bystanders, I don't know what excuse I would have had explaining why I fell out of the sky. I tried rolling on my back, YOWCH!

"Okay, bad idea," I winced. "Fang…where are you?" Didn't they notice that I suddenly started falling from their side? Or had something bad happened to the flock?

Angel!! I called loudly in my head.

Its okay, Max. We're near, and we're fine. More fine than you, actually. But Fang said that we should keep a safe distance away; someone saw you fall, I heard my baby's thought project.

Someone saw me? I cursed myself silently.

Now would be an incredible time to help, Jeb-dad-whatever!

Just tell them the truth, Max. Oh, sure, more fortune-cookie crap. Wait. Pause. Rewind. Did he just give me a direct answer? Well, there's a first for everything, I just never thought this day would come. But why the hell would I tell them the truth? By truth, did he mean lie my heart out, like usual?

No, Max. When I said "truth," I mean the truth. WHY? That would TOTALLY ruin the whole "lie-low, and stay inconspicuous" stuff. As a father, Jeb, you disappoint me.

Just trust me this once, Max. These people are…different.

"Oh, here's a thought: how about a big N. O. I think you know me better than that, Jeb." I closed my eyes. Fang, I need you.


"WHAT!" My eyes flickered open due to annoyance, but I quickly shut them. I pressed my lips together. Someone please tell me I had not just seen an extremely good-looking guy staring down at me.

"Who are you?" a husky voice reached my ears.

"No one…" I whispered mostly to myself. Please, hot dude, go away and forget you ever saw me.

He surprised me by chuckling. I slowly opened one eye. And damn, I sure got an eyeful! He was around my age, probably one or two years older. He looked Indian-ish. A very hot Indian, I might say.

He started bending over me again, shaking with laughter. I flinched away, and jarred my probably broken arm. He picked me up with ease. When I said he was hot, I mean he was HOT. My skin's burning from his touch, and I mean LITERALLY. This boy here's running on a fever where he should be dead!

"Where are you taking me? Put me down!" I shrieked as I tried pushed at his hard, muscled, beautiful, bare chest…SHUT UP, Max! He wouldn't budge. WHY wouldn't he budge! I punched his shoulder; he didn't even flinch as he carried me away from the shore.

"AGH!" I shouted in frustration.

"If I were you, I wouldn't be too loud. You wouldn't want anyone else finding out about those things on your back that you call wings," he whispered.

That shut me up. I mean, ME? Silent? Those are just the two words you'd never catch anyone who's met the great Maximum Ride saying.

Angel! Tell Fang to stay wherever you are, as long as we can still keep in touch. The guy knows about the wings and I don't know where he's taking me…

Max, you can trust him, the Voice chirped.

"Oh yeah, sure. I just DO everything you tell me to! Get a grip, Jeb, and to think you are always in my mind." Hot dude stared at me weirdly. Oh great, now he thinks I'm this winged freak talking to herself. What a good first impression.

Max, Fang said, "Don't get carried away." Angel giggled.

I grimaced.

"Can you just please put me down there," I asked sweetly, pointing, "And forget about me?"

He laughed but kept going anyway. "I'm Seth. What's your name?"

Seth. Beautiful name, beautiful boy. "Max." Shit.

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